Getting everything ready for Christmas- I have a couple of rules for the tree!


Please forgive the fake tree this year!    I’m in Australia which brings some issues that make having a real tree hard!  Because it’s summer, a tree doesn’t last that long here- tops- 2 weeks!  Plus, unless you can go out and chop down your own, many tree farms are at least $50 a tree…so hence the fake tree this year!

I’ve learned from my mistakes.

-My first year, I bought a small live scented pine tree.  It stayed alive throughout the holidays but planting anything in the Australian summer its very hard and you need to at least water it once, if not twice a day.

-The second year, I pulled a small cedar tree out from the side of the road and put it right in water- t didnt last for more than 10 days!

Also, if you ever spend Christmas here, don’t try to make evergreen wreaths or anything like that- they don’t last very long either!  The beautiful green turns yellowish brown quickly in the summer air


Regardless of the tree base you have, here are my rules for the tree:


1. A small strand of coloured lights wound up and down the trunk of the tree adds a special sparkle.

2. When adding your white lights, try to have at least two shapes.  This adds a really nice touch to the tree.  Bright white lights and a soft round light or stars or something different.


3. Smaller special ornaments always go up top, larger ones at the bottom.

4. If you can place a mirror near the tree, it picks up the twinkle and adds more to the room.

5. Always make the area around the tree special as well.  Make it your own little magical space.


December 10, 2015