The best apple cake you will ever taste- guaranteed!

Anyone thinking that there might be a last minute visit to a friend or relative and you want to bring something with you that is super easy to make and everyone will rave over?  This is the recipe to use!


I had all good intentions of starting to incorporate recipes of my own into this blog a while ago. I have been traveling on a life discovery and consistent internet and time has been hard to come by!

But don’t fret, I have settled now in one spot and have internet!  So let the blogging pick up!




I figure the best time to start recipes is around the holidays.  My cooking style is easy, not precise in measuring or oven watching, and it turns out delicious.  I feel that this is the way most equestrianistas cook? Yes?


Deep dish cake pan, brownie pan, or even an oven safe mixing bowl.

1 Cup of butter- or somewhere close to a cup

1 1/2 cups Brown Sugar(preferred) or Regular Sugar. Again- measurement doesnt have to be exact.

Small bag of apples- Golden Delicious(preferred) -about 6-7 Granny Smith will do just fine- about 8-10.

1 lemon- squeezed

Some Flour & Cinnamon/nutmeg/spices

1 box of vanilla cake mix


First Step:


– Peel & Cut apples in 1/2 and then into 1/4 inch slices. Or  you can be fancy and cut the whole apple in full slices to decorate the top- up to you.

– Place into a bowl and toss with the juice of 1 fresh lemon


Next Step:



 In the mean time, in a large frying pan add the butter and sugar.  Under low heat, stir the mixture until the butter is melted.  Then place the apples into the pan as well.  You want to cook the apples until their edges are soft but not fully cooked through.  This part you will need to pay attention to the pan, slowly folding the apples around in the butter sugar mix.  Every 2 minutes or so check on the apples and give them a fold over.

The kitchen will start to smell amazing and you may have fans flocking to see what you are cooking!  The butter sugar mix will start to caramelize around the apples as everything cooks.


After That:


You can multitask and while keeping an eye on the cooking apples, stirring occasionally- mix up the cake mix.

Just get any vanilla cake mix and follow the box directions.

Turn the oven on according to cake mix box and pour your cake mix into the baking vessel of choice. * There was no baking pan available to me recently so I baked the apple cake in a large metal mixing bowl- Again you can choose anything that is oven safe and it turns our gorgeous!


Back to the Apples

When the apples are softened, turn the stove top off and place the frying pan away from the heat.  At this stage, you will want to sprinkle your favorite spices over the apples gently- cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg- whatever you like.  Also add 2-4 tablespoons of flour and mix the apples around in the caramel – you will notice everything begins to thicken up!  Stir until the flour and spices are all mixed in.  YUM!


Two more steps to go!

Ok so the oven is on according to the cake mix box and the cake batter is sitting in the cooking vessel.  Now place the apples on top of the raw cake mix.  Just the apples- save the juices for later!    


You can place the apples in a fancy arrangement or just on top.  Put a good layer of apples on top of the cake- 1-2 inches of soft cooked apples. There maybe be left over apples.  You can enjoy while you wait or put in refrigerator for later over ice cream or something.  REMEMBER TO SAVE THE JUICES and stop yourself from slurping them up!  You will need them in the final step!!!!

Put in oven according to the cake mix’s directions!


Final Step:

Pull the cake out of the oven when the sides are golden and the top is slightly browned.  Wait 5 minutes for the cake to start cooling and then drizzle the remaining caramel juice on top of the cake!   Let the juices soak into the cake!



This recipe is best done the night before going somewhere.  I only suggest this to allow the delicious juices to soak in, the cake to fully cool, and then you get more time to get ready the next day without juggling cooking at  the same time!







December 19, 2013