Eventing is coming soon!

Eventing is coming soon- March & April!  When I think of Spring, I think of Eventing.  Badminton and Rolex are the worlds’ most competitive three-day events that take place in late April/ early May.  Here at The Equestrianista, I will go deep into the heart of eventing, the history and culture, top eventing equestrianista interviews, trends & styles, three-day eventing, the jog-out and so much more!   Stay Tuned!

Fox Hunting…Coming soon to The Equestrianista!


-By Jason Mandel on 12/03/2010


When I think of my winter season, I think about Fox Hunting.  This winter, The Equestrianista will be featuring Fox Hunting.  You will learn about the history, tradition, culture, and how Fox Hunting has influenced fashion.  You will also get to meet some Fox Hunting Equestrianista’s and learn about their tricks, tips, and favorites of Fox Hunting and style.

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