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   It all started 30 years ago.  I was born in Mendham, NJ, USA in an area that everywhere you look is beautiful horse farms and places to ride, including The USET (United States Equestrian Team).  Little did my parents know that taking me to “pat” the horses one day,  at the local barn, would start a life- long passion for horses.  After visiting the horses, at age two, I wouldn’t stop talking about how I wanted a pony.  Why my parents gave in to a two year old is beyond me, but I am incredibly thankful that they entertained my great interest in horses, as horses and experiences that Ive had with horses have shaped my entire life.

-Lucky for me, there was a cute, little brown, 11 hand pony named Peanuts for sale at the barn.   That pony started it all-  I went to little shows and basically ate, slept, and dreamt ponies…

At age four, after watching the teenage girls at the barn, I wanted jumping lessons!   I did not run, I cantered.  I cantered around like a pony in the backyard and set up little jumps for my poor dog to jump over- it was all pre-training for what was to come.

I joined Pony Club early on, which exposed me to a lot of horse disciplines.  As a kid, I Fox Hunted with Essex Hunt, did Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, and tried Games(fail).  At age 12, I moved to Bucks County, PA where I narrowed down my interests and focussed on competing in Eventing and Polocrosse.    During my teenage years, I competed in several CCI* 3-Day Events and some Intermediate Competitions.  I continued playing polocrosse for fun until attending college, where riding in general slowed down.   After college, I competed in one more 3-day event at Morvan Park in VA and then turned towards polocrosse as my main discipline, as it was much more affordable for a young adult on their own.



I have competed Nationally and Internationally for both disciplines and along the way I have broke, trained, sold, and competed many horses.  My main discipline continues to be Polocrosse.  I have been lucky enough to travel all over the World and meet many wonderful Polocrosse people.  Because polocrosse has english and western influences, I have seen it all and have always marveled over all the wonderful items that horsey and country companies produce.  I also worked several years at Horsemen’s Outlet, one of the largest saddleries on the East Coast of USA.  I was exposed to so many wonderful companies and items on a daily basis.  I especially love the small local niche products that you only learn about when you are immersed in the true culture and style of a particular horse discipline.


In 2011, I was inspired & encouraged by a close friend to write about what I know and love and to learn about other equestrian disciplines, so I started The Equestrianista blog.  It was a way for me to learn more about graphic art, website ins & outs, as well as it ignited this light inside me and pushed me to really search & find myself.

During 2011 & 2012- I felt like there was something missing in my life.  I had a good job, but it was a very unsteady company at that time, things were changing and leaving all of us feeling uncertain.  I lived in a beautiful town in a small house I owned- but I felt like I had outgrown the town and deep inside, I really wanted to meet my Mr. Special, who definitely didn’t live where I did.

So, I put my house up for sale and made a plan to move to Colorado- with a passion for all things outdoors- it was a location that was calling me!  I even sent my prized, beloved mare down to Texas to be bred to an Australian Stock Horse , which would buy me time with her and the fact that I have always wanted to have a foal out of her- she is so sweet, such a beautiful soul, excelled at the game of Polocrosse, and was sound and solid, and such a good brain.  During the time of transitioning and selling my house, a dear friend of mine was suddenly killed in a horse related accident which sealed the deal for me- LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO NOT GO FOR IT & YOU MUST FOLLOW WHAT YOU INTUITION IS TELL YOU!

As soon as my house sold, I quite my job and started my move.  But……… I had some pretty terrific offers in-between from wonderful friends around the world to come stay with them.  My friend who encouraged me to write this blog invited me up to Maine.  So I went to Maine for 6 weeks to help her open an Art Gallery, then taught Polocrosse Umpiring in Calgary, Canada for 3 weeks and went to the Stampede Rodeo, one of my favorite events!  From Calgary, I flew to Geraldton, Western Australia.  A close friend reminded me that her door was always open and that the Polocrosse season was starting up and she could use some help around the farm-She had 9 horses in work, two kids, full time job, etc…

And really- I mean what excuse could I make not to go?


My plans were to stay for 6 months in Western Australia and then come back to USA, fill my gooseneck up with my personals and move to Colorado.  – Little did I know I would meet my future husband playing polocrosse in WA Australia!  My direction in life completely changed- after kissing a few toads in my life, I knew what kind of person I was looking for.   But, what do you do when you meet this person 1/2 around the World?  That was definitely NOT planned.

My advice: You follow you gut and your heart and make the necessary changes needed to make sure you have the best life you can possibly have.

 First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!

Except of course we didn’t time things right and I became pregnant a month after our wedding announcements were mailed- ironic right?  I was catching up with a friend and she said- keep going with the wedding, you’ll be 6 months pregnant, glowing, and everyone will love & celebrate this beautiful moment!

So….We have a lovely country wedding!

And then we welcomed our little sparkly cowgirl into the world!

Photo Credit- Natalie Davy Photography

-Somehow life got in the way of this beautiful blog and I really wasn’t sure how to incorporate everything that had happened and how to transition what I was writing about from primarily USA to AUS.  So it kinda sat for a while with half effort attempts to bring it back.

A year ago I was searching for a better way to make income and have started a Rodan + Fields Business- Life changing skincare  currently in USA, CAN & AUS and going global one country at a time!

Its amazing skincare & an incredible business.  Being outdoorsy – You have to at some point start using excellent skincare and these products are fabulous.  The business, however, not only has been an answer for me to help support my family and my goals and dreams but in sharing it- It has allowed others to also do the same, which has been a priceless experience.  Im being as transparent as I can- I do believe in the products and the business, but I know not one product or company is everyones solution.  You make choices for what’s best for you.  In this blog I plan to give overall skincare advice which is so important.

I mention this business here because R+F has given me the financial freedom to start this blog back- for which I am incredibly grateful and hopefully you are too with the revamping of it in 2019!

Ive learned that mindset is everything!  When you have the right mindset- you literally can move mountains!  The time for The Equestrianista to make a come back feels right.

So welcome to The Equestrianista- A Lifestyle Guide for Equestrian & Country Women with an Australian flare.  

I love The Equestrianista & What It provides for others as well as myself.

 I hope you love and enjoy it too!  


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