The belt in Polo and Polocrosse is one of the only ways to show your individual fashion sense off while playing.  Your helmets are pretty much the same, your playing shirts are the same, you wear white jeans or breeches, and for most, boots are dark brown or black, although in Polocrosse there are cowboy boot fashion statements seen amongst the American Players.  So the belt is pretty much the one thing that you can be different with!






The picture above influences a new trend in Polo and Polocrosse player’s choice of belts to wear!  She most likely has never seen a game of either, yet the beading work that is rich in her history is spreading across the Polo and Polocrosse world with pace!


Intricate beadwork has been an art form of Maasai women for centuries.

Beadworking, done by women, has a long history among the Maasai, who articulate their identity and position in society through body ornaments and body painting. Before contact with Europeans, the beads were produced mostly from local raw materials. White beads were made from clayshellsivory, or bone. Black and blue beads were made from ironcharcoalseedsclay, orhorn. Red beads came from seedswoodsgourdsboneivorycopper, or brass. When late in the nineteenth century, great quantities of brightly colored European glass beads arrived in Southeast Africa, beadworkers replaced the older beads with the new materials and began to use more elaborate color schemes. Currently, dense, opaque glass beads with no surface decoration and a naturally smooth finish are preferred.

Polo & Polocrosse Trend Report: The New Disk Bead Belt


Polo Trends
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The must have belt:  The Gaucho Influence

The traditional dress of the Gaucho, the equivalent of the American Cowboy has brought influence into fashionable belt choices.  The beautiful dress patterns are found on a variety of clothing items now.  With the influence of Polo being played in South America, the Gaucho belt is now very popular to be worn and seen all over the World!

At any given time, you will notice the Gaucho belt on most Polo and Polocrosse fields.

Gaucho Belts
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The Aussie Factor:  RM Williams

The Australian influence in Polocrosse is undeniable.  Originally established in Australia, the country remains the biggest playing and one of the strongest playing countries of the fantastic sport of Polocrosse.
At any given tournament, in the country of Australia, you will find the iconic RM Williams logo on the buckle of the belt that a Polocrosse player is wearing.   RM Williams belts are a must wear staple for Polocrosse in Australia and the fashion trend is starting to spread to other countries as top players bring back belts that they have purchased.
RM Williams
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American Belt Trends:


American Polocrosse has a western influence to it.  Even at the National Championships, a belt buckle is the top prize to win!  With that said, Bling belts and hand painted belts are popular. It is a way to show off the buckle you have won at the National level.
Bling Belts
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Bling on the left, Beads on the Right!

Choose your Color, Choose your Cause: C4 Belts are trending in the USA

C4’s Mission:
To promote Individuality through quality fashion accessories that gives back. C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause. It is C4’s goal to provide a unique shopping experience to individual thinkers who will leave looking cool on the outside, AND feeling good on the inside.
They have started an Equestrian division of the company which is spreading like wildfire in the Eventing world and has now crossed over into Polocrosse.  Even in Eventing, to wear more of your colors out on cross country- riders are using the belts as jumping neck straps(or oh shit straps!)
I even through one on when going to the beach in case the horse popped out of the water!
C4 Equestrian recently sponsored the USA Polcrosse World Cup Squad in 2013.
 The popularity of wearing your club colors or your own individual favorite colors has started to spread!
USA Polocrosse World Cup Squad training in Australia
C4 Belts Equestrian
The great things about C4 Belts Equestrian is that you purchase the buckle and belt separately, they are affordable in price, and there are infinite color combinations to choose from!   The belts also come in a one size fits all size where you can cut to fit your waist perfectly!   You can choose an equestrian cause to support when you purchase your belt as well!  And….They are made out of recycled, reused materials- So many good things from this company.

Come up with the most beautiful color combinations-

I dare you!

February 17, 2014