From Foxhunting, there was a need for a specific dog that could go along on the hunts to be used when the fox went to ground.  Meet the popular Jack Russell Terror Terrier!

Named after the most famous of British huntsmen, Reverend John Russell, 1795-1983, otherwise known as the Sporting Parson, the Parson Russell Terrier is a worthy testament to the hunting legacy he left behind. Reverend John Russell’s passion for fox hunting and working with bloodhounds and terriers is notable and the stuff of legend.


A special breed of Terrier bred in the south of England for the sport of fox hunting during the mid 1800’s has a pure bred bloodline that nearly runs parallel with the royal masters it once served in the hunt. The Parson Russell Terrier was known for its energy and endurance as it kept stride with horse and hound while pursuing the European red fox across Devon’s wooded countryside. While the hounds could sniff out their quarry from deep within its den or drive them underground, the Parson Russell Terrier could follow after and chase the fox out of the hole so the pursuit could continue.

 Arthur Wardle 1886- Jack Russell Terriers at Rabbit Hole

The behavioral traits that are characteristic of the breed, namely: character, intelligence, attitude, and the ability to adapt to its environment make the Parson Russell Terrier perfectly suited for the sport it was bred for, foxhunting. Being of a unique build that is balanced, yet flexible, the Parson Russell Terrier has straight legs that are ideal for the run and a narrow chest that’s perfect for fitting in the most confined of spaces.

Nowadays, the Jack Rusell can be found all over the World.  They are a beloved pet and companion at almost every horsey event.  The Jack Russell just made its debut at the National Dog Show in 2012!


Words to describe the Jack Russell:

Happy, Digger, Little Big Dog, Mischief, Fearless, Independent, Sturdy, Tenacious, Companion, Scrappy



February 2, 2013