Welcome to The Equestrianista! Fashion has always been influenced by horse and rider, now its time for the equestrianista in all of us to look great outside of the barn! 

If horses are such a part of our lives, we have acquired so many beautiful authentic pieces, and the “equestrian look” is always in style at any given time, then why do most of us spend very little time on how we look outside of the barn?

Here at the Equestrianista you will find:

Head to Heels- a review of different products, trends that are fashionable and where to go to get that look.

Rider on the Go- tips, tricks, and the basics.  What’s trending in fashion and how to incorporate that into your lifestyle & riding style.

Equestrianista’s – Interviews of fashionable equestrian women. What are their secrets, tips, basics, fashion principles, what they are wearing, etc…

Good Lessons-  feature Equestrian Disciplines- The history, language used within the discipline, Companies that specialize within that discipline, Major Events, what to wear to those events, trends, what’s “in” within that discipline, etc…


 I hope you enjoy The Equestrianista and come here often.



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