At this time, upturned collars were detachable, and were notorious for being quite uncomfortable and stiff.

The modern iteration of the ‘popped collar’ is summarized especially well in the aforementioned Wiki article:

“With the advent of the tennis shirt, however, the upturned collar took on a whole new purpose. In 1929 René Lacoste, the French 7-time Grand Slam champion, decided that the stiff dress shirts and ties usually worn by tennis players were too cumbersome and uncomfortable for the tennis court. Instead, he designed a loosely-knit pique cotton shirt with an unstarched, flat protruding collar and a longer shirt-tail in back than in front. This came to be known as the tennis shirt. Lacoste’s design called for a thick pique collar that one would wear turned up in order to block the sun from one’s neck. Thus, the tennis shirt’s upturned collar was originally designed by the inventor of the tennis shirt, himself, for ease and comfort on the tennis court, aiding the player by helping to prevent sunburn.”

Since then, the shirts have transcended to popular culture and other sports. Think Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause or Manchester United star Eric Cantona.

Today, popped collars enjoy a mixed legacy and reputation. While many people still use them in the same way René Lacoste intended early in the 20th century, the frat bros and ‘wannabes’ use them to attain that ‘preppy’ look.

Thats all good for the general public, but the popped collar is still very stylish and present today in equestrian fashion- still with a functional purpose to keep the heat and sun off your neck- especially in Australia!

For some time there have some very beautiful collared shirts for country women’s style.  Its very popular to see these shirts with a two tone patter on the collar, cuffs and button channel at Camp Drafts, Rodeos, and casual after competition wearing in all other disciplines!

There are some brands that always produce new colours and new patterns-

The most common larger commercial brand that comes to mind is Thomas Cook Clothing- They produce very pretty shirts, the quality is very nice and the material is exceptionally soft, thinner and breathable- they always have a good variety of colour schemes as well.  

Hitchley and Harrow- They have AMAZING shirts- all sorts of colours, styles, high collars, ruffled collars, double ruffles collars, and even their polo shirts have beautiful underneath patterns for that uplifter collar look!  


Next brand that comes to mind is Grovers Country Clothing- They offer less variety at a good price range.  They have brought affordable shirts to those who enjoy wearing this style everyday.  They have ruffled collars and two tone button down shirts. 

Recently- Dublin Clothing Australia has just launched their Early Autumn Collection

Featuring the capped sleeve with a contrasting colour collar!

Great Colour Choices- Click on any of the photos to be taken directly to the Dublin Clothing Website- Make sure you come back to read the rest here!


Now for those of you in Australia that need something unique and one of a kind without purchasing custom coloured shirts- check out USA’s Middy N Me!  

First popular with the hunter and jumper riders- these colours are bright and beautiful that everyone else fell in love with them as well.  Also they carry gorgeous skirts and dresses and a new line of bags.



More to come on how to accessorize and stay cool from the sun!


February 14, 2019