Everyone has a trick for keeping white breeches and or jeans white!


Here are tips of keeping whites white as well as featuring some great white choices!

***Always follow what the label says for the care of certain clothing!  Especially if they are a pair of $200+ riding breeches vs $75 riding jeans or under $40 cotton jeans/breeches***



Add 1 can of coke to your laundry to get white breeches and jeans white!  It’s a common polo and polocrosse trick for after a hard weekend of dirt and grime rubbed in from a close contact horse sport to clean up your gear with a can of coke.

* My tip- I like to first soak the jeans in the wash with hot water and a small amount of bleach and 1/2 the amount of detergent required.  Then leave the top up for a little so that the dirt gets time to loosen and oils break down.  Then when the wash is ready to finish all the cycles- add a can of coke in the wash.  Yes it really works.

Click here and picture above to find Pukkah Riding Jeans.  

Pukkah Sports apparel makes a great fitting, light and stretchy riding jean.  Woman’s styles come in a straight leg and a skinny leg. The skinny leg is great for fitting inside tall boots!  Comes in men’s as well.  Pukkah is mostly a custom sports shirt company in case you are looking for a specific custom one of a kind look!

Look for the Pukkah label.

Pre-treat stains:

Pre-treating any stain that is on whites will greatly help.  Putting whites in a tub or sink of hot water with a whitening detergent and adding some elbow grease with a stiff brush can do wonders!   Everyone has their favorite pre-treat stain remover.  My rule of thumb is to purchase something in the middle of the road, in price.  Soak, scrub, rinse and repeat.  Then put into the wash.  Rinse twice to get rid of any soap remains.

 Click here and picture for more info on FITS PerforMAX Full Seat Breech!

I love the technical breech companies out there and what they think of for elegance with performance packed in underneath!  FITS makes a very nice sleek breech that is packed full of performance features!  


FITS All Season fabric in white for the smooth, formal look that riders prefer, with the support and body sculpting features only available from FITS PerforMAX. Fully lined in light weight, opaque microfibre. Now with true white deerskin. More formal, front zip ease and a rise that works with classic dressage coats or shadbellys.  

FITS Full Seat Breeches optimize riding performance through functional design, featuring segmented deerskin panels to allow maximum range of motion for a deeper, more secure position in the saddle. Tiny perforations in the leather create more surface resistance for a much better grip, increase stretch capacity for freedom of motion and allow for significantly better leather breathability than any breech on the market today. Our athletic gusseted crotch is leather-free and seamless, eliminating bulk and pulling. This all-season breech features micro-poly yarns next to your skin which wick moisture in hot weather and trap air for insulating and warming in cold weather.   FITS body sculpting technology goes even further with our hidden power net “abpanel which gives subtle, effective body core support and smooth, flattering lines to your tummy and hips. Power net is also used to increase your boot comfort.

Some but not too much Bleach!

No matter how dirty your breeches and jeans appear, don’t use too much bleach!  The bleach will break down the fibers and create holes as well as it can yellow the items!  Never put bleach on directly- just in water first then add clothing.


 Want a classic breech- reach for Pikeur!  They make a really nice knee patch and full seat breech.  Very soft inside with a stretchable comfy material that works with you, not against!  Click here or picture for more info. 

I’ve heard about Scotchguard!

Try Scotchguard or a waterproofing spray before you wear them first!  Test material for any slippery qualities – You don’t want slick jeans or breeches while riding!  There is a theory that by adding a protective layer on before you add the dirt and grime, you may come out looking cleaner and make it easier to wash them after!  I have yet to try this, but my next white jean purchase I will let you know!

 The Berkely Jean carried by Bombers Equestrian.  Bomber is known for developing unique equipne equipment products.  His unique bit designs that are sweeping the World in multiple disciplines!  Happy mouth, Happy horse!  

But they also carry Polo and Polocrosse equipment and carry a great white jean for their customers.  

Key features of the Berkeley Jeans:


And as usual- care for your whites such as washing inside out, do not wash unless needed, read the care instructions, don’t use fabric softener, etc…


Does anyone have any other secrets?  Please share on Facebook!


April 23, 2014