I apologize for not continuing my DIY projects that I started last year.  Don’t worry- I’m all set for the rest of the year, now that I have finally settled in one spot and don’t plan on moving for a long time.


Western Australia 


here are a lot of weather sayings all over the World.  I think most everyone in the northern hemisphere can agree that March- “In like a lion and out like a lamb” was a bit off, since November through April were all LIONS!    Now that Spring is finally there for them and Fall for the southern hemisphere- we can turn towards our gardens, little or big and prepare them for a beautiful season to come.

DIY May- Making an Upcycled horsey Garden “Bed”

I feel that it is fairly easy to find a small unwanted twin size bed.  At a garage sale, for sale on facebook, free to a good home, at the end of a driveway, or maybe stored in your garage or storage area just sitting there doing nothing!

There was a small twin size metal bed in the shed that was collecting dust.  I decided to upcycle it into my new dividing garden bed!

How did I do it?

The bed was already black.  So I took the pieces apart- The two ends and the base.  I took the base to use as a great vine wall as well as to define a division in the garden.   I also took the head of the bed and placed it at a 90* angle to the base.  I dug the earth for both pieces to be anchored in and then with black zip ties attached them together.

Yes, that’s a pile of manure!  Planning on planting some roses there eventually who LOVE manure. (Gardening tip, make sure that your manure is at least 2 weeks old so that it doesn’t burn plants…give it a little time to settle and “mature”)

To make it horsey, I took a horseshoe and wired it to the head of the bed and sprayed it black!

 I had the foot of the bed, still left.  So I added another horseshoe to the center and created a little sitting area in the garden.  I also had two pretty mismatched wicker chairs laying around that I repainted the same so that would kind of match.

Lesson for the month- think outside of the box and turn something old into something new!  If you have a little bed around that is no longer being used- you know what to do!

Ok, so maybe when nothing’s planted around it, the garden bed looks a little weird, like a twin bed taken apart. I just thought, that base is perfect to let some viny plant take over without worrying about it choking out the rest of your garden and you can plant stuff on either side of a temporary wall.   I’m thinking sweet peas, clemantis vine, morning glories, a climbing rose, passion flowers(which has been a favorite of mine), or even put some veggies in there like tomatoes or beans!  OR a couple of them!  I will post pictures once the garden gets going.

May 15, 2014