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Dedicated to Our Four Footed Friends.

Seven Barks Fine Goods uses recycled paper and vintage images to create high quality stationary products including wrapping paper, correspondence cards, journals, postcards, file folders and gift tags. Our products are designed and produced in the United States and feature nostalgic themes of canine, equine, fishing, boating and farming.


Seven Barks Fine Goods is a unique little specialty paper company from Chagrin Falls, Ohio that makes great things to celebrate the American experience between animals and their humans.  Seven Barks curates a whimsical and nostalgic collection of authentic vintage photos, mostly from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s that remind everyone of our nation’s love affair with our animals.


Why Buy from Seven Barks?


All of our products are made right here in America, out of quality recycled materials and are assembled in developmentally delayed adult sheltered workshops, because we believe that everyone has the right to share in a sense of accomplishment and the pride of a job well done.


 Boating, Dogs, Horses and Fishing- Oh My!

Seven Barks is a sister & brother company to Rebecca Ray Designs.  Rebecca Smith, the brain behind Rebecca Ray Designs, is an antique lover and an old picture collector.  All of the stationary that is created for Seven Barks is from Rebeeca’s personal collection of old pictures and treasures she keeps close to her heart.  She has joined up with her brother, Chris Yuhasz and his printing company, POV to develop the line of stationary goods with him. She’s the creative brain and he handles the technical side of all the printing.

There are several themes of dogs, horses, boating, and fishing to choose from, or you can just combine them all!

Stationary from old pictures available from Seven Barks.

Rebecca shared with The Equestrianista that she gets her creative juices flowing by the inspiration of everything old. She loves going early to antique shows and strolling through the aisles.  She’s an “antique junky”.

Great paper tags from Seven Barks!

When she’s not strolling through antiques and not running her business, she has a 9year old pony girl daughter who competes in the short stirrup division at hunter shows.  The hunter discipline  Rebecca’s riding background and where she met her husband!  LOVE stories of people meeting within their equestrian discipline!

Rebecca also enjoys carriage driving. She has several beautiful large Percherons that she drives in her “spare” time.


 Rebecca sporting her lovely bit belt with her buddy, Nickel. 

There’s more behind both Rebecca’s companies that she’s involved with than just something pretty.

 I strongly feel that this aspect makes Rebecca Ray Designs and Seven Barks unique and special.  It’s ideas like these that make these companies good to buy from and support.

The products are environmentally friendly.

Both companies are made in the USA.

Rebecca support local businesses with both Seven Barks and Rebecca Ray Designs.

It’s a truly giving and give back type of approach that should be applauded.

I think the only major problem would be is if I received a gift wrapped in Seven Barks paper and tied up with Seven Barks Quotation ribbon, I wouldn’t want to unwrap it….


Unless it was a bag inside from Rebecca Ray Designs!

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June 13, 2013