A big bright white smile always looks great!  White legs at jog-out…they are less desired.  I should know, I have some stellar white legs from years of riding during the summer!


Here is my tip:

Count back 15 days prior to your big event and pick up these items.  Start your crest white strips.  You can put the strips in while you shower or whenever.  There is nothing better than a competitor that is smiling and feels good on the inside and out!


If you do choose a self tanner to tame those wild white legs of yours…Remember to exfoliate and moisturize prior to applying the self tanner.  This will give you a more even tan.  Experiment prior to applying for the big event!  The more comfortable you get with a self-tanner and find out what works for you, the better.   I really like these towels.  I have used them before- they are easy to apply, no mess, easy clean up and the application is even with very little streaks.

Another equestrianista friend just told me about jergens foam tanner.  She’s got white white skin too and is very happy with that product as well!  Not the lotion, the foam…


Get ready and look great!
April 18, 2013