Meet Jessie

   It all started 30 years.  I was born in Mendham, NJ, an area that everywhere you look is beautiful horse farms and places to ride, including The USET.  Little did my parents know that taking me to “pet” the horses one day,  at the local barn, would start a life- long passion for horses.  After visiting the horses, at age two, I wouldn’t stop talking about how I wanted a pony.  Why my parents gave in to a two year old is beyond me, but I am thankful that they entertained my great interest in horses.   Lucky for me, there was a cute, little brown, 11 hand pony named Peanuts for sale at the barn.   That pony started it all-  I went to little shows and basically ate, slept, and dreamt ponies…

At age four, after watching the teenage girls at the barn, I wanted jumping lessons!   I cantered around like a pony in the backyard and set up little jumps for my poor dog to jump over- it was all pre-training for what was to come.

I joined Pony Club early on, which exposed me to a lot of horse disciplines.  As a kid, I Fox Hunted with Essex Hunt, did Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, and tried Games.  At age 12, I moved to Bucks County, PA where I narrowed down my interests and focussed on competing in Eventing and Polocrosse.    During my teenage years, I competed in several CCI* 3-Day Events and some Intermediate Competitions.  I continued playing polocrosse for fun until attending college, where riding in general slowed down.   After college, I competed in one more 3-day event at Morvan Park in VA and then turned towards polocrosse as my main discipline.



I have competed Nationally and Internationally for both disciplines and along the way I have broke, trained, sold, and competed many horses.  My main discipline continues to be Polocrosse.  I have been lucky enough to travel all over the World and meet many wonderful Polocrosse players.  Because polocrosse has english and western influences, I have seen it all and have always marveled over all the wonderful items that horsey and country companies produce.  I also worked several years at Horsemen’s Outlet, one of the largest saddleries on the East Coast of USA.  I was exposed to so many wonderful companies and items on a daily basis.  I especially love the small local niche products that you only learn about when you are immersed in the true culture and style of a particular horse discipline.


This has inspired me to write about what I know and and love and to learn about other equestrian disciplines.  Join me on this on this quest to  learn about different styles, cultures, and trends within disciplines.  I want to share with everyone who loves the authentic equestrian look.


Love, Jessie

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