How in the World did I end up here?

Have you ever talked about doing something and actually open yourself up to doing it for real?

Of course you always have grand plans that you and your girlfriends like to talk about.  Some friends get annoying cause that’s all they talk about but NEVER do it, not even a baby step towards something different.  You think to yourself as they drown you in their sorrows… what a crappy way to live!

My Wanderluster instinct is a strong family trait.  Both of my parents have traveled extensively and each side of their family has strong desires to travel and see the world.  For example, my great grandfather on my mother’s side decided that Holland wasn’t going to give him the opportunities he dreamed about, so he set sail to America.  He checked it out, loved it, traveled back to Holland and announced to his family that he was moving to America.    He traveled back to America with a friend, they met their, to be wives and mother of their children on the boat andWell, as they say, The rest is history!

I have always traveled, mostly seeing the World with horses or because of horses.  I have met amazing people who have become very close friends along the way.

I guess looking back, those are major reasons why I am where I am today!

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August 17, 2015