Home Decor Part 2- Lets Go Foxhunting & Get Horsey

Joules is a winner with some fantastic new Bedroom Duvet Covers & Pillows!

Check it out!


Going Foxhunting

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Off to the Races


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Colorful Joules
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If it’s time for a change in the bedroom decor, Joules has some fantastic horsey options that are colorful and fun!  The hard part will be to pick which one!

Twisted Snaffles aren’t harsh when made by Rebecca Ray

Most of us would cringe when we see a single thin twisted wire snaffle on a bridle,  but when beautifully and tastefully placed on a clutch by Rebecca Ray Designs, your whole outlook changes about that bit!


Twisted Snaffle

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Herban Essentials are a big hit!

Looking for a great all around product to add to your daily routine?

Try Herban Essentials

Look for Herban Essentials:


Started in 1997, Herban Essentials is a small family run company located in Santa Barbara, California.  Our mission has always been simple: to provide our customers with the very best essential oil towelettes in the world as a way to experience essential oils without all of the fuss that goes into buying and mixing oils. 

Herban Essentials uses the highest quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, steam distilled or cold pressed essential oils. We make a constant effort to obtain organic, wild-grown oils from American farmers whenever possible. Our products are made in the USA, are cruelty free and are never tested on animals.



Give it a Go- Herban Essentials

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I was recommended to try Herban Essentials by an Equestrianista who’s very savvy.  I wrote to Herban Essentials and they sent me a little sample pack to give them a try.

My first observations:

The packaging is clean, simple and clever.  Very eye catching and something that you’re happy to throw in your bag, keep in the barn, in your car and nearby to use when needed.

I always like to support good companies that use pure good quality product, are animal testing free, and manufacture within their own country.

I received a multi pack- I couldn’t decide which wipe to open first!  After trying all scents, I don’t have a favorite, they are all great.  Personally, I love mint- so the mint wipes were great and refreshing.  The lemon and orange were deliciously clean. The lavender was delightfully calming and lovely.

They make a clever pet wipe with the scent of lavender.  What a great idea!  Those stinky barn dogs could use a wipe down once in a while.  Plus, the lavender scent has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and has been used as a repellent for insects which is a nice added benefit.

Smelly Pet
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Many of the essential oils not only smell good, but have other properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and aroma therapy.
I thought a lot about how you can use these wipes with the Equestrian in mind:


– Wipe off your face and refresh sunscreen.  Clean away dirt, sweat and grime that clog pores and can create uneven skin.  Lavender and Eucalyptus have great antibacterial properties which will help with any chin blemishes that you might get in the summer from your chin strap on your helmet.

– When you are done with wiping your face, stuff the wipe inside your riding helmet to keep that smelling fresh for your next ride!
– Wipe down your tack with the lavender wipes for a cleaning, moisturizing and anti-bacterial application.
– Wipe down your chin strap with the lavender or eucalyptus to get rid of the grime that’s collected there.  Not only do you need to keep your face clean, but also what touches your face to minimize blemishes.
– Use the lavender wipes on your horse’s face at a show to put the finishing touches before going into the show ring. If lavender has calming properties for humans, maybe it will benefit your horse as well?
– Use the lavender for yourself while warming up for the show ring.  Tend to feel a little bit nervous?  Wipe your face down, neck and wrists.  You will smell refreshed as well as benefit from that calming property lavender offers.  The essentials oils on the wipe will warm up with your skin.  Compete clean, calm cool and collected!
– Wipe down your show boots before going into the ring or after.
– Wipe down that dirty dog or smelly barn cat.
– Don’t throw away your wipes!  Well, unless after wiping down the dirty barn dog.  Use first on your face and body to refresh yourself and then leave the wipe in your car as an air freshener!   In the fall or winter, leave the already used wipe in your pocket to make your barn jacket smell good.
– After riding, always have one on hand for going from the barn to somewhere else.
– Mint has been said to help with spider control, so after using the mint wipe, wipe down somewhere in the tack room to keep the spiders down.
– The lemon and orange scents are great to wipe down the kitchen- they smell fantastic! Just like a freshly cut lemon or orange.  Wipe down your car or truck’s dashboard- It tends to collect more dust and dirt going to the barn and will leave a fresh smell in your vehicle.
What else can you think of?

Want to find where to purchase Herban Essentials?  Click Here:

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Want to follow what Herban Essentials is up to?

Equestrian Stamps from Australia

I can only assume because we are celebrating the Year of the Horse and Australia being such a horsey country, they have just come out, hot off the presses, with a variety of disciplines on stamps!


They are quite well done, coming from a judging eye.  Check them out!  I would think any horse person would love to at least have a small sheet of their own disciplines’ stamps for keepsakes.

 What’s your discipline?

 Or maybe you just love all things horses?  

There is a wide variety of what you can purchase.  You can get a post card with one of the disciplines on it, you can get one stamp of each, you can get a sheet of just one specific stamp, etc….

Click above picture find out where to purchase
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Wouldn’t it be great to have all 5 as framed posters for the tack room or house?  hmmmm….hint hint, wink wink

The Piper Breech from Smartpak for everyday riding…

I just came across a cute line of affordable everyday riding breeches from SmartPak the other day.


What do I like about them?

They have a nice blend of material- Soft, stretchy, but will keep their shape.

They have really cute two tone details on the pockets.

The lower leg has a nice thin material smoothly sewn into them.

They are a great mid price point.  Somewhere between “not too cheap with cheap material that will only last me 1/2 a season and they fit like crap so I end up no wearing them anyways”  and “I feel like I over paid for a pair of breeches that will last just as long as others half their price”

They come is good classic color choices- black, navy, grays, tans, browns, and a maroon.

And +++  They come in a plus size range that looks like they put thought into curves and measurements instead of just making a bigger baggier version of their regular breech!

Piper Breech
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Here is the plus size measurement chart:


*SmartPak did not ask me to write a review, I was just looking through breech choices on their website and the detailing of the breech caught my eye.  

DIY June- It’s a Strap Wrap!

Look Familiar?


How about now?


DIY June- Garder Strap Wrap!

Wraps are in and this is a great piece to wear with something else or by itself.

I took a child’s garder strap and turned it into a bracelet!  What’s a Childs Garder Strap?  Pictured above, its a strap of leather worn buy young riders who haven’t graduated into tall boots.  The purpose is to keep the breeches in place.  They are an essential piece of riding gear for young riders who compete in the Hunter show ring.

Go to your local tack shop and they should have children’s garder straps.  I found a great pair for under $20 at Horsemen’s Outlet(one of my favorite tack stores)

I went for the smallest ones I could find and ones that were not expensive.

Supplies you will need: Straight edge ruler, a pair of scissors, a leather punch, a cutting knife like an exacto knife or shipping knife, and a cutting board or an area that you can cut leather on.

First Step:

Take your straight edge and a pen and mark out three even strips on the broad part of the garder strap.   Cut evenly three strips.  *** See at the top of this strap where the thin part begins to get thick?  I had to take a pair of scissors and trim down the thick part so that when I made it into a wrap, it would be adjustable enough- You may have to do the same.

Next Step:

 The Magic Braid!  It’s quite easy, but if you are having problems, youtube: the magic braid and you will find several simple clips.

Most of you are comfortable braiding.

Take the three straps in your hands.

Complete one full braid- 1, 2, 3 then hold the braid and stop.

Third Step: Pulling through the Loop

Once you have made the 1,2,3 braid overlap steps – just like a normal braid- STOP.  Next, take your strap end and put it through the right loop opening under the braid part and pull through.

Next Step:

  Do another braid 1, 2, 3 overlap and the STOP!  Take your strap and loop it now through the left loop.

Complete braids:

 Now that you have completed two braids and looped the strap through after each braid, you will have a smooth braided strap.  You may have to even out the braid by adjusting the straps.

Done!  Well almost– now you have to start your wrap part and wear it!

Now for me, the strap was too long, so I cut it.  I also needed to punch some extra holes in it.  So I decided to punch holes the whole way along the strap for style.

Now you’re Ready to go!  The great part is you have another garder strap to make another wrap bracelet and give it to someone special.

Mary King & Ben Hobday- Horseware’s Trot Up Best Dressed at Tattersall 3***


Mary King & Ben Hobday are awarded Best Dressed!



As reported, Horseware sponsored the Trot Up Best Dressed for the second year in a row at Tattersall International 3-day.

Click here to go to 

Horseware’s Facebook Page

Mary King went with a classic navy blazer with some added details.  Clean lines and a monochromatic underneath with a white blouse and white jeans.  Some added jewelry and she’s jogging!



Mary King
Click here to see these items and where to buy them.

With her gift voucher, What will she get?

Here are my suggestions on some always needed items:
The vest has nice slimming stitching details that you will get a lot of use out of.
The Competition Jacket- Great for giving clinics, running around, wipe off any dust or dirt easily- lots of use.
The two shirts have cute details, nice femine details with some frills and puffs.
A pair of denim breeches will go a long way!
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The Art of the Chase of the Hunt-a young photographer finds his niche in rich horse country

When you live in one of the most beautiful historic horsey areas in the USA, it’s hard not to be involved with horses and pick up a camera!




It all started two years ago for Alec Thayer, a typical teenager who resides in Unionville, PA.   In my opinion, Unionville, PA and the surrounding area ranks right up there as far as a more amazing famous horsemen/women found per square mile than any other place in the United States.  Eventing, Dressage and Racetrack Superstars such as Phillip Dutton, Martin Boyd, Silva Boyd, Michael W Dickinson, Lana DuPont, Bruce Davidson, Jennie Brannigan- Just to name a few off the top of my head(sorry if I missed you). I’d have to do a whole blog post as to who lives around there!

You may recall seeing some of Alec’s pictures in my interview with Equestrianista Jennie Brannigan a while ago. 

Click here to read about her style. 


 If you ever get a chance to drive down the stone wall lined country roads in that area you will understand why.


What started it all for Alec, of AP3 Photography, was taking a national outdoor leadership school program. He was assigned to take 10 pictures a day.   He enjoyed that so much that when he returned home that he took his camera and headed down the road to the Plantation Horse Trials to take some more!

After Plantation, he received many encouraging comments about his pictures that he has taken photography up as a main hobby.  With a good natural eye and a camera in hand, Alec set off for more competitions and horsey events to attend to.


What do you love so much about what you do?


Being a recreational horseback rider and a self proclaimed adrenaline junky- skiing, sailing, etc.. Alec comments that he understands the timing of the horse & rider jumping.  He really enjoys the challenge of taking pictures of a moving object and getting that perfect shot!   That is his adrenaline rush when taking pictures of horsey subjects.

When fall came, Alec started to chase Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds.  Started in the early 1900’s, the Cheshire Hunt has a rich heritage and is still a very active hunt.   This is where the real love for photography started for Alec.  For him, and many other foxhunting photographers, it’s the Chase of the Hunt that makes them come back for more!

Pictured above, it’s not just some crazy fit guy who runs 10 miles or more with the Cheshire Hounds on foot, but a very famous steeplechase jockey/  5 Guiness Book of World Record title holder /  turned race horse trainer from UK who also trained in Maryland, USA- Michael W Dickinson!



What do you love the most about taking pictures of foxhunting?

 All of it, he replied.  It’s the whole thing: capturing parts of the hunt, getting up close and achieving the ultimate goal of getting a picture of the hunted- Mr. Fox!  It’s the challenge of figuring out where to be and how to get there ahead of the hunt so you can actually get a picture of it happening!  It’s a game of getting the whole thing on camera.


Alex explains, that there are about 30-40 in car followers of the hunt.  They follow the hunt in vehicles and all end up following the guy in the hound truck!  The hound truck guy has “specialized skills, fox radar, built-in intuition, along with excellent driving skills” to know the back roads inside & out and where the hunt is probably going.  First Alec would follow in his own vehicle, but has befriended the hound truck guy and now he rides with him!

This has enabled Alec to capture the real prize- the fox!



 I asked Alec what he does in the off season.  He replied, ” There really is no off season.  There is a nice balance between Eventing and Foxhunting.”  At the moment, finishing High School and getting accepted into College is the main priority for this young photographer.  Alec hopes to get back into full swing once summer arrives.  In the meantime, when he can, he gets out to continue to shoot photos.


His photography goals are to take some lighting classes and learn about indoor studio lighting.  His ultimate dream location to shoot would be The World Equestrian Festival- CHIO Aachen this summer!



Best of luck with all your goals this year Alec!


 I just love this picture, it reminds me of an old English hunt painting!

To see more of Alec Thayer- Check out his website and follow him on Facebook!

Click on this logo to view photos

Follow Alec at Ab3 Photography on Facebook-

Click the FB symbol


Making it look easy…..I salute you Equestrianista’s that are naturally gifted

There are some women who make it look easy.


Does the vest look familar?  Newmarket blue & white stripped by Horseware!

Whenever you see them they have something adorable on that you wish you had in your closet.  Now I know they feel just as “mis-combobulated” as we all do, but they are the ones to follow because they have been naturally trendy their whole lives.

I salute you Equestrianista’s who make it look easy!



This is a friend, hopefully she doesn’t kill me for posting this pic of her, she will remain nameless :).   I did ask her where did she find that cute scarf?

Also remember Bits are trendy right now!


Click on the scarf to go directly to Mud Pie’s website. 

So for those looking for some new affordable accessories- look no further! Check out Mud Pie! Great scarves and other items…It’s not a horsey company but it’s good to add some items from other places!


I did a search for “bit” and Mud Pie has some other really cute Bit items!

Click on the logo!

Burberry Fall Collection 2014! Sneak Preview….

That iconic Burberry plaid has been enlarged this coming Fall 2014.  Big, bold prints, beautiful color combinations that we should wear, and some stunning pieces that we all wish to wear.


 Click here or on picture to view the whole collection. 



With those big, bold shawls- they remind me of one of my favorite horsey patterns- The classic New Market Rug:


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