New Year, New You! Organizing Week- 4 Steps to organize your jewelry

Is your jewelry in a pile?  Have you been looking for something for a couple months now?  I know I have!     After a year of horse events, traveling, work, and life, there are some things that have ended up in the wrong place or lost!

Take time around the New Year to put things back where they belong, find new homes for things that you don’t use anymore, and be ready for 2013!

This week I’m breaking things down and keeping it simple!


Step 1- Location-


Locate your jewelry, then find a good location for it to go!  Go through your jewelry.  My suggestions are to make sure you have all pairs of earrings, your necklaces are untangled, and you can find everything!   I had to check some luggage bags to gather all pieces!


Equestrian Jewelry

Step 2- Sort it.


Now that you’ve found everything…Sort it!
Make piles- Keep it, Sell it, or Give it away.    The Give away pile- Think about a pony girl that might love some jewelry!

 I looked through my jewelry box before the Holidays began and wrapped some up as a Christmas present for some pony girls in Australia!


Items that you don’t LOVE but have value, consider selling.  If it’s horsey, there might be some saddlery shops that would consign it.

Sorting the Keep Pile:  Consider different categories:  Occasion, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklasses, Pins, Work, Riding, etc…



Step 3- Clean and Take Care

Polish the Keep Pile.  Send pieces that need care to the jewelry store or fix them yourself.

 Step 4- The Fun Part!  Putting it back in an organized way!

There are lots of easy creative ways to put your jewelry back in an organized way.  Check out some ideas that I came across on Pinterest.


Make it pretty and visually appealing!

Decorate with your jewelry!

Easy ideas to keep things organized


Do you have an old rake?  Upcycle it to keep your necklaces untangled.

Cupcake Tins for rings and earrings!
Shower curtain hooks!
Bottles for Bracelets!
Cork boards always come in handy!
Kitchen Draw organizers double up for organizing jewelry!
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