Will the handsome William Fox-Pitt go for the ultimate Equestrian Hat Trick?

The Rolex Grand Slam- is up for grabs again. This time it’s up to William Fox-Pitt to win it this weekend at Badminton!


As reported last year, The Rolex Grand Slam is not impossible, but sometimes it seems so.  Only Pippa Funnel has accomplished such a feat!


The biggest 4-stars in the World are Rolex 3-Day in Lexington, KY, USA & Badminton 3-day in the UK. They will be held in late April/early May – one weekend apart.   Other big events is The Landrover Burghley Horse Trials held in the fall.  These three top events are part of The Grand Slam of Eventing.


The Grand Slam of Eventing, sponsored by Rolex, consists of three of the top CCI**** eventing competitions in the world. To win the Grand Slam, a rider must consecutively win all three events, although they are permitted to ride different horses in each competition. This is especially important, since the Badminton Horse Trials is only one week after Kentucky, and the horse would not have sufficient time to recover between the two competitions, especially since he/she would have to be flown overseas in that time.

The three events that make up the Grand Slam are:

Winners receive an extra $350,000, in addition to their winnings from each event.



Pippa Funnell at Badminton winning Badminton and the Rolex Grand Slam 

William Fox-Pitt has four horses entered in the Badminton 3-Day event.  Will that be enough to be the second rider in history to win the Grand Slam?   He had the Grand Slam in his grasp last year at Rolex, but then fell short when  Andew Nicholson won, taking Williams chances away.

Does he have this in the bag?  Can he do it?    Does he have what it takes?

 You bet ya!


Traveling to Badminton?

 What to pack for Badminton this year?


Weather Report- Weds- Sun:

The Highs of 14*C and lows of 8*C- with chances of showers from day to day.

Going to Badminton

Celebrating the Year of the Horse – 2014 here we go!

Finally, we come upon The Year of the Horse!

2014-The Year of the Horse -is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory. But you have to act fast in a Horse year. If you are not 100% secure about a decision, then don’t do it. Events move so quickly in a Horse year that you don’t want to gallop off in the wrong direction.



What does this translate into for The Equestrianista?



More Horsey Travel Adventures are needed! Go off the beaten path to find the best travel destinations!

Photo from Ride Kenya(Click here to visit their Facebook page)

Here at The Equestrianista there will be horsey adventures to add to your bucket list as well as added International News and trends! 

Shopping wise:


Be decisive- if you love it- go for it.  If you think about the piece- go back asap and get it, you’ll regret if if you don’t.

Know what’s trending so you can make quick decisions if you need to add that certain special piece to your collection!

 Here at the Equestrianista- more trend reports, what to look for and where  will be featured!

The Year of the Horse
Click above on image to view these items in Polyvore! 

Be efficient:

 How to organize better, What should be packed in your Ride on the Go bag, New products, and easy recipes will be available at The Equestrianista!  



Must Haves at Paradise Lagoons Camprdraft…

I’ve been traveling the East Coast of Australia for the past week and was able to meet up with a good Equestrianista friend, Maryanne Gough of Icewood ASH.  She was competing at the largest campdraft in the country, called Paradise Lagoons.


There were many new trendy styles at the campdraft which I would highly recommend adding into your wardrobe.  Here is just a taste, a full report of wonderful ideas to add will come next week.


Three essentials to any trendy Equestrianista here were a beautiful crisp shirt. Either pretty and ruffled or colorful and bright, a felt hat, and an antique matchbox vesta made into a chunky necklace.   Silver matchboxes were used back in the day to keep matches crisp to strike.  They tend to be handed down to family and some creative women have turned them into beautiful chunky necklaces as keepsakes.

Make sure you check out Black Label Equestrienne for all your top trendy shirts, jewelry and other beautiful items!  


Must Haves

Click above to find out where to purchase these wonderful items!

Stampede Parade…The Offical Opening of the Grand Rodeo!

The Stampede Parade is a two-and-a-half-mile smile. A fitting way to kick off The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Parade begins with the World Champion Calgary Stampede Showband. A dynamic ribbon of pageantry follows, featuring beautiful floats, bands, riders, celebrities and cultural entries.
Arrive early on the route to ensure your seat and watch the Parade Prelude.

Parade Marshal

Calgary Stampede Parade Marshals occupy a prestigious place in our history. Parade Marshals have included Hollywood legends and humanitarian icons.

The 2013 Parade Marshal will be the first Canadian Astronaut to walk in space and the first to command the International Space Station (ISS)–Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Commander Hadfield accepted our invitation from space where he was the first Canadian to command the International Space Station.

There are between 300,000 – 500,000 spectators cheering on the parade participants.  It’s one of the most incredible experiences I have ever been a part of.  I can’t wait to ride in the parade tomorrow.   If you are going, I will be with the big group – Calgary Polocrosse!


If you are lucky enough to get a great seat, remember to bring your camera, you never know what you will see!


Wondering what to wear?  Try this outfit:



Stampede Parade
The white hat is a traditional item that is essential when going to the Calgary Stampede.  You can purchase one at the Calgary Gift Store if you need to!
The Canadians are incredibly friendly wonderful people- They put on a fantastic show!
This is a MUST on the Equestrianista’s Bucket list of places to go!



Happy Memorial Day… Be Free

Congratulations on your Graduation! Gift ideas for the recent graduate!

I personally say, go for something unique and/or practical for your recent graduate. I know that sounds boring, but let’s be real here…


Here are a couple of simple ideas that are unique and under $50.  My suggestion is to check out etsy.com!


Under $50

Click on picture to find out where to buy these items.
 If you are looking for something more than that, think about some great basics that they can used many different times in their next stage of life.  How about something horsey, functional, and fabulous to work with???




Graduation Gifts

Click on the picture to find out where to buy these items

If I were graduating, my first choice for a work bag would be from Oughton Limited with some colorful accessories from Rebecca Ray Designs.


Or what about some classic basic pieces to wear?  Below are great basic pieces. I picked these because all of them can be worn in multiple situations and several of them have multiple style options- Like the Barbour trench that is reversible or the Lilo scarf that can be worn around your neck or as a belt!

Mutli-Use Clothing


Click on the picture to find out where to buy these items

Best in Show- Great Jackets found a Badminton’s Horse Inspections!

Looking through eventing photographer pictures of the horse inspections, the best in show was the jackets that the women eventers presented their horses in.  There was a lovely array of tweeds, big bold patterns, great structured jackets and ruffled ones!

 I must mention, whole put together outfits- Best in show were: Tiana Coudray from USA,  Louisa Milne Home from GBR and Bettina Hoy who rides for Germany.


Come take a look ideas for great jackets worn at Badminton!  All photos below were taken by Equus Pix.  You can find more information about them at the end of this post!



Great Jackets at Badminton

A great structured jacket in a pretty wine color worn by Zara Phillips(UK)

A bold floral pattern for Ruth Edge (UK) at her first horse inspection looked lovely.

A beautiful smile and a great herringbone black and white vest came  from Lucy Jackson(NZL)

Another beautiful smile came from Mary King (UK) who sported a nautical stripped fitted blazer.

My favorite were jackets worn by Laura Collett(UK)!  I just love the details on this tweed.

Bettina Hoy did all the right things and looks very well put together.  This is an outfit that you could really wear anywhere at anytime.  Classic with a twist.  It would be easy to add color if you wanted to or keep it black, grays, and whites and jazz it up with jewelry or a hat! So much you could do.


Thank you Equus Pix Photography, who specialize in eventing, for the photos. Click here to see all their great shots from Badminton. 

Equus Pix Facebook page. 



Get Ready for your Event! White teeth, not white legs! Be prepared and feel great!


A big bright white smile always looks great!  White legs at jog-out…they are less desired.  I should know, I have some stellar white legs from years of riding during the summer!


Here is my tip:

Count back 15 days prior to your big event and pick up these items.  Start your crest white strips.  You can put the strips in while you shower or whenever.  There is nothing better than a competitor that is smiling and feels good on the inside and out!


If you do choose a self tanner to tame those wild white legs of yours…Remember to exfoliate and moisturize prior to applying the self tanner.  This will give you a more even tan.  Experiment prior to applying for the big event!  The more comfortable you get with a self-tanner and find out what works for you, the better.   I really like these towels.  I have used them before- they are easy to apply, no mess, easy clean up and the application is even with very little streaks.

Another equestrianista friend just told me about jergens foam tanner.  She’s got white white skin too and is very happy with that product as well!  Not the lotion, the foam…


Get ready and look great!

A Horsey Foxhunting Holiday! Through the eyes of Middleburg Photography

There is truly nothing better than a once in a life time Horsey Holiday!  I myself try to do one each year.


I the pleasure to speak with Karen Monroe of Middleburg Photography recently.  She just got back from an amazing adventure with her fiancé and business partner Doug Gehlsen along with Middleburg Hunt members Devon Zebrovious & George Kuk .

Karen’s Dad trained horses in England and Australia before moving the family to Virginia to work with one of the well know hunter stables in Middleburg at that time.  Gallivanting around on her pony named Charlotte, Karen spent her childhood on Snake Hill Estate, now the Goodstone Inn with the rolling countryside and living every little girls dream of having a pony.

She grew up with an appreciation for art as her father was creative and usually had several art projects going at the same time. Karen took to photography at an early age; living in the middle of hunt country she soon discovered her passion and love for the horse in motion.

She met Doug after joining a photography club that he was running several years ago and they soon united their talents and started Middleburg Photography.    They combine experience with artistic style to create the classic moments that you’ll want to treasure forever.  Their photographic life revolves around country living at its best.  They have been published nationally in Sophisticated Living Magazine, and featured in local newspapers, Middleburg Life,  Horse Country and The Chronicle of the Horse.  In 2010, Doug received an Accolate of Excellence from the Wedding and Pourtain Photographers International (WPPI).

Mid Janaury they packed up their cameras and headed over the Ireland to join the Meath Hunt!  There was a very special event happening that they couldn’t miss.  Susan Oakes, an incredible side-saddle equestrianista had organized a World Record breaking Side-Saddle event- She invited 52 side-saddle foxhunting women to go out with the Meath Hunt.   She organized side-saddles from around the countryside, along with all the horses that she tested out herself and every other detail that went into this historic event.  She has been a true driving force in reviving Side-Saddle riding.

Karen said that the side-saddle women were fearless and stunning all at the same time.  The smaller horses seemed to fair better over the large ditches, they got down and scooted across whereas the larger horses has a tough time getting their hooves in the right place.

Devon on Gutless negotiating a big ditch!

Highlights of their Foxhunting Horsey Holiday:

Watching the ladies get ready was captivating. The French Ladies had beautiful hats and wore very different jewelry.  Every piece of jewelry, antique heirloom flask, and handed down habits(the clothing that side-saddle women wear) had an incredible story behind them.

The picture above is of all 52 side-saddle women along with Susan Oakes recently acquired very special Show Jumping Stallion, SIEC Atlas, who went hunting with the group.   More to be posted about Susan and her other Side-Saddle achievements.

It  was muddy to say the least. Everyone gathered and off they went!  Karen & Doug followed the exciting hunt in trucks and ATV’s. Traditional warm port was served prior to the meet.  Karen mentioned that many of the ladies brought gorgeous antique glass flasks, some with silver tops or pewter and filled with their favorite concoction.  Some liquid courage was needed for some hunt members, as the ditch questions during the hunt were BIG!

The other huge highlight for Karen was getting so close to capture incredible shots of the big ditches that everyone braved over.

Everyone survived. It was a typical hunt, a lost hound or two picked up, mud everywhere and lots of smiles!

Judging by the smile on this hounds face, I think he planned to get picked up!

What’s the next adventure?  Karen and Doug had such an incredible experience that they are planning for next year to visit The Quorn Hunt, one of the oldest hunts in the world!

After hunting season, local Point to Point Racing will be next.  You will find Karen and Doug at the Piedmont, Orange County and Middleburg Point to Point.  They also photograph the Virginia Hound Show in Leesburg, VA in May, the Upperville Horse Show, and several Polo matches and trail rides in the summer.

If you fell in love with Karen & Doug’s photographs, make sure you check out all of the photos on their website and follow them on Facebook!






Priscilla Miller- Lifestyle portraiture for the entire family


Priscilla K. Miller Photography specializes in sporting lifestyle portraiture and traditional portraiture of the entire family capturing those special moments of your life.



 What do you love to photograph most?


“I am a country girl at heart, and love photographing people and their horses, children and their ponies, and all the other animals in their lives.  

 And of course that includes dogs, cats and other pets, as well as livestock!”


  What would you say your “style” is?

“I photograph in an environmental style, blending the natural beauty of the location into the portrait. I shoot mostly with natural light, on location at my client’s home, garden, barn, field etc.  Sometimes we will shoot at other locations, I keep a list of interesting spots, and am always scouting for fun locations.”


“I love to work with horses and pets and their owners capturing the bond between them.”


What do you do when not working?


I follow both Essex Fox Hounds & Amwell Valley Hounds in NJ both during foxhunting season, and through the off season, too.  I also hunt behind a foot pack on Sunday afternoons, so my weekends are always full. And I always have a camera with me!


I am also in very involved with New Jersey’s largest equestrian events, with over 40,000 spectators-  the Far Hills Race Meeting!


I love steeplechasing and it has deep roots in foxhunting.  Many retired ‘chasers are found in the hunt field, happy in their new jobs

Priscilla’s work has been featured in: Town & Country Magazine, The Chronicle of the Horse, Horse News, Rowing News, Horse Sport Canada and Pennsylvania Equestrian.  Priscilla maintains a membership with the Equine Photographer’s Network, NAPP,  and the ASMP as an Associate Member.

When she’s not behind the camera, Priscilla enjoys exploring near and a far.



Priscilla is currently is booking portrait commissions for 2013.

Please contact her at:  pkmillerphotography@gmail.com

To view photos from events and portrait session please click below.

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