Ok, so these don’t need to be made just for Superbowl.  This is one of my go to- left over refrig clean-out dinners that usually happens on the weekend.

Super easy, most ingredients are found already at home or should be staple go-to items, little prep time and takes 40-60mins to cook!

25mins prep time, 45mins cook time

Pre-heat oven at 350*

Serves 4 people easily.

Must have ingredients:

– A deep baking dish, or my favorite a cast iron Dutch oven- keeps food warm, especially if you are still finishing up barn duties, etc…

Rice- can be any kind-Start cooking it while you prep the other ingredients.

1 Can of refried beans- can be any kind

1 can of diced tomatoes *2 cans if you are cooking for many people.

1 packet of burrito seasoning or any kind of Mexican seasoning

Flour or corn tortillas

Shredded Cheese- any kind will do


Then look through your refrigerator and cabinet to add the following ingredients:

Left over meat- chicken, pork, beef?  Add that in!

Red onions? White onions?  Garlic?

Do you have a can of corn? In many grocery stores, there is a Mexican mix in a can- it has peppers, corn, beans, seasoning- get a couple of them- you can do ALOT with them!

Chopped Veggies: Pepper, tomato, Spring onions?

Sour cream

Yes, that is one of the ugliest countertops I have seen- On my wish list- not blue countertops! 

Step 1-

In a large bowl, mix your cooked rice and refried beans together.

Then add your corn, chopped veggies, and 1/2 a packet of the Mexican seasoning.  Add meat if you want as well and add anything else you think might go!

Mix all together.


Step 2-

In your baking dish/dutch oven- open 1 can of diced tomatoes and add the other 1/2 of the Mexican seasoning.  If you like it spicier, please add hot sauce or sweeter- add some sweet chili sauce.   *Take half of the sauce out of the baking dish- you can scoop it out with a plastic bowl or measuring cup.  Set aside.


Step 3-

Go back to the rice/bean mix  and tortillas.  If the tortillas are big- cut in half.  They can be round or rectangular shaped- doesn’t matter.  You want them ideally 5×7 in size.  Take 1 scoop of your bean/corn mix and place in center of tortilla.  Roll towards one end and roll the whole mixture up.  Place in baking dish and repeat.  Fill the bottom of the baking dish with corn/bean tortilla rolls.  If you are making dinner for many people- get another can of diced tomatoes and add two layers of the rolls to the baking dish.  If there is leftovers of the corn/bean mix- its great for lunch the next day on a salad or something.  Once complete- pour the rest of the tomato sauce over the rolls and sprinkle cheese.  Cover and cook in oven for 45 mins.

The Dutch oven keeps things really warm and it’s easy to serve out of.  Once the cheese is melted, take cover off and let the oven brown the top- YUM!

This recipe is your perfect Friday/Saturday night meal- It should offer Saturday/Sunday Lunch as well!


January 24, 2014