Even if you are a plant killer- you can do this easily!


Do you have old worn out boots that need retiring?

DIY SUMMER PROJECT- The Cowboy Boot Planter 

Supplies needed:  

Drill, Boot of some sort, soil, and a plant to go it in.

On a Budget?

Root your own plants from friends gardens!  Its easier than you think, even a self-proclaimed plant killer can do this trick!

Rooting- (ok get your mind out of the gutter)

 Look for any geranium or rosemary plant for your first try- they are very easy, require low watering and should 99% of the time work!

You will need some honey- raw is best.  Soil,  sharp knife, and a container.

First, take a cutting about 4-5 inches from the end of a plant whether its a geranium or rosemary.  Take off most leaves at the bottom and leave some at the top.

Next, dip the end in some honey.  It’s a great natural root starter. Place in soil that’s in a pot!

Yep, it’s that easy!  That’s it.  You do need to water it once you’re done.  I highly recommend that you also take a white or clear plastic bag and cover the plant & container with it for 2-3 weeks.  Poke a couple of holes in it(3-5) . *** Remember to water it and check on it every 3-5 days.   ***  After the 2-3 weeks, if it hasn’t turned brown and died, it should have started to grow roots and become a little plant on it’s own 🙂

*You can stick the cuttings directly into the pot that you intend them to live in for a while, directly into the ground, or in a smaller pot till they establish good roots before transplanting.  That’s up to you!

Back to the Cowboy Boot Planter:

 Drill holes in the bottom of the boot.  If there is a sole lining, you might want to just remove it.

Next, fill with soil- 1/2 way.  Then place a plant of choice in it.  Fill the rest of the boot with soil & water!

Voila!  A horsey planter for your barn or home.

August 5, 2014