Sometimes a slight adjustment can really pull things together and bring you into the 20th Centuary…


Do This…Not That:


Do you feel the you have good pieces but you just need help sometimes putting it together?  Slight changes in your outfit can really change the look of things.

Make sure you have all the basics: For most occasions the following has you covered.

Good fitting pieces

A good pair of jeans

A pop of color

Accessories- scarf, bracelet, earrings, a great belt.

I personally try not to go overboard on the horsey stuff.  No more than 3 horsey pieces at a time. Adopting the discipline style make you look fabulous.  There are small differences depending on each equestrian discipline.  This blog will help you with that.


Eventing Style In General:

Because of the season for eventing and the outdoor cross country aspect a lot of the Eventing Style is the British countryside look.  It’s classic with beautiful materials like tweed.  The pieces tend to be weather ready.

Baseball cap or a small derby type hat.  In cold weather a cute knit cap.

Jacket – Many a time, it’s a great tweed, oilskin, trench. You could go the sporty route as well and have a great softshell jacket.

Vests are always popular in any discipline.

The shirt can be anything, but I would say a crisp button down or a polo shirt that is easily layered is most common.

Great fitting pair of jeans- That is a must for everyone, no matter what discipline.

A great belt.  I would say eventing takes on more of a traditional style.  A great brown or black leather belt with an equestrian touch to it.  You can also be expressive with your belt and go the complete opposite direction and add color or bling.

Accessories like a bracelet or two. Stud Earrings, maybe a necklace.

Always pack a scarf, you can do so much with it.

Boots:  99% of the time eventing boots are Hunter Wellie Boots or the brown leather “river” boot.  You will see the Dubarry Galway boot everywhere.  There are a couple of other choices in different price brackets.

Click here to see my comparison from last year.

Here’s an example of how you can slightly change your outfit and turn it into a completely put together look!

Photo Credit: Equus Pix Photography

The person on the right has some good key pieces but could use a little help.  Here is my suggestion to tweak this outfit.  Polish things off by wearing some equestrian pieces while strolling the aisles of Badminton, one of the biggest events in the World!

I think the jacket and bag are great and I like the boots.  I would suggest a nice crisp white button down and replace the skirt with a pair of good fitting jeans.  Take the bright yellow of the skirt and replace it with a pretty scarf.  Update the hat and finish things off with some great horsey accessories.


Do this not that


What do you think?


May 10, 2013