Jill Henneberg’s tips for basics, what to wear, and must haves….

What are Jill’s Go to Pieces?


She always rides in a vest.  She likes Horseware.  She needs pockets, to keep a phone and lip gloss in.

Jill is always looking for a really light weight vest.

If you also are looking for a thin light weight vest- try these options that I’ve found:


Thin Riding Vests

Click on the picture to get details on items.

My personal suggestion is to check out Arista- They make a very thin vest that can be worn riding and going to work or around town. It seems to fit most body types and is very slimming.



Jill’s Basics & Go To Pieces:


Have classic pieces, Navy & Blacks are a great base. 

She sticks to neutral colors- She’s a black girl and adds pops of color with jewelry, shoes, and purses.  

Jill loves skinny jeans or leggings with a great ankle boot!  

A great ribbed, well fitted turtle neck sweater always looks great. 

Tons of colorful scarves!  


Jill Henneberg's Go To Basics
Click here for details on the clothing.
Jill’s rules of dressing and taking care of yourself:



I get my nails done- It finishes the look off. Also having my nails done makes me dress better.
I would describe my style as Classy Sexy.
I want to feel really good- like I just stepped out of a salon!  That makes you confident and it shows!
I always have some sort of make-up on.  Lipstick and mascara go a long way!
I run a business, so I dress like I run a business.  I take pride in what I do.  When you are dressed well, people take you seriously and you conduct yourself professionally.
I take care of my skin because I’m outside a lot.  I get professional facials.
 I use Dermalogica as a skin care line.
Dresses are the easiest thing for horse people- You don’t have to decide pieces to wear, you can just throw it on, and dresses are very comfortable, but you look like you tried!  
Jill's Must Haves


Jill’s Do’s & Don’ts:

When I doubt, don’t wear spandex- EVER

Do -get very thin spanks.  

Don’t wear ill fitted clothes



Jill’s Must Haves:


A MUST HAVE is a pair of good fitting jeans- You can never go wrong with them!  ***Make sure they are long enough.
Shoes make an outfit- I LOVE Boots!
Sunglasses are important- I must have 50 pairs!  I Love my aviators!  I love Michael Kors!
Sunglasses & Boots are a MUST
Click here for details.

Her best advice is to – Keep it simple!


Thank you Jill for keeping it real!  

Below is a recent picture of Jill & her magical mare, Nirvana happy in retirement at age 27!  Looking for both of you!


In a state of Nirvana…Meet Eventing Equestrianista Jill Henneberg! Part 1

There are some common characteristics of top eventers…. Fiesty, Tenacious, multi-tasker, competitive, thrill seeker.


When I think of Jill Henneberg, she has them all, which has contributed to her being a successful eventer.  I would also add hard worker and  honest in there as well.



From the Beginning…..


Growing up in New Jersey, Jill has loved horses from the very beginning.  She was always an active kid. She did soccer, ice skating, dance, etc…  By age 11, She started taking riding lessons once a week at Suddenly Farm in Medford, NJ.  Soon thereafter, she started taking lessons from Debbie Adams at Flora Lea.  Debbie Adams is a very familiar name to the eventing world.  She’s been a top competitor as well as having a fantastic eye for great event horses.

Jill started looking for a horse to buy, she never thought that a $600 3yr old, OTTB, gray mare would be her horse of a life time!  Jill worked hard at the farm to pay for lessons and rode her bike to get there.  The next year she took the 4yrear old mare, now named Nirvana II, to Snipe Hunt Farm for her first event.

As the pair grew their partnership, it wasn’t till Jill and Nirvana went to Pleasant Hollow Farms as a working student for the summer with Jane Cory, that she realized what Nirvana was capable of.  I met Jill there, she was one of the “cool teenagers”, while I was a camper during the summers at Pleasant Hollow Farms.

Those were the days!

One day, Jane took Jill and Nirvana to a cross country schooling at Bruce Davidson’s(America’s most prolific international event rider and breeder) for the day.  At that point, Jill & Nirvana had only competed novice and maybe schooled some training fences.  Bruce had the pair easily sailing over big preliminary fences!  Jill got the eventing fever and was inspired to work hard, train hard, and grow as a competitor in eventing.

In the 1990’s, international eventer, Michael Godfrey, was very involved with Area II Young Riders.  Jill started training with Michael to further her eventing career.  I also trained with Michael and looked up to Jill.  Even back then, Jill always presented herself well dressed and sharp looking.  I also remember, she had the cutest hound mutt side-kick called Casey.

Jill and Nirvana were two peas in a pod and were fearless over the cross country course.


Jill competed at Rolex and was soon setting her sights on the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA!  She was a part of the USA Team for the 1996 Olympics and contributed to their Silver Medal.



I asked Jill, What do you love so much about your sport?

 I love the all around horsewoman you have to be in order to event.  The careful balance between elegant dressage combined with the need for the endurance and level of fitness for cross country and then to be able to pull back and be so careful and feel great on day three for stadium.  

I love the challenge of getting to that end stage.  


I now absolutely love producing horses and see them succeed. 

Jill resides mostly in The Plains, VA. She lives a mile from the O’Connors and is nestled in that community of eventers down around Middleburg, VA.  She spends part of her winters in FL.

She has a Jack Russell named Farfle, aka Fifi…. Farfle is used when the dog is bad, Fifi when the dog is good!  Farfle is on the right in this picture and  her other faithful companion Buster, on the left, recently passed… Everyone will miss him greatly.

I asked Jill to  describe the style and culture of your discipline, what’s the core of it like?

There isn’t much style on a daily basis, it’s a rigorous life and takes many hours of the day, but at the end of the day I still like to look like a girl as well.  

I get my nails done and try to look my best. 

I’m disappointed in instructors that don’t require students to look put together.  

Jill’s Rules:

– Shirts tucked in.

– Look sharp and neat

– Look put together on top of the horse.

-Your students will follow your example.


 Jogout advice from Jill:


Don’t tack it up & Don’t look like you are going to a night club!   Think about coordinating with your horse.  Look tasteful and professional, you are there for a job.

I think it’s great that people are paying better attention to what they wear for horse inspections!   



Stay tuned for Part 2!– Jill’s wardrobe basics, go to pieces, brands she loves, etc….






Jennie Brannigan’s Style: Part 2!!!

Who or What Influences your style?

I really look up to Silva Martin’s style and fashion sense.  



Silva Martin: A successful competitor through the levels of dressage, German-born and trained Silva Martin is also a sought-after instructor with high-caliber eventing competitors.

Look for Silva on the sidelines cheering her eventing husband on at Rolex- Boyd Martin!





What else influences your style???


 I also have a very edgy style.  I love good funky belts. I often wear a studded belt out on cross country

When I have time, I love snowboarding and riding around on my street bike.  Again, I’m a thrill seeker!

You will see hints of those clothing styles within my look.  


What are your go to pieces?

I’m a jacket and belt girl.  My two favorites are a Kingsland Vest and a jacket by Kingsland that SmartPak gave me.  I also almost always wear a belt by La Martina Polo Company, which I found in Wellington, FL.  I definitely make a point of looking through the La Martina Store down in Wellington when I’m there for the winter!


I stick to basic colors: Navy & Brown, you can’t go wrong with them as your basic color palette.

I will combine the classic with something funky.  Try incorporating something really bright and neon!   To keep things interesting, I’ll wear a thin shirt with a hot pink bra under it, just for fun.  


Allison Springer and Jennie Brannigan at the Professional Rider Organization Year End Awards held during 2012 US Eventing Association Annual Meeting and Convention in Colorado Springs, CO. StockImageServices.com



Is there anything new coming out that is on your wishlist for your wardrobe?


I’m getting a pair of Sergio Grasso custom tall boots with an American Flag detail on them!  I can’t wait to compete in them!

I’m also really excited about two pairs of Dressage breeches from Kingsland.

Last but not least, I’m totally in love with a Charles Owen helmet that has white leather piping on it!  It’s so cool looking.

Jennie's Wishlist


 Jennie gives a thumbs up on her new Sergio Grasso USA Flag Tall Boots! –

They look like they are painted on!  Look at that fit!  Just Beautiful

What is your Rider-On-The-Go Tips?

All you need is a good fitting jacket and a cute hat…


Jennie's Rider on the Go Tips

With those two things- you are good to go!


Who’s fashionable in the Eventing World In your mind?

I think Hawley Bennett has really good fashion sense.


Around the Barn:

Jennie also has an eclectic variety of music she listens to.  It’s not uncommon for her to be listening to Rap & Dubstep.  If you hear Drake or Little Wayne coming from the barn isle, it’s probably Jennie!

I just heard on the radio that Little Wayne will be in concert this summer….Wonder if she’s going???


She has two sidekicks: Buzy, a rat terrier mix and Molly a Daschund.

Photo Credit: Alec Thayer- Ab3 Photography

What to take away from Jennie’s style?

Find good classic pieces that fit you.

 Stick with neutrals for your base and then add bright colors when you can.  

Have fun with incorporating some funky touches from other interests in your life.

 Have a couple great fitting jackets that can transition you from riding to on the go and add some accessories such as a great belt and a hat.  

Do something thrilling,

Have a go-get-em attitude and always remember to smile!

Photo Credit: Diane Flowers

What’s Next for Jennie?

Jennie is training hard and building upon all of her experiences for her biggest event yet so far in her career.  In late April, She will be competing at The Rolex CCI****.  Rolex is America’s biggest and toughest events.  When you’ve gone to Rolex, you’ve made it to the top, she’s been dreaming about this moment for 10+ years.  Jennie has been focusing on every detail that goes into the dressage, cross country, and stadium.  She has also been honored by being a Rolex Featured Rider!

She will be riding her partner, Cambalda ( aka Ping) which grows to be a very successful pair.  This horse year after year proves himself, always steps up to the plate and handles it with grace.

If you have a chance to watch this horse go, his barn name does him justice.  He just “pings” over the fences!  Make sure you watch him jump- he loves it! 

Cambalda already has an impressive record:

2010 also proved to be highly successful year for Jennie & her partnership with Cambalda. The USEA named Jennie to the Top 10 Rider List and Cambalda was named to the 2010 Developing Rider List, and he rose through the ranks to top out the USEA/Smartpak Horse of The Year.  Ping continued to garner top finishes in 2011 and 2012 at the Advanced level Winning the CIC 3* at the Fork, taking second at Richland and 3rd at Jersey Fresh! Together Jennie and Ping were named to the 2013 USEF High Performance list

They are both ready for this incredible challenge.




I feel that she is a force to be reckoned with this year.  She takes her time and breaks down each dressage movement so she can achieve the best dressage score she can.   She’s strong and consistent out on cross country and her  past show jumping riding really gives her an advantage on day three!

Jennie already off to a good start for the 2013 eventing season 

To follow Jennie and her eventing career, she writes in about once a month to The Chronicle of the Horse.

Click below to learn about all of Jennie’s top accomplishments and horses.





I wish you all the best-

Go Get-em Jennie & Cambalda







Meet Daredevil, Jennie Brannigan who is jumping to the Top of Eventing! -Part 1


When I first met Jennie Brannigan, a couple of years ago, she has this great smile that lights up a room and a go get-em attitude which has probably been a key part of her success that she has had in her Eventing career.   Jennie has been rising to the top of the American & International Eventing Ranks with winning competition results.  Like others, there have some bumps in the road that Jennie has overcome and became stronger for it.  She has a great team of supporters and fans, which she continues to thank graciously.  She has definitely put her time in and has trained with the best to become the best of the best.

At age 12, Jennie started riding in Chicago, IL.  Her parents had a lake house in Illinois where she discovered horses.  From the very beginning Jennie wanted to get into eventing and soon thereafter, she became Alison Springer’s first working student.  Another tenacious, go- get-em, Eventing Equestrianista.



Jennie is a thrill seeking person by nature, so Eventing was a perfect fit for her.


Photo Credit: Alec Thayer 

Jennie’s cross country colors are Navy & White.

As you can see, she wears them on her helmet cover, under shirt, gloves, pants, belts, even the tape over her horses’ galloping boots.  This has been a common trend to wear your cross country colors in these places for many years.  She has fun and sometimes wears a studded belt out on course.


Where else does she wear her colors?  Going the extra mile for fashion!


JUST IN NEWS– Jennie found a new belt she’s sporting:  C4Belts!  She gets this style from her snowboarding, skater influences.    It’s a perfect belt for any eventer, you can custom color pretty much any color combo & they are made out of eco-friendly materials!   Below Jennie is showing off her C4 Navy & White Belt!

What else does she wear to add color while competing?

For fashion and function- Jennie opts to wear an ear bonnet on her horses.  The functional part is to soften sounds and help the horse concentrate out on course. The fashion part is that she sports her colors and a sponsor on the front of it.

TREND REPORT:  I’ve noticed others and Jennie is no exception- Jennie jumps in a Devoucoux saddle that is trimmed in Blue!  Other eventers are adding a touch of color on their saddles as well- keep an eye out for that.

Photo Credit Calina / Horse Junkies United

Notice the blue trim on the back of the saddle and thigh block? LOVE IT!!!!

What do you love about Eventing?

I love every aspect of it.  There’s always something new and fresh to try and do.  I really like improving all the different phases.  I enjoy perfecting each phase and juggling them to get the right combo before each event.  

Photo Credit   Lee Ann Zobbe

Where did you get your riding style from?

At age 16, I set sail for Southern California and worked for a top show jump rider in Indio, CA.  The West Coast riders have a lot of style.  I became friends with the owner of a local saddlery who was the first store in the States to carry Kingsland.  I  fell in love with that equestrian clothing line from the very beginning.  Kingsland is huge in Europe and is growing in the Eventing World here.  You can never go wrong with that clothing line, you look great, it’s comfortable and lasts forever.    I really got into the Show Jumping World, the custom boots, different brands and styles.  Looking neat and tidy has stayed with me in my eventing career. 


Kingsland Equestrian Gear

What are your Must-Haves?

For Riding:

I always ride in a hairnet.

I think a rider needs 3 really good pairs of riding breeches.  I really like Pikeur.

I jump in Kingsland Breeches.

You need a good tailored riding jacket to compete in.

I also look for good fitted jackets to ride in as well.  They look great and are no nonsense.  They make you look put together, even if you don’t feel like it.  With a good jacket, it is an easy transition from the barn to being on the go.


Photo Credit Lee Ann Zobbe

When Not Riding: 

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans.  Proper length, good dark color, well fitting!  It is a MUST.  

I also really like to have a couple of good tailored jackets.

A cute hat is always a great accessory.

Jennie (on left) with her Eventing gal-pals Hawley BennettShannon Kinsley and Andrea Leatherman.

Stay Tuned for tomorrow!   Jennie goes into her style, who influences her, her wishlist, Rider on the Go Tips, Jennie’s go to pieces, and much much more!

Thank you Brandy

Thank you Brandy for sharing your tips tricks and secrets on fashion for the equestrian woman.  I hope you all enjoyed meeting her and picked up something new to try!

Photo Credit: Saskia Paulussen Photography

Most Equestrianista’s have a sidekick- Meet Dixie!

Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield

Dixie is Brandy’s 7year old, “Croatian Squirrel Terrier.” I’m only kidding…She’s a mutt of some sorts, Yorkie & Jack Russell???    Regardless, she’s tan and wirey and fearless, like most terriers.

Dixie enjoys going out to the barn and roaming around checking her special spots for creatures to torture.  She’s actually famous and has appeared on a Hallmark Card!  Be on the look out for Dixie in the Hallmark Stores!

Brandy has had some great dogs in the past. Many of them have happily entered into their 20’s!  Brandy’s secret to longevity is horse poo and letting a dog be a dog!  She also recommends that they are horse conscious!  She doesn’t follow anything special with diet, just having a good life with lots of outside fun times.

Dixie’s doggy accessories consist of a dog blanket for the cold winter and a Christmas dress that she puts up with.


Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield

“I’d rather be white than wrinkled!” – Brandy

Beauty & Keeping Fit…What’s Brandy’s Routine

#1 Must is SUNSCREEN all the times!!!! 



eeping your skin in good shape is just as important then anything else.  Winter you need extra moisturizer and in the summer, please order an extra side of sunscreen! -Brandy

Brandy recently became an Arbonne Independent Consultant.   She highly recommends these opportunities for people looking for extra income. She loves that it easily fits into being a horse person and this type of job can be as big or little as you need it to be.


Here is her story:

I was courted in Network Marketing for many years and always ran, SPRINTED in fact, away from the opportunity. I vaguely understood the concept and certainly respected the people that wanted me to join their businesses, but I knew it wasn’t for me.  I watched their wonderfully happy lives revolve around making huge businesses and serious financial freedom, but I didn’t get out of my own way until the spring of 2012.
Most of my adult life has been spent breeding and importing horses from Ireland. My family built a substantial business out of a life long passion for horses.  At one point our farm was the largest and most successful breeding operation for Irish Draught horses in all of North America.  Business was great.   However, like so many others, the industry was being affected by the change in the global economic climate.  In 2006 the business started downsizing and I went back to a previous career as a retail buyer for a local boutique.
In the fall of 2011, I hit a professional ceiling and was looking for a serious career change.  I left the boutique industry I adored for over 15 years and subsequently got certified to teach and opened a Pilates studio.  Health and wellness has always been a factor in my life, particularly as my husband and I started family planning.  However, I was concerned more about fitness and non-GMO food without ever considering what I was putting on my skin!
As a self-proclaimed product junkie, I have used IT ALL.  No matter the cost, no matter the promise. Previously, if it cost me $300 for .5oz of voodoo eye cream to magically rid me of a wrinkle or two, I was SOLD.  All it took was literally 3 days with the Arbonne RE9 line for me to see a difference in my skin, and make the decision to change my life.  It was finally time for me to join Arbonne.
So, I did my business order, scheduled my launch, signed a few people and headed to GTC all in 5 days!  I finished DM in ten days and there has been no stopping the momentum.  It is possible for financial freedom and all the time you want to enjoy it.  

With Arbonne, I am feeding my inner entrepreneur, creating a huge income working for myself, look younger and feel better, promoting a much healthier lifestyle to those around me and am really enjoying the ride.

Click here for Brandy’s Arbonne Website for more info               



Brandy also discovered Pilates.  As a serious horsewoman, she was experiencing back problems and friends suggested Pilates to strengthen and stretch her core to support her back and improve conditions. In 2007, she became a student of Pilates.   Soon after, she started teaching classes,  her practice has changed every aspect of her life. In 2011 she evolved her practice from being a student to teacher in an effort to spread the joy that Pilates has brought her. She has been certified by Power Pilates and is now available to teach you in the comfort of your own home or in her private studio in Bluemont, Virginia.

                Core Curriculum Website- Click Here



Enjoy life and live healthy!


If you are interested in taking better care of your skin or improving your core and flexibility- Brandy offers support at all levels to improve your lifestyle and enjoy every part!  Please feel free to get in contact with her.  Both pictures above will link you directly to her sites.


Equestrianista, Brandy Greenwell- What’s Trending and Brands

Brandy does try to keep up with the trends.  Her advice is to purchase less expensive trendy stuff that you might just wear for a season or two…She’s a fan of Target to find some fun trendy items.

She shared that she really digs the nautical look – Incorporating stripes into her wardrobe.  Here are some horsey company items on how to add some stripes into your outfits.


As much as Brandy claims that her basic wardrobe is kind of boring with Brown, Navy, Black and Gray as main colors, the designer brands she follows are quite colorful!   Priorities are horses first then clothes, she tries to be thrifty where she can and is a big fan of ebay when following designer brands.

Brands she follows:  Tina Turk ,  Lanette Laporte ,   Carmen Marc Valvo ,  Tracey Reese ,   Polo- Ralph Lauren
Designers Brandy Follows

Equestrianista, Brandy Greenwell’s Basics, Must Haves’, & Do’s & Don’ts

There are some basic wardrobe rules that Brandy follows. She invests in good key pieces,  spends less on trendy items, and has a couple must-haves that she can’t live without!

Brandy's Basics


Brandy’s Basic Wardrobe Rules & Advice:


1.  Every woman needs a little black dress.

2. You always need a good pair of jeans. There are lots of styles, you can never go wrong with a moderate boot cut.  It seems to flatter every figure. Make sure they are the proper length.  I like – It! Jeans and Miss Me Jeans for fit.

3. It is essential to every women’s wardrobe to have a nice pair of nude pumps.  They go with everything and make your legs look longer and leaner. It’s a Win-Win!

4. Go for classic pieces.  I think I have about 6 pairs of black cashmere sweaters!  You can always dress them up with a scarf, jewelry, or belt!  

5. In the winter, I like tall boots to keep me warm. 

6. In the summer, I love a chunky heel or a wedge so I can go to outdoor horse events without sinking into the grass!

7. Every woman needs a fun pair of cowboy boots.

8. I love a coach or classic Louis Vuitton bag.  I have had my LV bag for over 20 years.  They never go out of style.

Other general rules that Brandy follows:

I tend to go for basic things that are timeless.

I invest in good quality basic pieces and buy less expensive trendy pieces and accessories.

 Black, Navy, Brown, & Gray items are my basic colors- That way I can dress up just about anything with colorful scarves and accessories.  You can always mix and match your basic pieces and get a lot of use out of them.

 *** Make sure your jeans are the proper length and are clean!  Your jeans should just show some shoe- that way your legs will look long and won’t cut you off at the ankle.  Also no coppertox on them!  Try not to mix your barn wear with your outside of the barn wear!  I am a huge fan of coveralls in the barn!  I love my big canvas brown coveralls for going out to the barn and doing work out there.  They are great for throwing on in the morning with your pj’s underneath to feed.  If I need to run out to the barn with nice clothes on, I just throw my coveralls on and I don’d have to worry about getting hay on me or anything! 

Brandy's Must Haves

Brandy’s Must Haves:

Lip Gloss

Arbonne RE9 Anti-ageing products

Salt baths for sore muscles and detoxifying

Baseball caps- * Clean and coordinated.

Brandy’s Fashion Blunders & No- Nos’-


No-No: Never ride in low rise breeches!  Whoever thought that low rise breeches goes well with a Shadbelly didn’t read this article!

Fashion blunderI have recently noticed some makeup on my stocktie! I have to work on that.

Brandy & Nick at the Middleburg Hunt Ball 2012

More tomorrow on styles, brands, and trends that Brandy follows….

Meet Foxhunting Equestrianista- Brandy Greenwell

Meet Equestrianista Brandy Greenwell.


Photo by: Saskia Paulussen Photography

Brandy was born in the heart of foxhunting country- Loudon County, VA.  Her family has been involved with horses for  generations.  It started with her grandfather who was in the thoroughbred race industry.  Brandy’s mother, Brianne Sells was a pony girl from an early age and  Brandy started riding even before she was born!  Brandy’s mom is an avid foxhunter and even hunted pregnant until her jacket wouldn’t button anymore!  While pregnant, she did a 100 mile endurance ride and continued riding until she was 6 weeks due.  A true horsewoman!

Brandy foxhunted as a kid and did local hunter shows.  She states: Foxhunting is a family tradition- the whole family enjoys it.”  Brandy took a break from riding while attending college and had intentions of returning to the hunter ring after graduating.  Quickly her love for foxhunting took over.  Her mom had a fabulous foxhunter which probably helped with the decision to go back.   With the love and passion for foxhunting, Brandy and her mother started importing and breeding Irish Draught horses- Bridon Irish Draughts.  At the height of their breeding program, they had five stallions and five to twelve mares foaling a year!  They have since downsized to a more manageable herd.

Photo Credit: : Liz Callar

Above, Brandy and her beloved homebred grey mare, happily kicking over a big stone wall, while foxhunting.  She commented that if she could clone 100 of her, she would. She thinks the world of her.



I asked Brandy: What does she love about her sport?


Brandy replied:  I just love nature.  The most amazing thing is to be able watch nature on horseback.  It is magical to witness the hunt unfold in front of your eyes and it is breathtaking to watch the huntsmen and hounds work together.  



She goes on to explain the dress and styles within foxhunting:

Your typical hunt is like a Ralph Lauren ad, there are beautiful tweeds worn during cubbing season and at the Christmas breakfast.   During cubbing season you can express your style a little more with different tweeds, stocktie pins and stocktie patterns.  During the hunt season Brandy will wear a black or navy coat with tan breeches, a white on white stocktie and she adds her own style with a monogrammed pin.

Brandy Hunt Attire
She gets all of her hunt coats from Alexander James, a tailor and cutter in the UK.  She discovered them at the Dublin Horse Show one year and fell in love their impeccable tailoring!

Her drink of choice for foxhunting is a blackberry brandy.  She keeps warm while hunting with silk underwear  and a heavy melton wool hunt coat.  Brandy describes herself as a “sane” foxhunter.

I’m not a diehard.  You won’t find me in terrible wet cold weather hunting. I’m just as happy curled up on the couch staying warm with some hot chocolate, my husband Nick, and my dog Dixie!

When Brandy is not hunting, during the off season, she enjoys being a spectator at a big Grand Prix or at a steeplechase!      She will also spend time in the spring with the foals being born and getting fit again for the next foxhunting season!  She’s also a big fan of great hats….

Brandy came third in the Hat contest at the Radnor Hunt Races in 2012!

Last but not least, one of Brandy’s mottos is to Pay It Forward!  She truly believes in helping others, doing good deeds and receiving it back in due time.



Read tomorrow Brandy’s Basics, Must Haves, and Do’s & Don’ts….


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