The key to this all is to find pieces that go well together, you feel great in = you look great in, & that no one would ever suspect that you only spent $20 on supplies!

I was recently invited to go to the Bunbury Races, one of Western Aus leading race clubs,  to watch local races & celebrate the Melbourne Cup– the premier race in Australia!

The problem was, I just mailed back a box of dresses and other items that I didn’t expect that I needed!  Of course two weeks later, I’m invited to go to the races!  Eeeckkk!!!! The same question that most of us ask at least once a day:

What can I wear and still look great?

So basic pieces that are needed:  A dress, great shoes, horsey accessories, and a great hat or fascinator. 

Here are my suggestions when you are on a budget & time restraint, but still want to go have fun and look great!

Thankfully I kept one dress with me.  A colorful simple dress that can be dressed up.

I put on my bit belt and some good equestrian bracelets- my Spur bracelet and a leather bracelet made out of my old eventing clincher browband that JLR Leathers made for me.

Click on the picture to shop for your own spur bracelet!

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Then I borrowed really great heels from a friend- they were silk tie-died with some oranges, tans, greens and yellows. Unfortunately they were ever so slightly too big, so I had to resort to simple thin black flip flops.   I had thought of putting heel stuffers in them, but decided they still wouldn’t fit right and in the grass, I might twist an ankle trying to manage!

On to something for my head!  I had a corn blue sun hat, but I thought there was just too much color with the dress.  So I went to the local florist to look for a great flower to make into a fascinator!  I found this great big off-white peony silk flower!  My friend had some peacock feathers that I added.  I took a hair clip and some super super glue and arranged the flower and feathers.

I put my hair up since it was going to be a bit windy that day.  Just simple twists on the sides coming together in an off center bun with some added bobby pins to keep my hair down.  I placed the fasciniator off center above the bun.

Of course I my ride came early, so I will admit it- I put my makeup in the car using my camera on my phone!  Glad I‘m an efficient horse girl!

My total that I spent was $20 on a big silk flower peony.  Just goes to show you, you can put an outfit together, look great and not have to spend a lot of time or money on it!

To all of you from all of my interviews of top riders that are equestrianista’s

You can never go wrong with: Good basic pieces & fun horsey accessories

You be the judge, How do I look?

November 13, 2013