Funny observations in Australia from an American

OK confession time- Here is my American, Pony Club brain, making a totally wrong assumption for something that I saw the other day. … Get ready to laugh a bit-

If anyone is familiar with the United States Pony Club & probably Pony Clubs in general around the World, the encouragement to label everything with your last name has been embedded into you.  Am I Right?

Well, the other day I used a wheelbarrow from a stable in Australia.  The person’s wheelbarrow I borrowed, was not named Sherlock, but I just assumed somehow, they acquired the wheelbarrow from someone  named Sherlock! This person who I borrowed the wheelbarrow had worked on the race track and in my American brain, I just figured someone’s stuff got taken or mixed up.

I mean what would you think if you saw this wheelbarrow?  (Australians are excluded from this question.)


WRONG!  Here’s your laugh for the day- no one’s last name is Sherlock who has a black wheelbarrow!  It’s a national company who’s wheelbarrows all look like this!  You can go to the local hardware store, in Australia, and there are at least 1/2 a dozen of them waiting for you to take them home with you!  🙂

Have a great day and I hope I was able to make you laugh!


Moving Down Under…

I’ve been going back and forth with figuring out how to transition with this and I just haven’t figured out the best way, so here it goes


So Announcing that I’m moving Down Under in my fashion, style, trend and overall reports!  I will still share fabulous things and event happening all over the World that I love, but my home base has drastically changed to Australian Equestrian Fashion!


Stay with me, you most likely will find something fabulous to add to your style that you’ve never seen or heard of!


Ok it’s not that easily done, but it can be done if this is what you want.  But you have to want it and be willing to put what you want into plan. Thats the tricky scary part that I feel like most people don’t do.  

As I wrote in previous posts, I needed a change.  I started this blog along with making spur bracelets and other pretty equestrian themed items and ignited my passion again!


I quit my job, sold my house,  and have started doing some marketing and social media for various small companies while traveling to beautiful places visiting friends in Maine, USA- Calgary, CAN- and Geraldton, AUS.

I bought a couple of plane tickets!  Australia here I come.

I don’t know about the tan, as I’m more of a freckle connector(white skin, freckles + sun=more freckles that connect which create an appearance of a tan, but really its just more freckles)

I fell in love!


I firstly, fell in love, with myself again!  Wow did I miss you!   I feel like a lot of people let this part of life go.  It’s very important to get back to that, cause if you’re in love with yourself, you open opportunities that are beyond your imagination!

The funny thing while Ive been traveling- That old saying- You find love when you’re least expecting

Yeah it’s true- Yes I fell in love too!

I fell in love with an Aussie Bloke who’s kind, fun, happy, responsible, and get this… Horsey and not gay!

I spent enough time on my best friends couch back in the states discussing with her over bottles of wine(not bottles of wine at once, but multiple discussions) who is the ideal man for ourselves.

What do you do when you actually find the guy that you were talking about?  Hit the panic button- yes, I totally did this.  After a phone call to my best friend, I took a breath and let it happen, just like Ive been letting everything that I set in front of me happen.

And the never to return part…

 Well that’s been the hardest part.  You have to say goodbye and let go of many loved friends, family and animal.  I hadn’t thought of this total shift in the big plan at all.  I have just had to stay positive and look forward to the future for new wonderful things verses looking back at things I’ve had to leave behind- Like my horse and two beloved dogs.  I just can’t justify the money it costs to ship a horse or dogs for that matter.  And my wonderful dogs, one is old and to ship a dog that far I feel is cruel.  So they stay behind with wonderful homes and I just have to be happy with that.  I think of them often and wish at times that I could spend time with them and have a good cuddle session with them.

At least they are back in the states to visit.

So look to the future for new wonderful things and smile back at all the fantastic opportunities you have had in the past!

 Look forward to a fabulous Australian Equestrian 2016 from The Equestrianista!

Waroona and Yarloop Fires Misplace many pets and effect 100’s of Horses

This post isn’t about fashion, it’s about people coming together because of a devastating disaster.  I currently live in Western Australia in the beautiful Southwest where we have all been effected by these devastating fires….

The fires of Waroona are still blazing, Heros and tireless volunteers work round the clock to provide comfort to what is a leveling fire. The blaze has turned the town of Yarloop into ash, there are reports of four missing people and two found bodies.  Firefighters around the country of Australia are working towards containing this massive fire that has shut down the two major highways the connect the SouthWest of Western Australia to its capital city of Perth.

The effects are beyond just lost pets, burned horses, homeless people, even diary farms south of the blazes are having to dump thousands of liters of milk because the tankers cannot get to the farms to pick up the produced milk!

This massive fire has even created its own weather!  A rare occurrence, massive fires like this can change weather!  The heat mixed with the atmosphere, smoke and other factors created rain storms and a change in  wind!

People from everywhere have come out to donate items and money to help this major disaster.  People have stopped what they are doing in their lives just to turn around and see how they can help.  There are people looking for lost pets in safe areas that were effected by the fire as it blew through.  People are taking in horses and taking care of them and posting pictures on Facebook to find their owners.  People are opening up their farms for people to evacuate to.

The great thing about Western Australia is that almost every major little country town has an equestrian centre with permanent pens- They have been opened to all that need to evacuate.  Pony Club Moms, leaders of Polocrosse Clubs, Campdraft Clubs, Equestrian Groups have posted their cell phones as a point of contact, organized hay, water buckets, everything that is needed for evacuees to just arrive and rest.  Vets are volunteering their services around the clock to help with wildlife, livestock and pets.

Its really a remarkable outpouring of support to these flattening fires.


I have donated boots for people who left in a hurry that don’t have proper shoes to wear to go back to their properties and survey the damage.

I am also donating 35% of proceeds from Sales on my Etsy site.  If you’ve liked my items that I make and thought about buying something, please think about it now as the sale will help these victims.

Proceeds with goes towards medical & equipment supplies of effected horses from these fires.

Click here to go to my Etsy Shop:

The Tale of The Equestrianista…am I crazy, brave, or something inbetween?

Life as it is has not been satisfying…  I want more!

Ever felt like this? 

I want more out of work, a relationship, and location of living!

I have decided I need a big change.  I want to move across the country!  I feel like I’ve outgrown where I live.  Works sucks- Everyday I wonder, along with other co-workers, are we going to have a job tomorrow???  Last but not least, I live in a lovely town.  A lovely town to raise kids, it has a great public school system, fun places to go, and you feel safe.  The only problem is everyone seems to be taken.  The men that are left are losers who live in the basements of their parents’ houses, enjoy that their moms still do their laundry,  barely have a job and are ok with that!  Not my kind of man!


I’ve decided this is not the way I want to live!

When I tell my plan to friends or family, they say:  You are so brave to make this decision.  Am I really?  Why do people consider this a brave move?  Is it because it’s something that they have thought of doing, but never did cause they were scared?


I have a rough plan, eventual goals, and leaving everything else open to new or better opportunities.

I’m putting my house up for sale. Once it sells, I will move out west to Colorado.  Inbetween, I’ve been invited up to Maine, one of my favourite places.  I am going to help an old horsey friend out open her art gallery!

Then my plan is to pack my bags for 4 months.  Fly to Calgary Canada to go to the Calgary Stampede and teach Polocrosse with Polocrosse Calgary for a month.

After Stampede a wonderful friend has reminded me that “the door is always open”  She lives in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Yes the water is really this color! 

AUSTRALIA!  How can I not go visit, help her with her family, ride horses and play polocrosse for a season?

I’m going on Walkabout

All in the meantime, I will be working on uncovering what works for me as a career, direction in life and what really makes me happy.

Am I brave or stupid?  

Im leaving the rest open to bigger and better opportunities that I never dreamed of.  I wonder how this will pan out?


The Tale of The Equestrianista…How did I get here

Where was I?  Oh yes Change…  Once you feel like you need a change, what do you do about it?


I feel like most people do change a bit.  Once they really feel like they need to change something in their life, they do go down a path to do something about it.

Anyone out there up your workout routine so your clothes fit you better.  This probably happens every year as the gym commercials ramp up and New Years resolutions start to be promoted!    What about a change in your job?  A change in location of living?  A change in your relationship or lack of?

What do you want to change?

I had been feeling like I needed a change, I wasn’t really sure what exactly yet.

My advice for anyone feeling a need for change in their life:

Figure out what is making you feel like you need a change first.

Then think about how to steer towards that direction of change.

Think about short term things that need to happen and long term things that need to happen.

The more specific you are, the more direct and exact of a change you will receive.  If you leave details very open, change will happen regardless, but a loose plan will open yourself up for possibly much more than you ever thought, possibly something way more than you ever pictured, and something much better than you ever dreamed.

If you are needing inspiration… Click here to watch something that helped me really think and motivate me to pursue what’s my passion….

Click on this picture: 




When life points you in a new direction….

How in the World did I end up here?

Have you ever talked about doing something and actually open yourself up to doing it for real?

Of course you always have grand plans that you and your girlfriends like to talk about.  Some friends get annoying cause that’s all they talk about but NEVER do it, not even a baby step towards something different.  You think to yourself as they drown you in their sorrows… what a crappy way to live!

My Wanderluster instinct is a strong family trait.  Both of my parents have traveled extensively and each side of their family has strong desires to travel and see the world.  For example, my great grandfather on my mother’s side decided that Holland wasn’t going to give him the opportunities he dreamed about, so he set sail to America.  He checked it out, loved it, traveled back to Holland and announced to his family that he was moving to America.    He traveled back to America with a friend, they met their, to be wives and mother of their children on the boat andWell, as they say, The rest is history!

I have always traveled, mostly seeing the World with horses or because of horses.  I have met amazing people who have become very close friends along the way.

I guess looking back, those are major reasons why I am where I am today!

The story beginsThe journey of The Equestrianista

Throwback Thursday- Riding Horses during your College Years

The Tails of The Equestrianista…The Beginning

I know I should write about myself within my blog…I mean that’s what blogs are about right?  Recently I have had comments that I need to write more about myself….So here it goes:


I think about it often and then get stuck as to where to start.

The Equestrianista blog started sitting at a kitchen table in mid October of 2012 with an old equestrian friend and a glass or two of wine(ok it was probably a bottle shared between us if I really think about it).  The Equestrianista started because I needed an idea, I needed change in my life, and I needed a chance to create something.  Also.. who knows who I would meet along the way, get to know, find other opportunities out there!

I said I needed a change in my life-

So Why Not Do This and see where this Journey would take me?


OMG If you told me then where I would be now- I would’ve bet you were lying and making up the biggest story EVER!

But I guess I should back up to the beginning – enter at A, go down the center line and halt at X to start. 

When I was young, my parents enjoyed taking long walks together.  As I’ve been told, my dad would pack me on his back and they’d go for a long walk exploring around.  Little did they know, that going to pet the horses, one day at the local barn, would influence my entire life.  At age 2, I was pony crazy and with a little luck on my side, there was a very small pony for sale by the name of Peanuts at the local barn.

Some things have never changed, I love decorating the house, making things, etc…My favorite color is purple, and I have a soft spot for chestnuts.  Yep this picture sums it up pretty much!

From the very beginning, I was a total pony girl, even when I was not spending time riding or at the barn.

 Here is evidence, I used to make cloth bridles for the dog, pick her “hooves” and lead her around the house.  When this wonderful dog passed away, from cancer, not my horsing around, I got a Jack Russell.  I continued my horse training by collecting empty plant pots and sticks to jump her in the back yard.  *On a side note, a Jack Russell and an active child are a perfect pair- they will wear each other out!

From out of the womb, I’ve always been very independent.  I have been reminded by my father that I used to yell at him for trying to help me put my saddle on when I was 3yrs old.  Even though I was not strong or tall enough to get it on and would belt the pony in the side with the saddle.

By age 4, I wanted to be just like the cool teenage girls and take jumping lessons.  So my dad would put rails on the ground and lounge me over them as I bounced around on the saddle.


Asides from being naturally horse crazy- there were other influences to take into consideration of how I have come to be:



  Other major horsey influences was fact that I grew up in the heart of horse country in New Jersey!    I lived in Mendham which was 20 mins from Gladstone, NJ- a major epicenter for all things horses.  That area has Hamilton Farms- the headquarters for the USET in Gladstone, NJ

Click here to read about the USET

Also at the grounds of the USET, there used to be a very big International 3-Day event by the name of Essex 3-Day.  The Jersey Fresh 3-day has essentially taken its place.   There is also a very well known international driving event called Gladstone Driving Event.

There were two great saddleries in the area.

Bevals, which is a very big fancy English riding tack store.

Coach Stop Saddlery, one of my favorite places to go as a kid.  Just the other year I went to visit and check it out.  It smelled the same and brought me back.  It was wonderful!

Click here to go to Coach Stop’s Facebook Page

Far Hills Races, in October, is one of the largest steeplechase events around.  Its one of New Jersey’s biggest social events.

Click here to see Far Hills Race

Then you can’t forget Essex Fox Hounds!  A very old hunt who has had some very high profile participants, including our favorite, Jackie O . Who I remember, as a young kid hunting with a very nice pretty lady who used to hang around the kids…hmmmm

These horsey things really stick in my head as far as being first influences in my life to be a pony crazy Equestrianista.


Yes I rocked the Pompom, it was trendy back then!

 Products of the early 80’s!  Gotta love them.


Until next time- keep riding and styling!


Worn-out (wôrnout, wrn-) adj. Worn or used until no longer usable or effective.

I’m Worn-out but feeling rediscovered & refreshed!

I packed for 90 days in Australia and ended up staying for over 7 months!  Here I sit in South Western Australia looking at my worn out clothes and feel refreshed and rediscovered!



We all reflect the year that just past.

If someone told me where I would be sitting down to write this blog post,

I would’ve told them that they were lying! 


Lessons learned and enforced to live by from 2013:

Starting with my favorite old life lesson and ending with my new life lesson.

1. Be cautious of people who don’t have close good old friends.  

I have always found that there is something askew with people who don’t have oldie but goodie friends.  Not that every person you run into has the same thing wrong with them- but there are excellent good person qualities that are needed to have good old friends and be able to keep them!  People who lack those good person qualities usually dont have many good old friends.


2. If you’re unhappy, change things.

Easier said than done sometimes, but if you can find the courage to take the first step, the rest of the steps come easy.  There is NO reason to be unhappy and NO reason not to CHANGE things.  You’re just wasting life on being unhappy- who wants to do that?


3. Life is too short- do what  inspires you.

Earlier in the year of 2013, I was unfortunately reminded this life lesson.  My wonderful friend Renee, pictured above,  was killed in a horse related accident.  It was one of those stories you read about that reminds you to practice being safe around horses.  As much as I am still crushed to even think that she is not spreading glitter around this earth any longer, I am so grateful that she reminds me that Life is too Short and you need to do what inspires you and the rest will come.   Renee was a huge advocate for animal rights  in NYC and a big supporter for the carriage horses in NYC.  She always followed her heart and did what inspired her.

Fashion Advice in honor of Renee- But something sparkly pink for 2014!  




4. Create your own destiny.

This one is also a hard one, but as soon as you become inspired, feel that passion and fire inside of you, there is really nothing you can’t do.  I don’t think that Destiny is a predetermined course of events.  It’s your willingness and openness to try new things and go on different paths in life that inspire you.


5. Trust your gut.  

Another oldie but goodie- You can never go wrong with this one. You will always wish you had gone with your gut when you were on the fence about something and you will NEVER look back on a decision if you allow your “gut” to point you in the right direction.  *** Apply this to shopping for items.  If you totally fall in love with a piece of clothing and you think about it often. Go back and buy it- you’ll end up wearing the worth out of it!


6. You’ll find love when you least expect it.

Yep they always say that and it’s true.  I think when you finally take care of what needs to be taken care of along with  a little bit of timing on things- you will find love when you least expect it.


7. You can’t deal with Crazy (This is stolen from a good friend of mine)

We have all tried to deal with crazy people and in the end, you will end up saying: You can’t deal with Crazy.

Steer clear of people when you get the “crazy person” feeling from them.  Usually nothing good comes out of it.


8. Selfless and Selfish people just don’t mix

Again a personality difference that just never works out for both parties.  If you feel that you are dealing with someone on the extreme end of one or the other- it might be best to change your strategy on how you work with them.


9. When times get tough the tough step in and offer help.

I have always been a person that has stood on their own.  I fought for my independence out of the womb.  I was reminded of that when my father told me that I used to yell at him for trying to help me put my saddle on my pony when I was 2 years old!

When times get tough, accept help, let friends step in and offer support.  You’ll really find who’s who when you do.  Last year I quit my job, sold my house, and set sail on a life adventure.  Yes, that all sounds very fairytale, brave and adventurous- It was a bit calculated and a definite leap of life, and the best thing I ever did.

I just want to thank all my wonderful friends who offered places to stay, jobs to do and places to travel all over the world!  PA, NJ, MD, ME, USA, Calgary, Canada, Western Australia!

Thank you Cara, Megan, Sarah, Lesley, Jane,  & Mandy

10.  Make yourself complete, love yourself & do what makes you happy.  All else falls into place like you thought it would. 


As I look back over the year of 2013, there were some real lows but also some great highlights.  Looking at my clothes that I packed for 90 days in Australia that has turned into 7 months, I’m embarrassed of the wear and tear.

Thank you to some companies which I did pack!

I would like to thank Smartwool- the best sock company for keeping my feet happy while riding horses, exercising & hiking, and having an all around good time.  

Click above to visit SmartWool’s site

Walmart for making great fitting, cheap, jeans that you can ride in as well as wear outside of the barn!  My go to Cheap pair of jeans are LEI that is carried by Walmart!  

Click above to visit Walmart


Thank you Victoria’s Secret for making great fitting bra’s.  Even though they wore out after 6 months, I did only pack 3 along with some sports bras.  

Click above to visit Vicoria’s Secret

Thank you Wrangler for making fashionable, classic jeans that make your butt look great in!

Click here to visit Wrangler’s Site

I will need to get my Lagrange Cowgirl boots resoled as I am afraid I have ridden and danced right out of the soles!  Beautiful fashionable designs that Australia has never seen the likes of- Everyone wants to buy my boots!

Click above to visit Lagrange Leather’s site

My favorite Polocrosse playing boots- The Buckaroo made by Twisted X.

Click above to visit website 

Man have these boots been through alot of riding this year, let alone the last 2 years!

Since July 2013- 25 weeks of riding multiple horses a day plus most weekends playing polocrosse tournaments in Western Australia.  They still look great!

Click here to visit WAPA website


2014 is going to be great!  It’s the year of the Horse and 2014’s Color of the Year is Purple!  What more could an Equestrianista ask for?


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