I have been a fan- for a very long time.

I use Pinterest for so many things- I might even use it more than Google!


My Top Tips & Reasons for using Pinterest:

  • GENIUS- Its My Cookbook!  There are days and afternoons that I dont feel like cooking OR I have no idea what to make.  Especially if there are a few fresh things in the frig that need eating- I Pinterest it!  In the search I type in what is in the frig- and no kidding, 20+ recipe ideas pop up!  Right now as I type, I have pork and cabbage in the frig that need eating…. POW!

  • EVENTS- Any type of event you are planning and looking for ideas of themes, what to do, what to eat, what it can look like- you name it- Pinterest can help you get organized & you can also create a Board for that specific event as your Go-To location!  Birthdays & Weddings its perfect for!  Check out my look for my wedding!  Click On the Photo!

  • DIY Projects- Ive realized there are SOOOO MANY things you can make on your own that are quicker, cheaper, and better than store bought.  Like make your own granola, mayo, kids finger paint,  succulent structure, literally ANYTHING.

  • Then any info- Like garden tips, equestrian rider exercises, how to do WHATEVER you need to know.  IDEAS FOR THINGS- Parenting Hacks, Date Night ideas, Summer STay-Cation IDeas.  Improvements- Ideas on how to make whatever needs improvement- like chicken coop ideas!

  • RENOVATIONS!-  Best place to collect ideas as to what you want something to look like after you do some changes to it- Wether its re-doing a dresser or a kitchen or bathroom- there are ideas beyond anything you need!  Its great especially if you are working with someone else to describe what you are picturing- Cause I promise- what you are picturing is on Pinterest!

Click above to view all my Home & Barn Pins

& Yes that is what my dream kitchen would look like!

  • Shopping- If you’re looking for something to purchase- ALOT of the time, what you are looking for you can find on Pinterest and click through to the website and purchase it!  Check that OUT next time you’re on Pinterest!


  • And I have lots of Boards for all of you- Hair do Ideas, Outfits, Equestrian Art, Weddings, Home & Barn, Kids, Dogs, Recipes, Parties, Footwear, Different Equestrian Discipline Styles, Beauty & Health Tips, Movies, Books, Travel, Horseshoe Art, Christmas Down Under, Recipes for hot weather vs cold weather, DIYS.

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I invite you to join me on pinterest- I have 40 great Boards, 6,000+ mostly equestrian inspired pins & have 53K monthly viewers!

Happy Pinning!


February 2, 2019