Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield

Dixie is Brandy’s 7year old, “Croatian Squirrel Terrier.” I’m only kidding…She’s a mutt of some sorts, Yorkie & Jack Russell???    Regardless, she’s tan and wirey and fearless, like most terriers.

Dixie enjoys going out to the barn and roaming around checking her special spots for creatures to torture.  She’s actually famous and has appeared on a Hallmark Card!  Be on the look out for Dixie in the Hallmark Stores!

Brandy has had some great dogs in the past. Many of them have happily entered into their 20’s!  Brandy’s secret to longevity is horse poo and letting a dog be a dog!  She also recommends that they are horse conscious!  She doesn’t follow anything special with diet, just having a good life with lots of outside fun times.

Dixie’s doggy accessories consist of a dog blanket for the cold winter and a Christmas dress that she puts up with.


Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield

February 8, 2013