The changing from Summer to Autumn & Winter to Spring is really exciting- mostly because all the new clothing items come out!  & its not hot anymore(Im not a fan of Aussie Summers)

Things to be on the look out:

Vests are always handy here in Australia.  The weather changes in temps and what its doing by the minute sometimes in Winter.   You need good versatile layers.

Vests are a great basic piece that everyone needs at least one(if not 3).

Im particularly digging the Schockemohle Vest & the Spooks Vest.


Boots- Its a great time to get a new pair of boots because you can have a season or two of wearing them new and then when the old ones kick the bucket they can be graduated to the everyday pair.

Im digging the new Dublin boots designs.

Jeans- Everyone needs at least one pair of jeans that are on the dark side, don’t have holes in them and fit really well. Its worth the investment in a good pair of jeans!

Good jeans that fit you: Youll wear them more, love the way you look in them, and they tend to be made better so you definitely get More use out of them!

Im Loving the Pure Western Jeans and the Dublin Denim Breeches are really great

Pure Western Amber is my favourite:

Or Elora:


Dublin Denim Breech:

Layers for tops– Its a good idea to have something that is made from technical fabric and has wicking and breathability in mind- again- the Australian Autumn and Winter temps can fluctuate alot during a day.

I really love the Euro Star baselayer and the Dublin – it has spf 50!


You can’t beat something pretty from Hitchly & Harrow for a new top

or something timeless, classic & linen from Mrs Tutton

Mrs Tutton- elegant, classic, staple items you can wear all the time.


Dont forget to be mindful of trendy colours, fun accessories and sun protection- even in winter(thats when the damaging rays get through and surprise you!)

  • A great idea for sun protection for your chest is a scarf- I absolutely love Maxx & Jelli for their one of a kind approach of scarves that are made for the outdoor working country woman as well as their great fun earrings, neck ties, and a few other essentials!
  • They have super fun earrings- anything you can think of!  cowhide, round colours, stamped leather, tassels, you name it.  And they have a few extra goodies you should check out as well. Click below to be directed to their Facebook page where you can bid on your purchases!

Max & Jelli Earrings and Scarves- Click here to go to their Facebook Page!


Dont Forget:

Coral is the Colour of the year- so look for that colour in your choices of items.

Hats, sunnies and skincare protection are a must in Autumn & Winter

Im a huge fan of Fun Earrings- Loving Aussie choices from:

EmilyRoseMacrame on Instagram & Etsy: Click here to be directed


Auburn Designs- find anything you could ever want in simple pretty & trendy post earrings. Click here.


April 13, 2019