Looking through eventing photographer pictures of the horse inspections, the best in show was the jackets that the women eventers presented their horses in.  There was a lovely array of tweeds, big bold patterns, great structured jackets and ruffled ones!

 I must mention, whole put together outfits- Best in show were: Tiana Coudray from USA,  Louisa Milne Home from GBR and Bettina Hoy who rides for Germany.


Come take a look ideas for great jackets worn at Badminton!  All photos below were taken by Equus Pix.  You can find more information about them at the end of this post!



Great Jackets at Badminton

A great structured jacket in a pretty wine color worn by Zara Phillips(UK)

A bold floral pattern for Ruth Edge (UK) at her first horse inspection looked lovely.

A beautiful smile and a great herringbone black and white vest came  from Lucy Jackson(NZL)

Another beautiful smile came from Mary King (UK) who sported a nautical stripped fitted blazer.

My favorite were jackets worn by Laura Collett(UK)!  I just love the details on this tweed.

Bettina Hoy did all the right things and looks very well put together.  This is an outfit that you could really wear anywhere at anytime.  Classic with a twist.  It would be easy to add color if you wanted to or keep it black, grays, and whites and jazz it up with jewelry or a hat! So much you could do.


Thank you Equus Pix Photography, who specialize in eventing, for the photos. Click here to see all their great shots from Badminton. 

Equus Pix Facebook page. 



May 8, 2013