What are Jill’s Go to Pieces?


She always rides in a vest.  She likes Horseware.  She needs pockets, to keep a phone and lip gloss in.

Jill is always looking for a really light weight vest.

If you also are looking for a thin light weight vest- try these options that I’ve found:


Thin Riding Vests

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My personal suggestion is to check out Arista- They make a very thin vest that can be worn riding and going to work or around town. It seems to fit most body types and is very slimming.



Jill’s Basics & Go To Pieces:


Have classic pieces, Navy & Blacks are a great base. 

She sticks to neutral colors- She’s a black girl and adds pops of color with jewelry, shoes, and purses.  

Jill loves skinny jeans or leggings with a great ankle boot!  

A great ribbed, well fitted turtle neck sweater always looks great. 

Tons of colorful scarves!  


Jill Henneberg's Go To Basics
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Jill’s rules of dressing and taking care of yourself:



I get my nails done- It finishes the look off. Also having my nails done makes me dress better.
I would describe my style as Classy Sexy.
I want to feel really good- like I just stepped out of a salon!  That makes you confident and it shows!
I always have some sort of make-up on.  Lipstick and mascara go a long way!
I run a business, so I dress like I run a business.  I take pride in what I do.  When you are dressed well, people take you seriously and you conduct yourself professionally.
I take care of my skin because I’m outside a lot.  I get professional facials.
 I use Dermalogica as a skin care line.
Dresses are the easiest thing for horse people- You don’t have to decide pieces to wear, you can just throw it on, and dresses are very comfortable, but you look like you tried!  
Jill's Must Haves


Jill’s Do’s & Don’ts:

When I doubt, don’t wear spandex- EVER

Do -get very thin spanks.  

Don’t wear ill fitted clothes



Jill’s Must Haves:


A MUST HAVE is a pair of good fitting jeans- You can never go wrong with them!  ***Make sure they are long enough.
Shoes make an outfit- I LOVE Boots!
Sunglasses are important- I must have 50 pairs!  I Love my aviators!  I love Michael Kors!
Sunglasses & Boots are a MUST
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Her best advice is to – Keep it simple!


Thank you Jill for keeping it real!  

Below is a recent picture of Jill & her magical mare, Nirvana happy in retirement at age 27!  Looking for both of you!


May 25, 2013