Ok- this might be one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever heard of! It’s also a great thing to make with kids.


Make this weekend easy and special at the same time.  



Courtesy of an Equestrianista friend Jane Cooper:


Ingredients:  3 cups of rising flour, 1 cup of 7-up or sprite or if you’re English or Australian- Lemonade( fizzy kind, not tart sugary lemon water) and 1 cup of heavy cream.


Mix together, you may opt to add cinnamon, fresh fruit- blueberries are my favorite, any pitted fruit that is in season, raisins, or even go savory and add cooked bacon or cheese!

Place on baking sheet, either nonstick or grease it.

If you really are in a rush, just add a heaping spoonful or two down with some space in between, if you’d like, you can cut the scone dough into circles- use a cup, or shape them into the traditional triangle.

and Bake!  350* till bottom and edges are golden brown. Check them at 10 mins- they will probably take 15min to finish.


Voila!  The easiest scone you ever baked and best tasting scone you ever ate!


February 27, 2014