Meet Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- Part 2

 Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing is a contestant on the Horse and Country TV series- The Blue Chip All Star Academy!  The All Star Academy is a reality Equestrian TV series that’s best described as a combination of The Apprentice meets Big Brother meets Pony Club!

Rhianydd’s sense of style and fashion has always caught my eye, so I was super excited to be able to interview her recently!

Rhianydd on foal watch last week!  

Describe the style and culture of your discipline, what’s the core of it?

It’s interesting how varied the style culture is across different disciplines. For example, polocrosse has a very Southern Hemisphere style. It has a relaxed vibe: white jeans and cowboy boots, rope reins, big spurs. I’ve found eventing, however, less rustic and a lot more polished and pristine: Hairnets, immaculate plaits, oiled hooves and spotless white saddle pads. It’s interesting how, even though the sports have progressed massively, the style culture surrounding them is very true to their roots; polocrosse which was developed in the Australian outback and Eventing which originated from the military cavalry.



Polocrosse vs Eventing
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   Define your equestrian & everyday style:


 Simple, comfortable and classic. In terms of riding, my daily uniform consists of grey johdpurs with a checked shirt, but I love smartening up myself and my horse for an event. Out of the saddle I’m a bit of a chameleon; I’m equally happy in a pair of jeans with one of my boyfriend’s sweaters and a statement necklace, as I am in a floor length ball gown. I love dressing to the occasion.


Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style

Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style by equestrianista featuring a chiffon maxi skirt

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  Any Basics that horsewomen need?


I think little beats a beautifully fit hunting jacket.  A great source for finding a hunt coat is to go to : The Vintage Tack Room- They are an amazing resource.


  What are your go to pieces? Colors you enjoy?


I showjump in tweed, and wear my jacket with a navy stock. I love the combo.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Style
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  What are new things you’re currently obsessed with?(items, brands, etc..)


 I am utterly addicted to Eurostar Clothing at the moment. Their johdpurs have a low hipster cut which fit beautifully and give a modern twist to a classic. They also make gorgeous lightweight jackets that are just perfect for riding in spring. I have one in turquoise which is featured in the photo and it looks amazing warming up at a competition with white johdpurs or at training with grey johdpurs.

In terms of helmets, I think One K are doing something really different at the moment while still maintaining a classic style. I love their defender helmets, particularly in the matte navy and black.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style

Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style by equestrianista on Polyvore

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Do you have a Rider on the Go tip?

Dry shampoo!! It completely saves me from dealing with hat hair when I’m running from the yard to meet friends!


 Travel- Best places horsey to travel?

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing horsey experiences while travelling. I once played polocrosse in Zimbabwe where we had to hold time during the game as a herd of elephants walked past the pitch!

One of my favourite travel memories was a horseback safari in the Chyulu Hills, Kenya. A wonderful company called Ride Kenya offers absolute luxury in the bush and I was lucky enough to go to help them work horses and assist the guests while travelling a couple of years ago. The wildlife offers such unexpected adventure. We would gallop with herds of zebra, and finish the day with a g&t in front of the fire. An absolutely unbeatable experience that I feel so privileged to have had.

To contact Ride Kenya, drop them a message on Facebook!  Click here-

Keep in touch & follow!

Photo Credit Jon Stroud

I am hugely active on social media and love to keep my followers updated on my equestrian journey. Whether it be dishing the goss about the All Star Academy, my training experiences, competition results, mucking out thoughts or cute pictures of my newborn foal, it’s all on there! You can follow me on facebook on, and instagram and twitter on @RLJEventing. The Blue Chip All Star Academy is a brand new television series which premieres on Sunday 12th June 9pm on Horse and Country TV. Horse & Country TV is available in the UK on Sky channel 253 and online via the H&C Play app

Now that you’ve gotten to know Rhianydd, one of the stars on the Blue Chip All Star Academy- a Horse and County TV Series that airs this Sunday, June 12th at 9pm UK Time- Be sure to follow her and watch!  Its going to be really really epic!


Grey for Autumn

Grey for Autumn


DIY Christmas- Easy and Meaningful

Two words that you are looking for when shopping for that Equestrianista that has everything are really great to hear around this time of year- Easy & Meaningful



Oh and Quick!!!! Thats a great word too!



Ok- So most of us have a pair of reins that came with a bridle that we love, but the reins just don’t work for your personal riding taste.  I think once you start riding and competing, reins turn into a very personal choice and something that you don’t like, is YUCK!  Or there’s a browband, laying around because it  just didn’t coordinate with your overall look for competition, so you got the really blingy one.  OR someone decided to be an idiot and broke their nice leather halter that you just bought and you have intentions of getting it fixed, but yet it sits in the tack room collecting dust.

Try A Personally made picture frame!!!!




Super Glue

A metal straight edge

Shipping Cutting knife- Exacto knife

Spare leather pieces- reins are really easy, a halter works very well, a breastplate, something that has a buckle on it.

And an inexpensive wood frame with good flat surface area– If you’re in Australia, I picked up a 3 pack of great frames at Spotlight(national craft/everything store) for under $20, depending on what size you choose!   They are currently on super sale!


Play around with the tack that you have and come up with a plan.  Then start to cut and glue!  Take your time, let your creative juice flow, etc….

Yes its that easy and they turn out beautiful. Just don’t glue your fingers together. You probably want to do this before you get your nails done this holiday season as well!

If you have time, print out a photo of the horse or friend and put it in the frame, even if it’s just on regular paper, it’s nice that way….

*** Think about where the frame stand is and place buckles accordingly so that the frame can be used vertically or horizontal***








Frames in use:



November’s DIY Project- Peppermint Sugar Scrub


The perfect gift for all Equestrians!  November’s DIY Project- Peppermint Sugar Scrub.  After a long cold windy day at the barn, there’s nothing better to exfoliate and hydrate with this! Makes great holiday gifts.

Supplies you need:  Peppermints, Sugar-you can use a variety of kinds if you choose, Olive Oil, & Peppermint Oil.  I also added Grapeseed Oil. Grapeseed Oil is a great antioxidant & will aid in skin damage.

Mix the sugars, crushed peppermints, and add the oils.  Pour to the consistency that you prefer.  The Peppermint Oil is quite strong so add a little bit at a time.

If you choose, you can be clever with layers of peppermints or put a whole peppermint on the bottom or top as a surprise.  Have fun with it.

Have fun decorating the jars. I made these cute labels up.


10 Item Wardrobe…

A full closet really is daunting.  It also makes getting dressed everyday even harder than it already is- Why would we want to do that to ourselves?  Life’s hard enough!



Here are some basics to do while we are changing seasons:



Some people might think this topic is superficial, but we all have to get dressed. If you put some thought and organization into this daily task, you can completely change your life.


Go through every single piece in your closet and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does this fit me?
  2. Is this age-appropriate?
  3. Is this my true style?
  4. Do I love this?
  5. Do I wear this?

If a piece doesn’t pass the test, get rid of it OR pass it down towards your riding/barn clothes.

***Don’t forget to go through your barn clothes afterwards and get rid of all the tatty stuff***

If you can’t wear that wool sweater or sundress this month, it’s visual clutter. Put off-season clothing out of sight.



1 Pair of slacks, 2 Pairs of jeans, 3 Dresses, 4 Blouses- Pick well made classic pieces that are natural coloured with a minimal pattern.  You can always dress these pieces up so easily with accessories- Scarves, jewelry, belts- Even a bright coloured lipstick can jazz things up.


1 Vest, 1 Light jacket, 1 Heavy jacket, 2 well made riding breeches or jeans, 3 long sleeved layer pieces, 4 polos.   These are your everyday pieces that you always wear.

Round out your wardrobe with t-shirts, sweaters, outerwear, special occasion wear, and accessories. These items don’t count towards your ten pieces.

This rule also goes towards your riding gear as well- downgraded jeans for the barn or riding in, have a pair or two of coloured riding breeches that are fun and less well made,  t-shirts, tanks, sweaters, etc…


Colour block your closet when you put the clothes back in.  That way you can see how many purple, navy, green, pink, red, orange, blue items you have and pick accordingly to what colour you are looking for!  It really helps-

This should simplify your life.  Give you good building blocks to start with and then add from there.


Easy Accessory to transition into the new season…Pick up a Scarf!

Scarves are so easy to change things up with.

My suggestion if you are pressed for time, pick up or order a new fun scarf.


Click here to go onto Etsy- I already am sending you to view fun horsey scarves.


Have too many scarves???

There are a ton of ways to wear your scarves in a different way, add a pin or turn it into a totally different piece!



Click on the pictures above to check out Pinterest posted ideas on how to turn your scarves into something else!

Or wear your scarf in a horsey way….

Wear your scarf like a stocktie!

Click here or the picture to go to blog post about how to wear your scarf like a stocktie.

Herban Essentials are a big hit!

Looking for a great all around product to add to your daily routine?

Try Herban Essentials

Look for Herban Essentials:


Started in 1997, Herban Essentials is a small family run company located in Santa Barbara, California.  Our mission has always been simple: to provide our customers with the very best essential oil towelettes in the world as a way to experience essential oils without all of the fuss that goes into buying and mixing oils. 

Herban Essentials uses the highest quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, steam distilled or cold pressed essential oils. We make a constant effort to obtain organic, wild-grown oils from American farmers whenever possible. Our products are made in the USA, are cruelty free and are never tested on animals.



Give it a Go- Herban Essentials

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I was recommended to try Herban Essentials by an Equestrianista who’s very savvy.  I wrote to Herban Essentials and they sent me a little sample pack to give them a try.

My first observations:

The packaging is clean, simple and clever.  Very eye catching and something that you’re happy to throw in your bag, keep in the barn, in your car and nearby to use when needed.

I always like to support good companies that use pure good quality product, are animal testing free, and manufacture within their own country.

I received a multi pack- I couldn’t decide which wipe to open first!  After trying all scents, I don’t have a favorite, they are all great.  Personally, I love mint- so the mint wipes were great and refreshing.  The lemon and orange were deliciously clean. The lavender was delightfully calming and lovely.

They make a clever pet wipe with the scent of lavender.  What a great idea!  Those stinky barn dogs could use a wipe down once in a while.  Plus, the lavender scent has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and has been used as a repellent for insects which is a nice added benefit.

Smelly Pet
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Many of the essential oils not only smell good, but have other properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and aroma therapy.
I thought a lot about how you can use these wipes with the Equestrian in mind:


– Wipe off your face and refresh sunscreen.  Clean away dirt, sweat and grime that clog pores and can create uneven skin.  Lavender and Eucalyptus have great antibacterial properties which will help with any chin blemishes that you might get in the summer from your chin strap on your helmet.

– When you are done with wiping your face, stuff the wipe inside your riding helmet to keep that smelling fresh for your next ride!
– Wipe down your tack with the lavender wipes for a cleaning, moisturizing and anti-bacterial application.
– Wipe down your chin strap with the lavender or eucalyptus to get rid of the grime that’s collected there.  Not only do you need to keep your face clean, but also what touches your face to minimize blemishes.
– Use the lavender wipes on your horse’s face at a show to put the finishing touches before going into the show ring. If lavender has calming properties for humans, maybe it will benefit your horse as well?
– Use the lavender for yourself while warming up for the show ring.  Tend to feel a little bit nervous?  Wipe your face down, neck and wrists.  You will smell refreshed as well as benefit from that calming property lavender offers.  The essentials oils on the wipe will warm up with your skin.  Compete clean, calm cool and collected!
– Wipe down your show boots before going into the ring or after.
– Wipe down that dirty dog or smelly barn cat.
– Don’t throw away your wipes!  Well, unless after wiping down the dirty barn dog.  Use first on your face and body to refresh yourself and then leave the wipe in your car as an air freshener!   In the fall or winter, leave the already used wipe in your pocket to make your barn jacket smell good.
– After riding, always have one on hand for going from the barn to somewhere else.
– Mint has been said to help with spider control, so after using the mint wipe, wipe down somewhere in the tack room to keep the spiders down.
– The lemon and orange scents are great to wipe down the kitchen- they smell fantastic! Just like a freshly cut lemon or orange.  Wipe down your car or truck’s dashboard- It tends to collect more dust and dirt going to the barn and will leave a fresh smell in your vehicle.
What else can you think of?

Want to find where to purchase Herban Essentials?  Click Here:

Click above to place your zip code in and find a retailer 

Want to follow what Herban Essentials is up to?

On a mission outfit- Winter Layers for Australia

When you’re on a mission, youre on a mission and you need to be comfortable, have good traction on your feet, layers for changing temps, flexible jeans for riding, running around town and  in and out of your car, etc…


Here are some great options from along with some accessories.

On a mission outfit
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Bikini Tops to Fit your Top & Beach Essentials

It’s fun to mix and match tops when you actually get out of the barn and get to relax by the water.  Make sure you put the right top on for your body type:


Smaller Tops:  Look for Carnival, Bandeau, or String Cops.  They will emphasize smaller tops and broaden your shoulders.

Medium and Large Tops:  Look for Halter and Underwire to support and offer extra coverage.



Bikini Tops for your body
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Dont forget Beach Essentials that you cannot leave without!

Beach essentials
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Cover-Ups that go beyond the Beach- 4 Choices under $40-  Step into the gas station, grocery store and more…


Beyond the Beach
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First in, Best Dressed- The Hourglass Body

Whatever shape you’ve been given and whatever shape from exercise, lack of exercise, or somewhere inbetween- It doesn’t matter.  What matters is dressing for the shape you are.  The most important factor when choosing how to dress is your body type. Knowing what shape your body has and what styles and silhouettes to choose for that particular body shape will guarantee that you will always look great.

Please don’t try to change your body with clothes that are not for your shape.  Square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole.



Bust & Hip are basically equal circumference

Waist is well defined

Bust is medium to large

Silhouette is balanced

What to wear and what not to wear:

 This is the most proportionate body type. You can wear any silhouette and style as long as it is the right color for you. Emphasize your waistline and the curve of the hip, these are your biggest assets.

Highlight your waist

Deep V necks are good

Block Colors are great


Baggy tops with lots of details, especially if you have a larger bust

Angular Silhouettes

Baggy Clothes

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