What’s Trending-

Here’s a few tips to keep your eye out for to stay stylish and trendy:


One piece of clothing that I encourage everyone to pick up- is an Off the Shoulder piece.  There are many options in all budgets.  Try something new and different to wear and be stylish at the same time- you never know you might like the look!

Look in your closet, your moms closet, thrift shops, and in stores for any 60’s/ early 70’s items.


Layers for the cooler months are trending-


For your Hair- Lucky for most of us- we are well rehearsed in braiding and a messy braid is very trendy- So do a good tight braid before you ride, and by the time you’re done riding and you’ve changed into a non horsey outfit- you won’t have to do anything with your hair!  It will be windswept, styles by sweat under the helmet, and dried by the sun!


Here are some ideas to share and save:




Off the Shoulder
Summer off the shoulder
off the shoulder
cooler weather


Meet Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- Part 2

 Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing is a contestant on the Horse and Country TV series- The Blue Chip All Star Academy!  The All Star Academy is a reality Equestrian TV series that’s best described as a combination of The Apprentice meets Big Brother meets Pony Club!

Rhianydd’s sense of style and fashion has always caught my eye, so I was super excited to be able to interview her recently!

Rhianydd on foal watch last week!  

Describe the style and culture of your discipline, what’s the core of it?

It’s interesting how varied the style culture is across different disciplines. For example, polocrosse has a very Southern Hemisphere style. It has a relaxed vibe: white jeans and cowboy boots, rope reins, big spurs. I’ve found eventing, however, less rustic and a lot more polished and pristine: Hairnets, immaculate plaits, oiled hooves and spotless white saddle pads. It’s interesting how, even though the sports have progressed massively, the style culture surrounding them is very true to their roots; polocrosse which was developed in the Australian outback and Eventing which originated from the military cavalry.



Polocrosse vs Eventing
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   Define your equestrian & everyday style:


 Simple, comfortable and classic. In terms of riding, my daily uniform consists of grey johdpurs with a checked shirt, but I love smartening up myself and my horse for an event. Out of the saddle I’m a bit of a chameleon; I’m equally happy in a pair of jeans with one of my boyfriend’s sweaters and a statement necklace, as I am in a floor length ball gown. I love dressing to the occasion.


Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style

Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style by equestrianista featuring a chiffon maxi skirt

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  Any Basics that horsewomen need?


I think little beats a beautifully fit hunting jacket.  A great source for finding a hunt coat is to go to : The Vintage Tack Room- They are an amazing resource.  www.thevintagetackroom.com


  What are your go to pieces? Colors you enjoy?


I showjump in tweed, and wear my jacket with a navy stock. I love the combo.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Style
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  What are new things you’re currently obsessed with?(items, brands, etc..)


 I am utterly addicted to Eurostar Clothing at the moment. Their johdpurs have a low hipster cut which fit beautifully and give a modern twist to a classic. They also make gorgeous lightweight jackets that are just perfect for riding in spring. I have one in turquoise which is featured in the photo and it looks amazing warming up at a competition with white johdpurs or at training with grey johdpurs.

In terms of helmets, I think One K are doing something really different at the moment while still maintaining a classic style. I love their defender helmets, particularly in the matte navy and black.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style

Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style by equestrianista on Polyvore

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Do you have a Rider on the Go tip?

Dry shampoo!! It completely saves me from dealing with hat hair when I’m running from the yard to meet friends!


 Travel- Best places horsey to travel?

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing horsey experiences while travelling. I once played polocrosse in Zimbabwe where we had to hold time during the game as a herd of elephants walked past the pitch!

One of my favourite travel memories was a horseback safari in the Chyulu Hills, Kenya. A wonderful company called Ride Kenya offers absolute luxury in the bush and I was lucky enough to go to help them work horses and assist the guests while travelling a couple of years ago. The wildlife offers such unexpected adventure. We would gallop with herds of zebra, and finish the day with a g&t in front of the fire. An absolutely unbeatable experience that I feel so privileged to have had.

To contact Ride Kenya, drop them a message on Facebook!  Click here-

Keep in touch & follow!

Photo Credit Jon Stroud

I am hugely active on social media and love to keep my followers updated on my equestrian journey. Whether it be dishing the goss about the All Star Academy, my training experiences, competition results, mucking out thoughts or cute pictures of my newborn foal, it’s all on there! You can follow me on facebook on www.facebook.com/RLJEventing, and instagram and twitter on @RLJEventing. The Blue Chip All Star Academy is a brand new television series which premieres on Sunday 12th June 9pm on Horse and Country TV. Horse & Country TV is available in the UK on Sky channel 253 and online via the H&C Play app

Now that you’ve gotten to know Rhianydd, one of the stars on the Blue Chip All Star Academy- a Horse and County TV Series that airs this Sunday, June 12th at 9pm UK Time- Be sure to follow her and watch!  Its going to be really really epic!


2016 Summer

2016 Summer

Easy Accessory to transition into the new season…Pick up a Scarf!

Scarves are so easy to change things up with.

My suggestion if you are pressed for time, pick up or order a new fun scarf.


Click here to go onto Etsy- I already am sending you to view fun horsey scarves.


Have too many scarves???

There are a ton of ways to wear your scarves in a different way, add a pin or turn it into a totally different piece!



Click on the pictures above to check out Pinterest posted ideas on how to turn your scarves into something else!

Or wear your scarf in a horsey way….

Wear your scarf like a stocktie!

Click here or the picture to go to blog post about how to wear your scarf like a stocktie.

Bling by Discipline- Part 1

The fashion statement of Bling is found in every equestrian discipline.


My rule of thumb, if you are going to bling it up:

Use the Rule of Three- a tasteful amount is three pieces of bling.  

What must one consider?

With adding pieces of bling, take note of your horses colors and markings.   If you have a horse that has a great large white face or white socks- let nature show off and lessen your bling.  If you have a great big black or dark colored plain horse- bling it up a bit more.

Your riding discipline of choice may encourage more bling vs others.  Such as Dressage, Western, Jumpers vs Hunters, Foxhunting, Eventing, Polo & Polocrosse


How do different disciplines wear it?


Browband, Spur, Spur Strap, Charm Piece, Rider’s Hair, Mane, Stockpin, Belt, Dressage Whip Handle,

Click above to go to Browbandswithbling.com

Browbands With Bling, a company who Ive seen their work make some really great Swarovski Crystal items that are all custom.  I saw the most spectacular dog collar made by them once!  Check them out: http://www.browbandswithbling.com

New Trends:  Saddles & Manes

Bliss of London– Most amazing looking saddles of all disciplines offer some bling stitching and jewels to their dressage saddles.  Click on pic to go to website.


Everywhere!  Haha just kindding

Bridle, Spur Straps, Shirt, Jeans, Belt, Saddle Cloth, Added glitter to hooves, Hat.

So many choices it’s fun to look through, but wear your sunglasses, there’s lots of bling!

Kippy is the ultimate classic belt company-  Since 1948.  They make other amazing things, but the belts are what I know them for.  www.kippys.com

Miss Me JeansTheres 17 pages of bling jeans. www.missme.com

Rod’s Western Palace– a western saddlery that should satisfy your bling needs!   www.rods.com

Top Event rider turned Cowgirl Fashionista, Elizabeth Iorio, has been working hard in the bucking bull industry, being the major force behind Platinum Pistol Bucking Bulls as well as Pistol Platinum Couture- amazing fresh designs of jeans!

Pistol Platinum Jeans
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Pick and choose where your bling goes- Take into consideration what markings your horse already has, what color your horse is, what other colors you may be working with.


Part 2 next week


Home Decor Part 1 – Getting Foxy in your home

There’s always a trend of woodland creatures that someone in the Home Decor World is featuring!


Right now Joules, Target & H&M(of all companies) are featuring our beloved woodland creatures including Mr. Fox!


Joules getting foxy
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H&M Gets foxy
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fox at target
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Trends to look forward to and take note of

Take a moment, and rearrange your closet.  Group the following items together, so that you can assemble what to wear from them since these are your items that will be your Fall & Spring staples.  It makes things SO much easier.


Northern Hemisphere-

Animal Prints- Birds are particularly popular-


The blanket coat- as previously written about.


Velvet- Always a staple to have something velvet.


Knits & Knots- Big knit sweaters are in- I can foresee finding a couple of good ones will be your staple items this Autumn.


Reds- Reds have been popular all year- this is a staple item that will take you right into the deep of winter.




Southern Hemisphere:

Fall into Winter


Pastels- Soft colors- lots and lots of soft colors everywhere!  Even at a sophisticated age, adding some soft colors is a must.  Soft pastels and brighter colors will be an easy transition right into summer.


Crests- Big over sized crests are popular.


Mixed Metals- look for mixing metals, whether it’s in mixing some jewelry together or finding a gem T-shirt that has different studs and paint on it!


Flowers- Florals are big this whole year- this will take you right into summer easily.


* Keep a look out for also Nautical style- that will transition you right into summer and it never goes out of style!  Navy & Whites, Chevron print, is always in no matter where you are in the World.

** You’ll also need a couple good hats as well for that strong sun!



Spring into Summer

50 Shades of Grey!

Did you have something else in mind?



August 16th The Barry Silkman Double O Seven Grey Horse Handicap Stakes take place at the Newmarket Race Grounds in UK.

You’ll have to wait till Feburary 14th to watch the other 50 Shades of Grey!  The movie trailer is out now, movie hype is buzzing all over the World!  

Until then, You can never go wrong this year with wearing any shade of grey!

50 Shades of Gray
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Combine Mint with Gray- Obsessed!

mint & gray
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Brighten Things Up!

It can be very easy to brighten things up in your home.

Simple ideas:

Try a new coat of paint on the walls- that’s an automatic!  What color to paint?  Well, I always start with finding a special piece that I love.  Whether its a new fabric print on a pillow or a Duvet cover or a rug!  I’ve just always found it easy to figure out what color and what patterns to mix with if I start with a piece I really love.  It could be really anything.

Find a favorite pattern
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For example, I fell in love with this Duvet Cover…  I found pieces to work around it.  I took an old chipped paint door and made it into a backboard shelf for my bed, found other patterns of pillows to mix in, and put my own touches of pictures, lamps, etc… I basically kept everything less bright to let the Duvet cover really stand out.  This is an example of adding a few bright pieces and keeping everything else neutral.

Do you have a neutral room?   Even just a fresh coat of paint and replace accessories with bright items will completely change the room!

Trendy Home Decor
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Or find a new color for the walls and keep all the pieces in the room basic- mix and match woods, metals, textures with a bright wall!

Pick a favorite Color

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What about using a favorite picture as the color inspiration?

Inspiration from a Favorite Picture
Just some simple ideas to change things and spruce the house up!  Happy decorating!



A staple “Go-To ” Outift Idea

Orange is the new black and you can’t go wrong with it.  Add bits and pieces of a bold color and keep the rest simple.  A pretty surprise of a fox pin under this great orange cloak and a simple braided buckle silver bracelet finishes this look.  *If “Orange” is not your color, go for peaches- they go with any color skin, hair or eyes…


Go Anywhere Outfit Idea

Click on picture above to purchase these items.

Keep Orange and the ranges of orange in your wardrobe this year.   Peaches for spring,  orange or fluorescent orange for summer, burnt orange for fall(love) and any orange for winter… Maybe a deep orange rust or a soft peach with some silver shine added!

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