She was a Humanitarian her whole life.  She was beautiful and had style and grace.   She was a true Equestrianista.

Before Elizabeth could walk or talk she had a passion and love for animals.  Little Elizabeth enjoyed weekend life in the English countryside, where much of her time was spent with animals. For her fifth birthday, Elizabeth’s godfather Victor Cazalet surprised her with a New Forest pony named Betty. “My happiest moments as a child were riding my Newfoundland pony, Betty, in the woods on 3,000 acres of my godfather’s estate near the village of Crambrook, in Kent,” recalled Elizabeth. “Our family lived in the hunting lodge. I was given the pony when I was three. The very first time I got on her back, she threw me into a patch of stinging nettles.” 

Sounds familar?  Very similar story as Queen Elizabeth!  



Her career took off with one of the classic horse movies, National Velvet. We all can remember that dynamic duo of Velvet Brown and The Pie!


She lived a very full life and we are still learning from her core values. Thank you for teaching us and influencing us Elizabeth Taylor.

Liz Taylor


December 22, 2012