Jennie Brannigan’s Style: Part 2!!!

Who or What Influences your style?

I really look up to Silva Martin’s style and fashion sense.  



Silva Martin: A successful competitor through the levels of dressage, German-born and trained Silva Martin is also a sought-after instructor with high-caliber eventing competitors.

Look for Silva on the sidelines cheering her eventing husband on at Rolex- Boyd Martin!





What else influences your style???


 I also have a very edgy style.  I love good funky belts. I often wear a studded belt out on cross country

When I have time, I love snowboarding and riding around on my street bike.  Again, I’m a thrill seeker!

You will see hints of those clothing styles within my look.  


What are your go to pieces?

I’m a jacket and belt girl.  My two favorites are a Kingsland Vest and a jacket by Kingsland that SmartPak gave me.  I also almost always wear a belt by La Martina Polo Company, which I found in Wellington, FL.  I definitely make a point of looking through the La Martina Store down in Wellington when I’m there for the winter!


I stick to basic colors: Navy & Brown, you can’t go wrong with them as your basic color palette.

I will combine the classic with something funky.  Try incorporating something really bright and neon!   To keep things interesting, I’ll wear a thin shirt with a hot pink bra under it, just for fun.  


Allison Springer and Jennie Brannigan at the Professional Rider Organization Year End Awards held during 2012 US Eventing Association Annual Meeting and Convention in Colorado Springs, CO.



Is there anything new coming out that is on your wishlist for your wardrobe?


I’m getting a pair of Sergio Grasso custom tall boots with an American Flag detail on them!  I can’t wait to compete in them!

I’m also really excited about two pairs of Dressage breeches from Kingsland.

Last but not least, I’m totally in love with a Charles Owen helmet that has white leather piping on it!  It’s so cool looking.

Jennie's Wishlist


 Jennie gives a thumbs up on her new Sergio Grasso USA Flag Tall Boots! –

They look like they are painted on!  Look at that fit!  Just Beautiful

What is your Rider-On-The-Go Tips?

All you need is a good fitting jacket and a cute hat…


Jennie's Rider on the Go Tips

With those two things- you are good to go!


Who’s fashionable in the Eventing World In your mind?

I think Hawley Bennett has really good fashion sense.


Around the Barn:

Jennie also has an eclectic variety of music she listens to.  It’s not uncommon for her to be listening to Rap & Dubstep.  If you hear Drake or Little Wayne coming from the barn isle, it’s probably Jennie!

I just heard on the radio that Little Wayne will be in concert this summer….Wonder if she’s going???


She has two sidekicks: Buzy, a rat terrier mix and Molly a Daschund.

Photo Credit: Alec Thayer- Ab3 Photography

What to take away from Jennie’s style?

Find good classic pieces that fit you.

 Stick with neutrals for your base and then add bright colors when you can.  

Have fun with incorporating some funky touches from other interests in your life.

 Have a couple great fitting jackets that can transition you from riding to on the go and add some accessories such as a great belt and a hat.  

Do something thrilling,

Have a go-get-em attitude and always remember to smile!

Photo Credit: Diane Flowers

What’s Next for Jennie?

Jennie is training hard and building upon all of her experiences for her biggest event yet so far in her career.  In late April, She will be competing at The Rolex CCI****.  Rolex is America’s biggest and toughest events.  When you’ve gone to Rolex, you’ve made it to the top, she’s been dreaming about this moment for 10+ years.  Jennie has been focusing on every detail that goes into the dressage, cross country, and stadium.  She has also been honored by being a Rolex Featured Rider!

She will be riding her partner, Cambalda ( aka Ping) which grows to be a very successful pair.  This horse year after year proves himself, always steps up to the plate and handles it with grace.

If you have a chance to watch this horse go, his barn name does him justice.  He just “pings” over the fences!  Make sure you watch him jump- he loves it! 

Cambalda already has an impressive record:

2010 also proved to be highly successful year for Jennie & her partnership with Cambalda. The USEA named Jennie to the Top 10 Rider List and Cambalda was named to the 2010 Developing Rider List, and he rose through the ranks to top out the USEA/Smartpak Horse of The Year.  Ping continued to garner top finishes in 2011 and 2012 at the Advanced level Winning the CIC 3* at the Fork, taking second at Richland and 3rd at Jersey Fresh! Together Jennie and Ping were named to the 2013 USEF High Performance list

They are both ready for this incredible challenge.




I feel that she is a force to be reckoned with this year.  She takes her time and breaks down each dressage movement so she can achieve the best dressage score she can.   She’s strong and consistent out on cross country and her  past show jumping riding really gives her an advantage on day three!

Jennie already off to a good start for the 2013 eventing season 

To follow Jennie and her eventing career, she writes in about once a month to The Chronicle of the Horse.

Click below to learn about all of Jennie’s top accomplishments and horses.





I wish you all the best-

Go Get-em Jennie & Cambalda







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