Mary King & Ben Hobday are awarded Best Dressed!



As reported, Horseware sponsored the Trot Up Best Dressed for the second year in a row at Tattersall International 3-day.

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Mary King went with a classic navy blazer with some added details.  Clean lines and a monochromatic underneath with a white blouse and white jeans.  Some added jewelry and she’s jogging!



Mary King
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With her gift voucher, What will she get?

Here are my suggestions on some always needed items:
The vest has nice slimming stitching details that you will get a lot of use out of.
The Competition Jacket- Great for giving clinics, running around, wipe off any dust or dirt easily- lots of use.
The two shirts have cute details, nice femine details with some frills and puffs.
A pair of denim breeches will go a long way!
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May 31, 2014