By this point of winter, I’m over it!  I have counted down the weeks till the first big competition and want to get going on getting my horse fit for spring!  My horse, Maggie is usually fresh and naughty in the beginning, but thankfully, easily worn out cause she’s not fit yet.  My dogs tend to love this time of year because they get to tag along.


There are glimpses of glorious spring at times and when those days come you can finally be fashionably functional and horsey! I thought for a change in riding gear, when the weather isn’t too brutal, a pair of fun sweater riding mittens was a great idea!  I saw this idea on Pinterest – taking an old wool sweater and turning it into a pair of mittens.

I’m putting my own equestrian flair to the Sweater Mittens so you can ride in them!  I had a pair of leather ones when I was a kid. They always look funny because of the pinky finger being left alone so you can hold the reins, but they keep you warm while riding.


First- you will need a wool sweater that you can spare- a thrift store is a good place to look for one if you don’t have any. Then wash the wool sweater and dry it in the dryer! Yes it’s going to shrink- you may have done this in the past by accident. This will tighten up the wool to increase sturdiness and warmth.


Next- Place your hand on the sweater and trace a line at least 2 inches away from your hand. Remember leave the pinky separate.

Then cut the sweater and pin the two pieces together. * If there is a certain side you want showing, double check before you cut the fabric.

Then you’re going to sew around the edges.

Trim any excess edges and turn right side in.   I have an old clincher browband that I decided to re-purpose as an embellishment on these mittens.  I wasn’t sure how to cut into the browband, so I just tried cutting it with a bread knife and it worked quite well!

I took a needle and thread and sewed the clincher browband on by wrapping it with thread- my sewer friend said the technique is called couching.  I was worried that the material wouldn’t work well with reins- but the mittens turned out to be comfortable, warm and easy to grip on the reins!

Voila!  Fun sweater mittens that you can ride in and look great at the same time!


The extra bling around the wrist really make them flashy looking when you’re riding!  


What do you think?  Does anyone have any other clever warm gear ideas?



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February 11, 2013

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