There are some basic wardrobe rules that Brandy follows. She invests in good key pieces,  spends less on trendy items, and has a couple must-haves that she can’t live without!

Brandy's Basics


Brandy’s Basic Wardrobe Rules & Advice:


1.  Every woman needs a little black dress.

2. You always need a good pair of jeans. There are lots of styles, you can never go wrong with a moderate boot cut.  It seems to flatter every figure. Make sure they are the proper length.  I like – It! Jeans and Miss Me Jeans for fit.

3. It is essential to every women’s wardrobe to have a nice pair of nude pumps.  They go with everything and make your legs look longer and leaner. It’s a Win-Win!

4. Go for classic pieces.  I think I have about 6 pairs of black cashmere sweaters!  You can always dress them up with a scarf, jewelry, or belt!  

5. In the winter, I like tall boots to keep me warm. 

6. In the summer, I love a chunky heel or a wedge so I can go to outdoor horse events without sinking into the grass!

7. Every woman needs a fun pair of cowboy boots.

8. I love a coach or classic Louis Vuitton bag.  I have had my LV bag for over 20 years.  They never go out of style.

Other general rules that Brandy follows:

I tend to go for basic things that are timeless.

I invest in good quality basic pieces and buy less expensive trendy pieces and accessories.

 Black, Navy, Brown, & Gray items are my basic colors- That way I can dress up just about anything with colorful scarves and accessories.  You can always mix and match your basic pieces and get a lot of use out of them.

 *** Make sure your jeans are the proper length and are clean!  Your jeans should just show some shoe- that way your legs will look long and won’t cut you off at the ankle.  Also no coppertox on them!  Try not to mix your barn wear with your outside of the barn wear!  I am a huge fan of coveralls in the barn!  I love my big canvas brown coveralls for going out to the barn and doing work out there.  They are great for throwing on in the morning with your pj’s underneath to feed.  If I need to run out to the barn with nice clothes on, I just throw my coveralls on and I don’d have to worry about getting hay on me or anything! 

Brandy's Must Haves

Brandy’s Must Haves:

Lip Gloss

Arbonne RE9 Anti-ageing products

Salt baths for sore muscles and detoxifying

Baseball caps- * Clean and coordinated.

Brandy’s Fashion Blunders & No- Nos’-


No-No: Never ride in low rise breeches!  Whoever thought that low rise breeches goes well with a Shadbelly didn’t read this article!

Fashion blunderI have recently noticed some makeup on my stocktie! I have to work on that.

Brandy & Nick at the Middleburg Hunt Ball 2012

More tomorrow on styles, brands, and trends that Brandy follows….

February 5, 2013