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DIY June- Garder Strap Wrap!

Wraps are in and this is a great piece to wear with something else or by itself.

I took a child’s garder strap and turned it into a bracelet!  What’s a Childs Garder Strap?  Pictured above, its a strap of leather worn buy young riders who haven’t graduated into tall boots.  The purpose is to keep the breeches in place.  They are an essential piece of riding gear for young riders who compete in the Hunter show ring.

Go to your local tack shop and they should have children’s garder straps.  I found a great pair for under $20 at Horsemen’s Outlet(one of my favorite tack stores)

I went for the smallest ones I could find and ones that were not expensive.

Supplies you will need: Straight edge ruler, a pair of scissors, a leather punch, a cutting knife like an exacto knife or shipping knife, and a cutting board or an area that you can cut leather on.

First Step:

Take your straight edge and a pen and mark out three even strips on the broad part of the garder strap.   Cut evenly three strips.  *** See at the top of this strap where the thin part begins to get thick?  I had to take a pair of scissors and trim down the thick part so that when I made it into a wrap, it would be adjustable enough- You may have to do the same.

Next Step:

 The Magic Braid!  It’s quite easy, but if you are having problems, youtube: the magic braid and you will find several simple clips.

Most of you are comfortable braiding.

Take the three straps in your hands.

Complete one full braid- 1, 2, 3 then hold the braid and stop.

Third Step: Pulling through the Loop

Once you have made the 1,2,3 braid overlap steps – just like a normal braid- STOP.  Next, take your strap end and put it through the right loop opening under the braid part and pull through.

Next Step:

  Do another braid 1, 2, 3 overlap and the STOP!  Take your strap and loop it now through the left loop.

Complete braids:

 Now that you have completed two braids and looped the strap through after each braid, you will have a smooth braided strap.  You may have to even out the braid by adjusting the straps.

Done!  Well almost– now you have to start your wrap part and wear it!

Now for me, the strap was too long, so I cut it.  I also needed to punch some extra holes in it.  So I decided to punch holes the whole way along the strap for style.

Now you’re Ready to go!  The great part is you have another garder strap to make another wrap bracelet and give it to someone special.

June 12, 2014