Meet Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- Part 2

 Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing is a contestant on the Horse and Country TV series- The Blue Chip All Star Academy!  The All Star Academy is a reality Equestrian TV series that’s best described as a combination of The Apprentice meets Big Brother meets Pony Club!

Rhianydd’s sense of style and fashion has always caught my eye, so I was super excited to be able to interview her recently!

Rhianydd on foal watch last week!  

Describe the style and culture of your discipline, what’s the core of it?

It’s interesting how varied the style culture is across different disciplines. For example, polocrosse has a very Southern Hemisphere style. It has a relaxed vibe: white jeans and cowboy boots, rope reins, big spurs. I’ve found eventing, however, less rustic and a lot more polished and pristine: Hairnets, immaculate plaits, oiled hooves and spotless white saddle pads. It’s interesting how, even though the sports have progressed massively, the style culture surrounding them is very true to their roots; polocrosse which was developed in the Australian outback and Eventing which originated from the military cavalry.



Polocrosse vs Eventing
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   Define your equestrian & everyday style:


 Simple, comfortable and classic. In terms of riding, my daily uniform consists of grey johdpurs with a checked shirt, but I love smartening up myself and my horse for an event. Out of the saddle I’m a bit of a chameleon; I’m equally happy in a pair of jeans with one of my boyfriend’s sweaters and a statement necklace, as I am in a floor length ball gown. I love dressing to the occasion.


Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style

Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style by equestrianista featuring a chiffon maxi skirt

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  Any Basics that horsewomen need?


I think little beats a beautifully fit hunting jacket.  A great source for finding a hunt coat is to go to : The Vintage Tack Room- They are an amazing resource.


  What are your go to pieces? Colors you enjoy?


I showjump in tweed, and wear my jacket with a navy stock. I love the combo.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Style
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  What are new things you’re currently obsessed with?(items, brands, etc..)


 I am utterly addicted to Eurostar Clothing at the moment. Their johdpurs have a low hipster cut which fit beautifully and give a modern twist to a classic. They also make gorgeous lightweight jackets that are just perfect for riding in spring. I have one in turquoise which is featured in the photo and it looks amazing warming up at a competition with white johdpurs or at training with grey johdpurs.

In terms of helmets, I think One K are doing something really different at the moment while still maintaining a classic style. I love their defender helmets, particularly in the matte navy and black.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style

Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style by equestrianista on Polyvore

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Do you have a Rider on the Go tip?

Dry shampoo!! It completely saves me from dealing with hat hair when I’m running from the yard to meet friends!


 Travel- Best places horsey to travel?

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing horsey experiences while travelling. I once played polocrosse in Zimbabwe where we had to hold time during the game as a herd of elephants walked past the pitch!

One of my favourite travel memories was a horseback safari in the Chyulu Hills, Kenya. A wonderful company called Ride Kenya offers absolute luxury in the bush and I was lucky enough to go to help them work horses and assist the guests while travelling a couple of years ago. The wildlife offers such unexpected adventure. We would gallop with herds of zebra, and finish the day with a g&t in front of the fire. An absolutely unbeatable experience that I feel so privileged to have had.

To contact Ride Kenya, drop them a message on Facebook!  Click here-

Keep in touch & follow!

Photo Credit Jon Stroud

I am hugely active on social media and love to keep my followers updated on my equestrian journey. Whether it be dishing the goss about the All Star Academy, my training experiences, competition results, mucking out thoughts or cute pictures of my newborn foal, it’s all on there! You can follow me on facebook on, and instagram and twitter on @RLJEventing. The Blue Chip All Star Academy is a brand new television series which premieres on Sunday 12th June 9pm on Horse and Country TV. Horse & Country TV is available in the UK on Sky channel 253 and online via the H&C Play app

Now that you’ve gotten to know Rhianydd, one of the stars on the Blue Chip All Star Academy- a Horse and County TV Series that airs this Sunday, June 12th at 9pm UK Time- Be sure to follow her and watch!  Its going to be really really epic!


Get Winning Colors

Equestrianista- Jennie Brannigan tops the top at Fair Hill International Three Day the other week!  She has her own unique style that’s a mix of Eventer, Jumper, California Cool and Thrill Seeker!

Congrats Jennie

Look below to get a look similar to hers!

 Photo Credit: Shannon Brinkman Photo

Winning Colors

Click on picture to get the look

Making it look easy…..I salute you Equestrianista’s that are naturally gifted

There are some women who make it look easy.


Does the vest look familar?  Newmarket blue & white stripped by Horseware!

Whenever you see them they have something adorable on that you wish you had in your closet.  Now I know they feel just as “mis-combobulated” as we all do, but they are the ones to follow because they have been naturally trendy their whole lives.

I salute you Equestrianista’s who make it look easy!



This is a friend, hopefully she doesn’t kill me for posting this pic of her, she will remain nameless :).   I did ask her where did she find that cute scarf?

Also remember Bits are trendy right now!


Click on the scarf to go directly to Mud Pie’s website. 

So for those looking for some new affordable accessories- look no further! Check out Mud Pie! Great scarves and other items…It’s not a horsey company but it’s good to add some items from other places!


I did a search for “bit” and Mud Pie has some other really cute Bit items!

Click on the logo!

So True!

Always saddle your own horse, Connie Reeves lived to be 101 years young

Constance Douglas was born on Sept. 26, 1901, in Eagle Pass, Tex., on the Mexican border. She swam in the Rio Grande and rode horses with the cowboys. Her grandfather gave her her first horse when she was 5. The family moved to San Antonio when she was 16.

Her father was a lawyer, and her mother was so genteel that she refused to go to the grocer’s without gloves and a hat.


 At 101 years old, Connie was still riding her horse everyday.  She was a huge inspiration to many people. Her health was great and her mind was sharp.

She was one of the first women to study law at the University of Texas, and she started one of the state’s first girls’ drill teams, a movement that grew into a Texas passion.  She had to withdraw from school and get a job to help her family during the depression.

In 1998, Mrs. Reeves won the Chester A. Reynolds Award for major contributions to the Western way of life from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, one of two women to do so.

She was also the oldest member of the National Cowgirl Museum Hall of Fame.  She was elected to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 1997, and rode in the parade to honor the Hall when it moved to new headquarters in Fort Worth in 2002. She was over 100 years old at the time.

She taught at two San Antonio high schools. At one, Thomas Jefferson High, she founded a drill team called the Lassos, which is still in existence.

She also started a riding stable to teach city boys and girls how to ride and care for horses. Although the stables were successful, she accepted a position as riding instructor at Camp Waldemar in 1936 for $50 a summer. She eventually taught Western and English riding styles to the granddaughters of her original students.

She came to the conclusion that horses respond best to women.

”The harsh voices and rough bark of boys and men seem to frighten horses,” she wrote several weeks before her death in a script for a video about riding. ”The same horse that refused to take the bit in its mouth will accept it from the more gentle hands of a girl.”

At the camp she met Jack Reeves, a former rodeo star, trick rider and keeper of the camp’s horses. They married in 1942; he died in 1985. They had no children, and she left no immediate survivors.




What was her secret?






“Well Honey, you just don’t let that rocking chair take over…you get up and go even if you don’t want to.”

The American Cowgirl Project





Camp Waldemar is still alive and thriving.  Teaching 100’s a girls a year during the summer all sorts of fun activities including polocrosse!  Camp Waldemar is a gorgeous magical place.  I have been there several times in the off season to play polocrosse there.  There is an annual polocrosse tournament that is played there in the spring. They just celebrated their 20th year playing! Click here to learn more about polocrosse and The World Cup 2015. 

On Left, Liz Pohl in hot pursuit of the ball- Connie Reeves was a mentor to her while she was a camper. Liz is still a huge part of the camp along with her family.  On Right, Me, Jessie Reed!

Photo Credit:


I can’t imagine it buzzing with teenage girls there in the summer!



Ora Johnson established Waldemar in 1926. Her vision was to build the finest girls’ camp in the nation. Aunt Ora’s niece, Doris Johnson, carried on that dream during her 47 years as the camp director. These two remarkable women created Camp Waldemar that is today one of America’s finest girls’ camps.Their dream was continued and enhanced by Marsha English Elmore who directed the camp from 1979 to 1998. Her daughter, Meg Elmore Clark, took over as director in the summer of 1999 through summer 2008. In Fall of 2008 Meg and her family moved on to pursue additional camping endeavors and her mother Marsha gladly assumed the responsibilities of director again in the summer of 2009. Marsha and her family strive to continue the traditions set forth by Waldemar’s founder Ora Johnson in 1926. 

Waldemar’s program that builds character, refinement, and self-esteem in young women, along with the exceptional beauty of the camp location sets this camp apart. Today, the styles may have changed, but the Elmore family continues to run Waldemar by preserving the camp legacy.

“I believe in the girls of today. In this age of transition they have already accomplished much, but with greater possibilities opening every day for physical, mental, and moral growth, there is almost no limit to their achievements. Camp Waldemar was founded to create opportunities for developing the best in every girl. Encouraged by the unusual success of the past seasons, it has become my ambition with the aid of my counselors and girls to build in Texas one of the best camps in the United States.”
– Ora Johnson, 1926


If you would like to read more about Connie’s life, she wrote a book:  Click on the book to order!





Sneak Preview: Fall Designs from Rebecca Ray Designs!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Smith of Rebecca Ray Designs, a company inspired by the sporting lifestyle.



When I asked her, “is there anything new coming out?”  I could feel her lighting up with excitement!  Her voice changed a bit over the phone and I could picture her doing a little dance in her chair behind her desk.


When a designer is excited about a new collection, I get excited about it too!!!!



Rebecca was particularly excited about mixing black and browns for a two tone collection of bags- The Bella, Liza, Dolly and Snaffle Clutch.

She’s adding some different styles in the Trapper collection which uses the Hudson Bay company blankets.  The Meghan bag, Andrea, Lucy and Barbie are from the new wool line of bags that Rebecca Ray Designs offers.  They have horsey touches trimmed in beautiful bridle leather.  Last but not least- some new color choices in accessories to put in your bag!

Start saving cause I know you will want more than just one of these new releases for Fall of 2013!!!!



What am I going to save up for?



I LOVE the Trapper Messaganger and the Trapper Kit!    The new wool collection looks warm and lovely to wear anywhere and the two tone bags are classy and classic for years of use. They will never go out of style.


You just can’t go wrong with a purchase from Rebecca Ray Designs. They are timeless classics.



Sister & Brother Company to Rebecca Ray Designs- Introducing Seven Barks! A Must Have…

Fabulously Fun. Seriously Useful.
Dedicated to Our Four Footed Friends.

Seven Barks Fine Goods uses recycled paper and vintage images to create high quality stationary products including wrapping paper, correspondence cards, journals, postcards, file folders and gift tags. Our products are designed and produced in the United States and feature nostalgic themes of canine, equine, fishing, boating and farming.


Seven Barks Fine Goods is a unique little specialty paper company from Chagrin Falls, Ohio that makes great things to celebrate the American experience between animals and their humans.  Seven Barks curates a whimsical and nostalgic collection of authentic vintage photos, mostly from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s that remind everyone of our nation’s love affair with our animals.


Why Buy from Seven Barks?


All of our products are made right here in America, out of quality recycled materials and are assembled in developmentally delayed adult sheltered workshops, because we believe that everyone has the right to share in a sense of accomplishment and the pride of a job well done.


 Boating, Dogs, Horses and Fishing- Oh My!

Seven Barks is a sister & brother company to Rebecca Ray Designs.  Rebecca Smith, the brain behind Rebecca Ray Designs, is an antique lover and an old picture collector.  All of the stationary that is created for Seven Barks is from Rebeeca’s personal collection of old pictures and treasures she keeps close to her heart.  She has joined up with her brother, Chris Yuhasz and his printing company, POV to develop the line of stationary goods with him. She’s the creative brain and he handles the technical side of all the printing.

There are several themes of dogs, horses, boating, and fishing to choose from, or you can just combine them all!

Stationary from old pictures available from Seven Barks.

Rebecca shared with The Equestrianista that she gets her creative juices flowing by the inspiration of everything old. She loves going early to antique shows and strolling through the aisles.  She’s an “antique junky”.

Great paper tags from Seven Barks!

When she’s not strolling through antiques and not running her business, she has a 9year old pony girl daughter who competes in the short stirrup division at hunter shows.  The hunter discipline  Rebecca’s riding background and where she met her husband!  LOVE stories of people meeting within their equestrian discipline!

Rebecca also enjoys carriage driving. She has several beautiful large Percherons that she drives in her “spare” time.


 Rebecca sporting her lovely bit belt with her buddy, Nickel. 

There’s more behind both Rebecca’s companies that she’s involved with than just something pretty.

 I strongly feel that this aspect makes Rebecca Ray Designs and Seven Barks unique and special.  It’s ideas like these that make these companies good to buy from and support.

The products are environmentally friendly.

Both companies are made in the USA.

Rebecca support local businesses with both Seven Barks and Rebecca Ray Designs.

It’s a truly giving and give back type of approach that should be applauded.

I think the only major problem would be is if I received a gift wrapped in Seven Barks paper and tied up with Seven Barks Quotation ribbon, I wouldn’t want to unwrap it….


Unless it was a bag inside from Rebecca Ray Designs!

Follow Seven Barks!

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Travel Tips from Equestrianista designer- Rebecca Smith of Rebecca Ray Designs!


Rebecca describes Rebecca Ray Designs as a company that appeals to everyone. Throughout her life,  she has shown world class horses & dogs and it shows in her designs.   She gets all the details right!


Rebecca Ray Designs
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It only seems fitting that as the business grows, Rebecca has included family and friends that are all well-versed in the horse and dog community. From the Amish harness makers who hand-make her leather products to the sales team who ride and show world-class horses, a large team of authentic animal enthusiasts and experts work side by side to develop this beautiful product. 

Today, through the use of authentic equestrian hardware, responsibly tanned leather, traditional handwork, and the finest quality fabrics, Rebecca Ray Designs reflects the spirit of the Sporting Lifestyle: nostalgic, modern and timeless. Uniquely American. Untamed Spirit. Unharnessed American Couture. 

Travel Tips from Rebecca Smith, of Rebecca Ray Designs!

Find out: 
What does she wear traveling?  
What does she use as her carry on?
What’s in Rebecca’s purse?  

Rebecca’s travel outfit is classic, professional, and comfortable.

Rebecca's Travel Outfit
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Rebecca says she’s kind of boring when traveling with her outfit choices.  She sticks to a good pair of jeans, a button down shirt, always her bit belt, a black blazer, Donald Pliner boots, and one of her cuff bracelets.  She admits, she’s a black clothes person.  

 Rebecca’s Travel Tips- Carry on bags….

Rebecca's Carry on tips


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Rebecca chooses The Maryann bag as her go to carry on bag.  She can fit a variety of things into it.  She packs a pair of clothes and 3 cosmetic bags that carry various items.  1 bag will carry all her computer plugs, phone charger, etc… 2 bag will carry any medications or first aid items.  3 bag will carry makeup.
Rebecca's Cosmetic Pouches
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I know you’re dying to know. What is in Rebecca Smith’s purse?



Hmmmm…. , she says.  Let’s see….”, as she rummages around in her Christy bag.  ” I don’t need these anymore!”, as Rebecca refers to the Rolex 3-Day admission tickets and the Kentucky Reining Cup tickets.


What's inside Rebecca's Purse?
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Rebecca was very detailed as to what exactly is found in her bag!

– A cell phone with an orange monogrammed cell phone case
– Rebecca Ray wallet
-Bobby brown or MAC lipstick
-Icebreakers mints- Spearmint flavor
-Keys on a Rebecca Ray key fob- small brown with a gray horse head
– Ralph Lauren sunglasses
-Cosmetic bag
– Tortoise shell reading glasses
– Rebecca Ray note pads
– TUL black ink pens- She loves them!

Click below to check out her newly done website!

Follow Rebecca:

Lynn Symanky’s Basics, Travel & Rider on the Go Tips, Must Haves, etc….

Part 2:

She’s just too cute!


A smile is your best accessory!  

Any Basics that horsewomen need?

I couldn’t survive without my Barbour jacket, especially after the particularly rainy spring we had both in Aiken, South Carolina and Middleburg, Virginia this year. It got me through the cold downpours at Pine Top, Southern Pines II, and The Fork while also sporting a classy look. In addition to keeping me warm and dry, the Barbour jacket has a great fit with the classic English country look that is so popular right now. It goes great with breeches as well as jeans and a pair of Dubarry boots – another staple I can’t live without. During the summer months, chap stick, sunscreen, sunglasses, a cute floppy sun hat, and moisturizer… because leathery, wrinkly skin doesn’t go well with anything!


Lynn Symansky's Basics



Who influences your style?


As far as riding fashions go, I would be lost without my Animo clothes. Their breeches, jackets, and shirts are absolutely flawless when it comes to a flattering fit, and they are definitely on the forward edge of fashion. I get comments every day about my breeches and how flattering and stylish they are. Their show jackets are absolutely gorgeous and form fitting as well. Pretty much anything they send me is sure to be a hit. I also love the new helmet trends from Charles Owen. The new Charles Owen Ayr8 that comes in leather or suede as well as a multitude of fabric and piping colors is so fun to customize for both dressage and show jumping. I never ride without a helmet so I am thankful that my safety equipment is stylish as well! As far as non-riding fashions, I’m really influenced by English country trends because they pair effortlessly with riding clothes. It’s so easy to go straight from the barn to casual dinner by simply throwing on a quilted jacket and Dubarry boots for a classic look.


Eventing Influences

What are your go to pieces? Your top 3-5 favorites?  Colors you enjoy?

I love jackets and scarves – bold, simple colors complete any look. Even in warmer weather, you can still go with a lighter weight blazer with a gauzy scarf in the evening time. Fun colored slacks and skinny jeans with a pair of cute pair of boots or flats are also some of my favorites. With a few different color options in each of these pieces, you can have an endless possibility of outfit choices by pairing neutrals with bolder colors.

I love blues and pinks—I have both breeches and jeans in a pale mauve/magenta color and different shades of blue, and I wear them a lot. They are fun colors without being too flamboyant.


Try Colors



Do you have any Rider on the Go Tips?


Definitely buy great breeches that flatter your figure and hold up well to lots of riding. I wear breeches all day every day so try and look neat and professional while still being ready to hop on a variety of horses. I am lucky to live in a town where breeches are a common site in the grocery store and coffee shops, but with the equestrian look in style you can always feel cute in breeches when you run errands or go to a casual dinner. I always keep hand lotion, mascara and lip balm in my purse, truck and trailer, and a scarf and jacket to dress up any type of outfit.


Rider on the Go Tips


Do you have any travel tricks that you do?


I am probably best known for always being prepared for any weather. My truck, trailer, and car are stocked with jackets, boots, rain, snow, and sun gear. As far as long trips I always use the time to catch up on my phone calls, e-mails, and computer work that I don’t have time do to while riding all day. I never think of travel time as a waste as I can always find something productive to do!


What’s the next this 2013 season for you?


I am really excited for the Summer/Fall season! I plan to go to Europe this Fall to compete Donner, and have some exciting young horses coming up through the ranks. Alton Quanbeck’s Osborne 9 will hopefully be targeting a CCI** this fall as well as my young NZ horse Waitangi Notebook. Lois Mermelstein owns a fantastic athlete of a horse Zoe, and excited to do a One Star and Intermediate in the Fall.

I am also in the process of getting more people involved in the ownership and career of Donner, so STAY TUNED TO LYNN SYMANSKY EQUESTRIAN on Facebook ( and Twitter (@LynnSymanskyEq) for that developing opportunity soon!


Click above!

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Equestrianista of the Week- Lynn Symansky! Getting the Horse Inspection outfit Right!



Lynn Symansky has 25 years of competitive equestrian experience, and over a decade of international experience. She has been competing at the Advanced level of eventing since she was 18-year-old. In addition to her competitive career, Lynn also has extensive teaching experience – her students range from kids learning how to ride and adult amateurs starting to compete, to young riders and adults moving through the upper levels of the sport. Lynn is a USEA ICP certified instructor and has coached eventing and show jumping teams for the USPC at regional and national championships for many years.



Lynn’s accomplishments are long and impressive- So far this year, she’s on a roll and at the top!

In 2013 Lynn and Donner won the Fork CIC3* and finished fifth place in the Rolex Kentucky CCI4*. The pair were also named USEF Reserve Champions and received the Zeppa International Trophy for Best Turned Out as well as Donner being awarded Best Conditioned Horse and Highest Placed OTTB.

Lynn has aspirations to compete at the top level of the sport as a member of the Olympic and World Equestrian Games Teams, but still enjoys the day to day process of bringing young horses along as well as training the country’s future stars.



Recently Lynn has been noticed for more than just her talented riding skills and horses…


 At The Rolex **** 3-Day, this year, Lynn what the talk of the town for her trendy, functional, fashionable clothing choices for Horse Inspections on both days!

I had the privilege to catch up with Lynn between her busy schedule to find out what’s her style and how did she come up with those great outfit choices?

 Poor Lynn- It took her 5 hours to find her jog outfits!


How did you come about in putting together your outfits that were the talk of Rolex?  Was there a strategy, trends you thought about, a stylish friend you brought with you?  You said you spent 5 hours shopping…

I was very inspired by the trendy pastels that are so popular right now, and that trend was well represented on the jog strip this year. I knew it was going to be cold, so pants and jackets were definitely the way to go, and I just tried to pair great colors with neutrals- i.e. mint and tan, coral and navy, etc. Then, I just added jewelry and a great pair of classic flats to tie it all together. I actually hurt my back the morning I was going to get jog outfits, so I brought my students Leslie Mintz and Hannah Bennett with me, who are both photographers and know what photographs well. They get all the credit for helping pull the outfits together. I wasn’t able to really move much that day, so they brought a ton of outfit choices to the dressing room and I very slowly and carefully tried them on until we found something that worked. THAT’S why it took 5 hours! I could barely move that day. Luckily we found a really cute pair of snakeskin flats that worked with both of the outfits, and seemed to fit my feet. Since I was not able to run to test them out, we were hoping they stayed on for the jogs!

Do you have any advice for other competitors that are trying to put an outfit together to present their horses?

Always wear things that you can run in, and be mindful of how the outfits will read when you are photographed. I rejected a few options because I knew they wouldn’t look all that great as a two-dimensional photo. Also find something that suits your personality and complements your horse. Be sure and always do a test run to make sure any skirts/dresses stay in place, pants don’t fall down, nothing is see-through, or shoes fly off!

Lynn Symansky Rolex Jog-out Outfits

Click here to get Lynn’s Look!

What are new things you’re obsessed with?


I’m loving the pastels that are so popular right now, especially when paired with a good solid neutral. Pastel and skinny pants are my current obsession (as evidenced by my Rolex jog outfits!)

A BIG Thank you for getting me in the Top 5 at Rolex!!!!

First and foremost, my horse gets a LARGE majority of the credit. He’s just 10 this year and put in a great debut at his first four star, and I couldn’t be more proud.

My barn manager/groom Sarah Berhalter took outstanding care of Donner all year and at Kentucky, and helped keep him healthy, happy, and looking great.

My parents are always huge supporters and cheerleaders, and it was great to have both of them there. All of my clients that both came to Rolex and were cheering from afar gave me so much inspiration to perform well, as well as all of the social media love!

Dr. Bishop, Dr. Seiler, and Dr. Mark Hart were instrumental in helping me with my broken hand and ensuring I was able to ride to the best of my ability. I also owe a huge thanks to my owners as well as clients who had horses in training with me and had to patiently wait for me to get back in the tack to compete after I broke my hand as Donner became the primary focus.

Donner’s amazing vet Dr. Susan Johns and Virginia Equine Imaging, his farrier Randy Pawlak, Phillip Dutton and Linda Zang for the help leading up to Rolex, and longtime coach David O’Connor.

My SpectraVet laser was instrumental in helping to heal those bumps and bruises on both Donner and myself. Southern States, Triple Crown and Strongid for fueling my horse and keeping him healthy and looking and feeling great.

CWD for their fantastic saddles and tack and Animo and Charles Owen for keeping me looking sharp and stylish,Also big thanks to Wow! Graphic Design, ThinLine, Rebound, and RideSafe for their sponsorship.

 Click here to read more about Lynn’s Sponsors

I just piloted an amazing horse around…it was everyone else that helped to make it happen!

Click above!

Follow Lynn!


Stay Tuned for Part 2- Lynn’s Basics, Must Haves, Travel & Rider on the Go Tips, and What’s next for Lynn!



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