The fashion statement of Bling is found in every equestrian discipline.


My rule of thumb, if you are going to bling it up:

Use the Rule of Three- a tasteful amount is three pieces of bling.  

What must one consider?

With adding pieces of bling, take note of your horses colors and markings.   If you have a horse that has a great large white face or white socks- let nature show off and lessen your bling.  If you have a great big black or dark colored plain horse- bling it up a bit more.

Your riding discipline of choice may encourage more bling vs others.  Such as Dressage, Western, Jumpers vs Hunters, Foxhunting, Eventing, Polo & Polocrosse


How do different disciplines wear it?


Browband, Spur, Spur Strap, Charm Piece, Rider’s Hair, Mane, Stockpin, Belt, Dressage Whip Handle,

Click above to go to Browbandswithbling.com

Browbands With Bling, a company who Ive seen their work make some really great Swarovski Crystal items that are all custom.  I saw the most spectacular dog collar made by them once!  Check them out: http://www.browbandswithbling.com

New Trends:  Saddles & Manes

Bliss of London– Most amazing looking saddles of all disciplines offer some bling stitching and jewels to their dressage saddles.  Click on pic to go to website.


Everywhere!  Haha just kindding

Bridle, Spur Straps, Shirt, Jeans, Belt, Saddle Cloth, Added glitter to hooves, Hat.

So many choices it’s fun to look through, but wear your sunglasses, there’s lots of bling!

Kippy is the ultimate classic belt company-  Since 1948.  They make other amazing things, but the belts are what I know them for.  www.kippys.com

Miss Me JeansTheres 17 pages of bling jeans. www.missme.com

Rod’s Western Palace– a western saddlery that should satisfy your bling needs!   www.rods.com

Top Event rider turned Cowgirl Fashionista, Elizabeth Iorio, has been working hard in the bucking bull industry, being the major force behind Platinum Pistol Bucking Bulls as well as Pistol Platinum Couture- amazing fresh designs of jeans!

Pistol Platinum Jeans
Click above to view and purchase these jeans.



Pick and choose where your bling goes- Take into consideration what markings your horse already has, what color your horse is, what other colors you may be working with.


Part 2 next week


September 20, 2014