Easy DIY Project- The Bit Belt:

The Classic Bit Belt: I took my old ponies bit that had been attached to her bridle for years and not used and a belt from my closet.


 You’ll need a sewing needle, scissors, and some thread. Cut the stitching where the buckle is attached on the belt and then replace the buckle with the bit. Thread the needle and start to restitch through the already made holes from before.

Stitched Bit on one end now! Took about 20mins to complete.

 Now take that buckle you just cut off and re-use it for the other end of the belt. Ever had to undo a english breastplate or martingale? You’ll use the same basic steps inorder to complete this belt.


If you forget, this is what you need to do…Just follow the pics.

But the buckle back on the belt, then put the belt end thru the bit, then back towards the buckle again.
The Belt end should fold back on itself.
Then guide the latch part thru the holes to secure and lock the belt and buckle into place.
You’ll have to adjust it a bit, but it should be locked in like this.
Looks great! Now the only problem is deciding what to wear with it! So many choices.

I had this beautiful purple wool shawl that Ive never worn cause I didnt know how to wear it. I think I’ve found a great idea on how to make it look great! I did have to shorten the belt to fit higher on my waist. It was very easy to adjust and it stays in place.


October 1, 2012