Whatever shape you’ve been given and whatever shape from exercise, lack of exercise, or somewhere inbetween- It doesn’t matter.  What matters is dressing for the shape you are.  The most important factor when choosing how to dress is your body type. Knowing what shape your body has and what styles and silhouettes to choose for that particular body shape will guarantee that you will always look great.

Please don’t try to change your body with clothes that are not for your shape.  Square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole.



Bust & Hip are basically equal circumference

Waist is well defined

Bust is medium to large

Silhouette is balanced

What to wear and what not to wear:

 This is the most proportionate body type. You can wear any silhouette and style as long as it is the right color for you. Emphasize your waistline and the curve of the hip, these are your biggest assets.

Highlight your waist

Deep V necks are good

Block Colors are great


Baggy tops with lots of details, especially if you have a larger bust

Angular Silhouettes

Baggy Clothes

May 30, 2014