Two words that you are looking for when shopping for that Equestrianista that has everything are really great to hear around this time of year- Easy & Meaningful



Oh and Quick!!!! Thats a great word too!



Ok- So most of us have a pair of reins that came with a bridle that we love, but the reins just don’t work for your personal riding taste.  I think once you start riding and competing, reins turn into a very personal choice and something that you don’t like, is YUCK!  Or there’s a browband, laying around because it  just didn’t coordinate with your overall look for competition, so you got the really blingy one.  OR someone decided to be an idiot and broke their nice leather halter that you just bought and you have intentions of getting it fixed, but yet it sits in the tack room collecting dust.

Try A Personally made picture frame!!!!




Super Glue

A metal straight edge

Shipping Cutting knife- Exacto knife

Spare leather pieces- reins are really easy, a halter works very well, a breastplate, something that has a buckle on it.

And an inexpensive wood frame with good flat surface area– If you’re in Australia, I picked up a 3 pack of great frames at Spotlight(national craft/everything store) for under $20, depending on what size you choose!   They are currently on super sale!


Play around with the tack that you have and come up with a plan.  Then start to cut and glue!  Take your time, let your creative juice flow, etc….

Yes its that easy and they turn out beautiful. Just don’t glue your fingers together. You probably want to do this before you get your nails done this holiday season as well!

If you have time, print out a photo of the horse or friend and put it in the frame, even if it’s just on regular paper, it’s nice that way….

*** Think about where the frame stand is and place buckles accordingly so that the frame can be used vertically or horizontal***








Frames in use:



December 20, 2015