I had the privilege of talking with tailgating experts Jennifer Buracker and her daughter Charlotte about tailgating essentials for the upcoming horsey event season!


 Jennifer established  Cassel Interiors, Inc . in 1998. She has designed for clients throughout the Metropolitan DC area and the Carolinas.  Jennifer understands the marriage between creating a vision and creating a home.  With an eye for detail, she designs interior and exterior spaces that speak to each client’s personal aesthetic. With her experience and expertise, she efficiently brings a project from concept to completion.  Well regarded by the designing community, Cassel Interiors, Inc. is committed to creating a beautiful home that brings joy to each and every client. 


Introducing Cassel Table Couture by Cassel Interiors, Inc.

After moving a couple years ago to the Middleburg, VA area, Jennifer’s table cloths has become a very popular item in Middleburg, since the town is filled with horsey people and horsey events almost every weekend all year long!   In Middleburg, it’s unusual to not see someone with breeches and boots in the grocery store!

There is a point to point almost every weekend throughout the summer.  


“Tailgating is such a fundamental part of an event, especially in Middleburg, VA.”  You can find Cassel Table Couture at polo events, steeplechases and the Warrenton Horse Show.

A fantastic tailgate should encompass individuality and fun!  That’s what we are all about at Cassel Table Couture.  

 Jennifer’s table cover designs are unique for several reasons:

They are custom designs that reflect the individual or business.

They are waterproof and look spectacular rain or shine.

They don’t blow off- they are specially designed to stay in place.

They are environmentally friendly as you can use them year after year.  They are made out of outdoor fabric.  All you have to do is hose them off with a little ivory soap and water and they are as good as new!  We like things that are easy to clean and take care of!

What color combos are great?


Cream and/or  Navy, both colors really pop with the green grass background.  Plaids and herringbone patterns make wonderful runners.  

What is your tailgating creating advice?  


Plaids and herringbone patters add wonderful contrast.

Use pewter or silver

Add horsey and quirky touches- like tall boots turned into a vase.

Simple is better

Make sure everything has a purpose- don’t clutter

Choose one thing and stick with it

Photo Credit: Middleburg Photo

What’s trending?


Very similar toe fashion advice: brighter colors and color blocking are very popular right now.  Stick to your basic colors such as cream or navy for the cover and add color with accessories or the table runner, which you can have a couple of.   Sky’s the limit of what you can do.  Right now fun runners are a wonderful way to add color- Try polka dots or go classic.  1 cover and  a couple of runners is all you need.

What’s trending in fashion this year at these events?

 Hats are always in, but we are noticing different hats- like a fedora

Also lady’s are not only seen in great dresses, but a well fitted trouser suite look is in!

Steeplechase Trends

What are your personal “go-to” tailgating recipes?   


Always finger foods at tailgating.

We love to make mouth watering desserts:

Kahlua Brownie is our signature dessert!

 Box of brownie mix

Add Kahlua instead of water

Ice the brownies with confectioners sugar and Kahlua icing

They don’t melt and it’s something sweet to eat!  YUM!!!


What about drinks?

Always have Champagne!

Do a signature drink – Maybe a Mint Julep for Steeplechases

Our signature go-to Drink is:

Italian Drink

2 bottles of Prosecco

Fresh lemons & Lines

1/2 cup of simple sugar

1/4 cup of Amaretto

Rim glass with sugar!

It’s refreshing and delicious- a real palate cleanser and a great summer drink.

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You can find Jennifer at FOXFIRE GALLERY & ANTIQUES located in Middleburg, VA.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend strolling through and saying hello!

Be sure to click on the picture to be directed to her beautiful Facebook Page!  Get updates on wonderful items in the store and what’s happening around Middleburg for Jennifer!

June 18, 2013