When I first met Jennie Brannigan, a couple of years ago, she has this great smile that lights up a room and a go get-em attitude which has probably been a key part of her success that she has had in her Eventing career.   Jennie has been rising to the top of the American & International Eventing Ranks with winning competition results.  Like others, there have some bumps in the road that Jennie has overcome and became stronger for it.  She has a great team of supporters and fans, which she continues to thank graciously.  She has definitely put her time in and has trained with the best to become the best of the best.

At age 12, Jennie started riding in Chicago, IL.  Her parents had a lake house in Illinois where she discovered horses.  From the very beginning Jennie wanted to get into eventing and soon thereafter, she became Alison Springer’s first working student.  Another tenacious, go- get-em, Eventing Equestrianista.



Jennie is a thrill seeking person by nature, so Eventing was a perfect fit for her.


Photo Credit: Alec Thayer 

Jennie’s cross country colors are Navy & White.

As you can see, she wears them on her helmet cover, under shirt, gloves, pants, belts, even the tape over her horses’ galloping boots.  This has been a common trend to wear your cross country colors in these places for many years.  She has fun and sometimes wears a studded belt out on course.


Where else does she wear her colors?  Going the extra mile for fashion!


JUST IN NEWS– Jennie found a new belt she’s sporting:  C4Belts!  She gets this style from her snowboarding, skater influences.    It’s a perfect belt for any eventer, you can custom color pretty much any color combo & they are made out of eco-friendly materials!   Below Jennie is showing off her C4 Navy & White Belt!

What else does she wear to add color while competing?

For fashion and function- Jennie opts to wear an ear bonnet on her horses.  The functional part is to soften sounds and help the horse concentrate out on course. The fashion part is that she sports her colors and a sponsor on the front of it.

TREND REPORT:  I’ve noticed others and Jennie is no exception- Jennie jumps in a Devoucoux saddle that is trimmed in Blue!  Other eventers are adding a touch of color on their saddles as well- keep an eye out for that.

Photo Credit Calina / Horse Junkies United

Notice the blue trim on the back of the saddle and thigh block? LOVE IT!!!!

What do you love about Eventing?

I love every aspect of it.  There’s always something new and fresh to try and do.  I really like improving all the different phases.  I enjoy perfecting each phase and juggling them to get the right combo before each event.  

Photo Credit   Lee Ann Zobbe

Where did you get your riding style from?

At age 16, I set sail for Southern California and worked for a top show jump rider in Indio, CA.  The West Coast riders have a lot of style.  I became friends with the owner of a local saddlery who was the first store in the States to carry Kingsland.  I  fell in love with that equestrian clothing line from the very beginning.  Kingsland is huge in Europe and is growing in the Eventing World here.  You can never go wrong with that clothing line, you look great, it’s comfortable and lasts forever.    I really got into the Show Jumping World, the custom boots, different brands and styles.  Looking neat and tidy has stayed with me in my eventing career. 


Kingsland Equestrian Gear

What are your Must-Haves?

For Riding:

I always ride in a hairnet.

I think a rider needs 3 really good pairs of riding breeches.  I really like Pikeur.

I jump in Kingsland Breeches.

You need a good tailored riding jacket to compete in.

I also look for good fitted jackets to ride in as well.  They look great and are no nonsense.  They make you look put together, even if you don’t feel like it.  With a good jacket, it is an easy transition from the barn to being on the go.


Photo Credit Lee Ann Zobbe

When Not Riding: 

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans.  Proper length, good dark color, well fitting!  It is a MUST.  

I also really like to have a couple of good tailored jackets.

A cute hat is always a great accessory.

Jennie (on left) with her Eventing gal-pals Hawley BennettShannon Kinsley and Andrea Leatherman.

Stay Tuned for tomorrow!   Jennie goes into her style, who influences her, her wishlist, Rider on the Go Tips, Jennie’s go to pieces, and much much more!

April 23, 2013