Getting ready for Christmas…..DIY Christmas

Equestrian Wreath that lasts all year long –    Do you have any spare tack laying around or ask friends for any old straps, leathers, etc…..  You can turn them quickly into great things!


First start out with a regular wire wreath frame and some florist wire.


Then select straps- all sorts of straps- stirrup leathers, martingale neck straps, reins, breastplates, etc….  whatever you can find that easily wrap around the frame.

Next- Get to wrapping!  You may need to add the florist wire wrapping around as well so that it secures the leather as you go around the frame.

Keep going till you’ve covered the entire frame!



For Christmas-

  You can add greens and berries easily- just tuck them into the strap rounds.  Im in Australia and evergreens dry out pretty quickly so I used gum tree leaves and painted the gum nuts red for that festive look.

Merry Christmas-

Feeling Dry…Exfoliate made in 2 mins

Around this time of year, wherever you are, your skin might be feeling a bit dry.

Some causes: Sun, Wind, Cold, Artificial & Natural Heat, Stress, not enough water consumption, low humidity, hot showers…The list goes on

I’ve found my skin in the last few weeks dry.  It’s summer here in Australia and between the sun screen, ocean, air, water, dry air, etc… moisturizer doesn’t always cut it- I need a little exfoliation and deep hydration.

Its soooooooooooo easy to make a quick sugar scrub, even minutes before you take a shower or bath. I find myself thinking, why don’t I do this more often???

Give yourself a quick treat for the shower or bath tonight!



1 cup of Sugar(white or brown)

Coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil(I prefer the first two)

Scent: Essential oils are great: Lavendar, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, citrus


Find something in your cupboard or frig or garden: Green Tea, Chamomile, Coffee grinds, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, vanilla extract, banana, strawberry, blueberry, mint, sage, fresh herbs, orange

Place sugar in a small bowl and add enough oil to coat while stirring- add scent- Consider if you want an uplifting scent like Peppermint or Coffee or Citrus or a calming scent like lavender or Chamomile or Tea Tree.

AND THATS IT!  Mix and enjoy- exfoliate your arms and legs, in-between your toes and fingers, shoulders, etc…

Rinse when done and towel dry.  Your skin will feel smooth and moisturized.  Try to do this once a week, change the combination of scents.

My favorite combos:

Chai Tea: I add 1 bag of English tea loose, ginger powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a little vanilla for a uplifting warm morning scrub.


Theres nothing like good old beautiful Lavender and sage together to relax at night with.




DIY Christmas- Easy and Meaningful

Two words that you are looking for when shopping for that Equestrianista that has everything are really great to hear around this time of year- Easy & Meaningful



Oh and Quick!!!! Thats a great word too!



Ok- So most of us have a pair of reins that came with a bridle that we love, but the reins just don’t work for your personal riding taste.  I think once you start riding and competing, reins turn into a very personal choice and something that you don’t like, is YUCK!  Or there’s a browband, laying around because it  just didn’t coordinate with your overall look for competition, so you got the really blingy one.  OR someone decided to be an idiot and broke their nice leather halter that you just bought and you have intentions of getting it fixed, but yet it sits in the tack room collecting dust.

Try A Personally made picture frame!!!!




Super Glue

A metal straight edge

Shipping Cutting knife- Exacto knife

Spare leather pieces- reins are really easy, a halter works very well, a breastplate, something that has a buckle on it.

And an inexpensive wood frame with good flat surface area– If you’re in Australia, I picked up a 3 pack of great frames at Spotlight(national craft/everything store) for under $20, depending on what size you choose!   They are currently on super sale!


Play around with the tack that you have and come up with a plan.  Then start to cut and glue!  Take your time, let your creative juice flow, etc….

Yes its that easy and they turn out beautiful. Just don’t glue your fingers together. You probably want to do this before you get your nails done this holiday season as well!

If you have time, print out a photo of the horse or friend and put it in the frame, even if it’s just on regular paper, it’s nice that way….

*** Think about where the frame stand is and place buckles accordingly so that the frame can be used vertically or horizontal***








Frames in use:



The Equestrianista’s Rules of the Christmas Tree

Getting everything ready for Christmas- I have a couple of rules for the tree!


Please forgive the fake tree this year!    I’m in Australia which brings some issues that make having a real tree hard!  Because it’s summer, a tree doesn’t last that long here- tops- 2 weeks!  Plus, unless you can go out and chop down your own, many tree farms are at least $50 a tree…so hence the fake tree this year!

I’ve learned from my mistakes.

-My first year, I bought a small live scented pine tree.  It stayed alive throughout the holidays but planting anything in the Australian summer its very hard and you need to at least water it once, if not twice a day.

-The second year, I pulled a small cedar tree out from the side of the road and put it right in water- t didnt last for more than 10 days!

Also, if you ever spend Christmas here, don’t try to make evergreen wreaths or anything like that- they don’t last very long either!  The beautiful green turns yellowish brown quickly in the summer air


Regardless of the tree base you have, here are my rules for the tree:


1. A small strand of coloured lights wound up and down the trunk of the tree adds a special sparkle.

2. When adding your white lights, try to have at least two shapes.  This adds a really nice touch to the tree.  Bright white lights and a soft round light or stars or something different.


3. Smaller special ornaments always go up top, larger ones at the bottom.

4. If you can place a mirror near the tree, it picks up the twinkle and adds more to the room.

5. Always make the area around the tree special as well.  Make it your own little magical space.


November’s DIY Project- Peppermint Sugar Scrub


The perfect gift for all Equestrians!  November’s DIY Project- Peppermint Sugar Scrub.  After a long cold windy day at the barn, there’s nothing better to exfoliate and hydrate with this! Makes great holiday gifts.

Supplies you need:  Peppermints, Sugar-you can use a variety of kinds if you choose, Olive Oil, & Peppermint Oil.  I also added Grapeseed Oil. Grapeseed Oil is a great antioxidant & will aid in skin damage.

Mix the sugars, crushed peppermints, and add the oils.  Pour to the consistency that you prefer.  The Peppermint Oil is quite strong so add a little bit at a time.

If you choose, you can be clever with layers of peppermints or put a whole peppermint on the bottom or top as a surprise.  Have fun with it.

Have fun decorating the jars. I made these cute labels up.


Easy Accessory to transition into the new season…Pick up a Scarf!

Scarves are so easy to change things up with.

My suggestion if you are pressed for time, pick up or order a new fun scarf.


Click here to go onto Etsy- I already am sending you to view fun horsey scarves.


Have too many scarves???

There are a ton of ways to wear your scarves in a different way, add a pin or turn it into a totally different piece!



Click on the pictures above to check out Pinterest posted ideas on how to turn your scarves into something else!

Or wear your scarf in a horsey way….

Wear your scarf like a stocktie!

Click here or the picture to go to blog post about how to wear your scarf like a stocktie.

DIY Summer- Attending to the Garden – Roots in Boots

Even if you are a plant killer- you can do this easily!


Do you have old worn out boots that need retiring?

DIY SUMMER PROJECT- The Cowboy Boot Planter 

Supplies needed:  

Drill, Boot of some sort, soil, and a plant to go it in.

On a Budget?

Root your own plants from friends gardens!  Its easier than you think, even a self-proclaimed plant killer can do this trick!

Rooting- (ok get your mind out of the gutter)

 Look for any geranium or rosemary plant for your first try- they are very easy, require low watering and should 99% of the time work!

You will need some honey- raw is best.  Soil,  sharp knife, and a container.

First, take a cutting about 4-5 inches from the end of a plant whether its a geranium or rosemary.  Take off most leaves at the bottom and leave some at the top.

Next, dip the end in some honey.  It’s a great natural root starter. Place in soil that’s in a pot!

Yep, it’s that easy!  That’s it.  You do need to water it once you’re done.  I highly recommend that you also take a white or clear plastic bag and cover the plant & container with it for 2-3 weeks.  Poke a couple of holes in it(3-5) . *** Remember to water it and check on it every 3-5 days.   ***  After the 2-3 weeks, if it hasn’t turned brown and died, it should have started to grow roots and become a little plant on it’s own 🙂

*You can stick the cuttings directly into the pot that you intend them to live in for a while, directly into the ground, or in a smaller pot till they establish good roots before transplanting.  That’s up to you!

Back to the Cowboy Boot Planter:

 Drill holes in the bottom of the boot.  If there is a sole lining, you might want to just remove it.

Next, fill with soil- 1/2 way.  Then place a plant of choice in it.  Fill the rest of the boot with soil & water!

Voila!  A horsey planter for your barn or home.

DIY June- It’s a Strap Wrap!

Look Familiar?


How about now?


DIY June- Garder Strap Wrap!

Wraps are in and this is a great piece to wear with something else or by itself.

I took a child’s garder strap and turned it into a bracelet!  What’s a Childs Garder Strap?  Pictured above, its a strap of leather worn buy young riders who haven’t graduated into tall boots.  The purpose is to keep the breeches in place.  They are an essential piece of riding gear for young riders who compete in the Hunter show ring.

Go to your local tack shop and they should have children’s garder straps.  I found a great pair for under $20 at Horsemen’s Outlet(one of my favorite tack stores)

I went for the smallest ones I could find and ones that were not expensive.

Supplies you will need: Straight edge ruler, a pair of scissors, a leather punch, a cutting knife like an exacto knife or shipping knife, and a cutting board or an area that you can cut leather on.

First Step:

Take your straight edge and a pen and mark out three even strips on the broad part of the garder strap.   Cut evenly three strips.  *** See at the top of this strap where the thin part begins to get thick?  I had to take a pair of scissors and trim down the thick part so that when I made it into a wrap, it would be adjustable enough- You may have to do the same.

Next Step:

 The Magic Braid!  It’s quite easy, but if you are having problems, youtube: the magic braid and you will find several simple clips.

Most of you are comfortable braiding.

Take the three straps in your hands.

Complete one full braid- 1, 2, 3 then hold the braid and stop.

Third Step: Pulling through the Loop

Once you have made the 1,2,3 braid overlap steps – just like a normal braid- STOP.  Next, take your strap end and put it through the right loop opening under the braid part and pull through.

Next Step:

  Do another braid 1, 2, 3 overlap and the STOP!  Take your strap and loop it now through the left loop.

Complete braids:

 Now that you have completed two braids and looped the strap through after each braid, you will have a smooth braided strap.  You may have to even out the braid by adjusting the straps.

Done!  Well almost– now you have to start your wrap part and wear it!

Now for me, the strap was too long, so I cut it.  I also needed to punch some extra holes in it.  So I decided to punch holes the whole way along the strap for style.

Now you’re Ready to go!  The great part is you have another garder strap to make another wrap bracelet and give it to someone special.

April Showers Bring May’s DIY for the Garden!

I apologize for not continuing my DIY projects that I started last year.  Don’t worry- I’m all set for the rest of the year, now that I have finally settled in one spot and don’t plan on moving for a long time.


Western Australia 


here are a lot of weather sayings all over the World.  I think most everyone in the northern hemisphere can agree that March- “In like a lion and out like a lamb” was a bit off, since November through April were all LIONS!    Now that Spring is finally there for them and Fall for the southern hemisphere- we can turn towards our gardens, little or big and prepare them for a beautiful season to come.

DIY May- Making an Upcycled horsey Garden “Bed”

I feel that it is fairly easy to find a small unwanted twin size bed.  At a garage sale, for sale on facebook, free to a good home, at the end of a driveway, or maybe stored in your garage or storage area just sitting there doing nothing!

There was a small twin size metal bed in the shed that was collecting dust.  I decided to upcycle it into my new dividing garden bed!

How did I do it?

The bed was already black.  So I took the pieces apart- The two ends and the base.  I took the base to use as a great vine wall as well as to define a division in the garden.   I also took the head of the bed and placed it at a 90* angle to the base.  I dug the earth for both pieces to be anchored in and then with black zip ties attached them together.

Yes, that’s a pile of manure!  Planning on planting some roses there eventually who LOVE manure. (Gardening tip, make sure that your manure is at least 2 weeks old so that it doesn’t burn plants…give it a little time to settle and “mature”)

To make it horsey, I took a horseshoe and wired it to the head of the bed and sprayed it black!

 I had the foot of the bed, still left.  So I added another horseshoe to the center and created a little sitting area in the garden.  I also had two pretty mismatched wicker chairs laying around that I repainted the same so that would kind of match.

Lesson for the month- think outside of the box and turn something old into something new!  If you have a little bed around that is no longer being used- you know what to do!

Ok, so maybe when nothing’s planted around it, the garden bed looks a little weird, like a twin bed taken apart. I just thought, that base is perfect to let some viny plant take over without worrying about it choking out the rest of your garden and you can plant stuff on either side of a temporary wall.   I’m thinking sweet peas, clemantis vine, morning glories, a climbing rose, passion flowers(which has been a favorite of mine), or even put some veggies in there like tomatoes or beans!  OR a couple of them!  I will post pictures once the garden gets going.

Keeping Whites – White- Tricks and Trades of the Equestrian World

Everyone has a trick for keeping white breeches and or jeans white!


Here are tips of keeping whites white as well as featuring some great white choices!

***Always follow what the label says for the care of certain clothing!  Especially if they are a pair of $200+ riding breeches vs $75 riding jeans or under $40 cotton jeans/breeches***



Add 1 can of coke to your laundry to get white breeches and jeans white!  It’s a common polo and polocrosse trick for after a hard weekend of dirt and grime rubbed in from a close contact horse sport to clean up your gear with a can of coke.

* My tip- I like to first soak the jeans in the wash with hot water and a small amount of bleach and 1/2 the amount of detergent required.  Then leave the top up for a little so that the dirt gets time to loosen and oils break down.  Then when the wash is ready to finish all the cycles- add a can of coke in the wash.  Yes it really works.

Click here and picture above to find Pukkah Riding Jeans.  

Pukkah Sports apparel makes a great fitting, light and stretchy riding jean.  Woman’s styles come in a straight leg and a skinny leg. The skinny leg is great for fitting inside tall boots!  Comes in men’s as well.  Pukkah is mostly a custom sports shirt company in case you are looking for a specific custom one of a kind look!

Look for the Pukkah label.

Pre-treat stains:

Pre-treating any stain that is on whites will greatly help.  Putting whites in a tub or sink of hot water with a whitening detergent and adding some elbow grease with a stiff brush can do wonders!   Everyone has their favorite pre-treat stain remover.  My rule of thumb is to purchase something in the middle of the road, in price.  Soak, scrub, rinse and repeat.  Then put into the wash.  Rinse twice to get rid of any soap remains.

 Click here and picture for more info on FITS PerforMAX Full Seat Breech!

I love the technical breech companies out there and what they think of for elegance with performance packed in underneath!  FITS makes a very nice sleek breech that is packed full of performance features!  


FITS All Season fabric in white for the smooth, formal look that riders prefer, with the support and body sculpting features only available from FITS PerforMAX. Fully lined in light weight, opaque microfibre. Now with true white deerskin. More formal, front zip ease and a rise that works with classic dressage coats or shadbellys.  

FITS Full Seat Breeches optimize riding performance through functional design, featuring segmented deerskin panels to allow maximum range of motion for a deeper, more secure position in the saddle. Tiny perforations in the leather create more surface resistance for a much better grip, increase stretch capacity for freedom of motion and allow for significantly better leather breathability than any breech on the market today. Our athletic gusseted crotch is leather-free and seamless, eliminating bulk and pulling. This all-season breech features micro-poly yarns next to your skin which wick moisture in hot weather and trap air for insulating and warming in cold weather.   FITS body sculpting technology goes even further with our hidden power net “abpanel which gives subtle, effective body core support and smooth, flattering lines to your tummy and hips. Power net is also used to increase your boot comfort.

Some but not too much Bleach!

No matter how dirty your breeches and jeans appear, don’t use too much bleach!  The bleach will break down the fibers and create holes as well as it can yellow the items!  Never put bleach on directly- just in water first then add clothing.


 Want a classic breech- reach for Pikeur!  They make a really nice knee patch and full seat breech.  Very soft inside with a stretchable comfy material that works with you, not against!  Click here or picture for more info. 

I’ve heard about Scotchguard!

Try Scotchguard or a waterproofing spray before you wear them first!  Test material for any slippery qualities – You don’t want slick jeans or breeches while riding!  There is a theory that by adding a protective layer on before you add the dirt and grime, you may come out looking cleaner and make it easier to wash them after!  I have yet to try this, but my next white jean purchase I will let you know!

 The Berkely Jean carried by Bombers Equestrian.  Bomber is known for developing unique equipne equipment products.  His unique bit designs that are sweeping the World in multiple disciplines!  Happy mouth, Happy horse!  

But they also carry Polo and Polocrosse equipment and carry a great white jean for their customers.  

Key features of the Berkeley Jeans:


And as usual- care for your whites such as washing inside out, do not wash unless needed, read the care instructions, don’t use fabric softener, etc…


Does anyone have any other secrets?  Please share on Facebook!


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