Spectating at a Campdraft? What should I wear?

Going to a Camp Draft

Warm winter layers

Warm winter layers

Home Decor Part 2- Lets Go Foxhunting & Get Horsey

Joules is a winner with some fantastic new Bedroom Duvet Covers & Pillows!

Check it out!


Going Foxhunting

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Off to the Races


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Colorful Joules
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If it’s time for a change in the bedroom decor, Joules has some fantastic horsey options that are colorful and fun!  The hard part will be to pick which one!

3 Season Jackets- Bleed Tweed & Get your most uses

There are so many wonderful choices for tweed and it’s not limited to a jacket or vest!

England is king when it comes to finding great tweed items.  Handsdown!


Check out what Timothy Foxx, a wonderful mostly tweed clothing company has been up to.   Skirts and Shorts belong in everyone’s closet!  Great Full Seat Shorts!


Bleed Tweed

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Companies I suggest to look into to find awesome, forever tweed jackets!



Top Tweeds
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All sorts of great accessories!  Anyone getting married?  Get a tweed garter strap!!!

Tweed Accessories
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My evaluation – Need a new coat? Which jacket could you get the most use out of?

Ok, so if you need a coat, but you can only afford one- Here’s my breakdown.
-Barbour makes a great trench that’s reversible.  It comes in a bone white, a coral color and a navy.  I would go with navy, personally. One the inside, theres a great tartan plaid that you can also wear. Stay dry and have two choices of looks!
– If you are looking for a true tweed- Timothy Foxx is my new favorite.  Incredible details, good price range and nice color choices.  As much as I love the longer “Catherine” Tweed Jacket in the Foxglove blue color, the Isla Jacket in the Duchess or Goosberry color is my pick for getting the most uses/bang for your buck.
Jackets to Live in
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The Isla Jacket in the middle.  You can wear it truely three seasons out of the year, even on cool evenings in the summer.  You can wear the jacket as a jacket, but also in and out of work, life, etc….  wear it as a blazer, wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, slacks, etc… weat it with anything- the only struggle you will have is WHAT COLOR?
Isla Jacket in Duchess Color
Isla Jacket in Gooseberry

Twisted Snaffles aren’t harsh when made by Rebecca Ray

Most of us would cringe when we see a single thin twisted wire snaffle on a bridle,  but when beautifully and tastefully placed on a clutch by Rebecca Ray Designs, your whole outlook changes about that bit!


Twisted Snaffle

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Making it look easy…..I salute you Equestrianista’s that are naturally gifted

There are some women who make it look easy.


Does the vest look familar?  Newmarket blue & white stripped by Horseware!

Whenever you see them they have something adorable on that you wish you had in your closet.  Now I know they feel just as “mis-combobulated” as we all do, but they are the ones to follow because they have been naturally trendy their whole lives.

I salute you Equestrianista’s who make it look easy!



This is a friend, hopefully she doesn’t kill me for posting this pic of her, she will remain nameless :).   I did ask her where did she find that cute scarf?

Also remember Bits are trendy right now!


Click on the scarf to go directly to Mud Pie’s website. 

So for those looking for some new affordable accessories- look no further! Check out Mud Pie! Great scarves and other items…It’s not a horsey company but it’s good to add some items from other places!


I did a search for “bit” and Mud Pie has some other really cute Bit items!

Click on the logo!

A must have for 2014- Something Orange & a Folded Clutch



Orange is the new Black!

MUST HAVE Item for 2014:


Kill to birds with one stone- My Must have item for 2014:

The Perfect Folded Clutch
Click above to view details and where to buy!

 According to the top fashion police, Orange is the new Black and a must have item for 2014 is a folded clutch.  I have found both in one beautiful piece by Oughton Limited!

Oughton Limited, a classic company with a great horsey start.  Most items have a subtle horsey touch to them that no Equestrianista can resist.


Click on their logo to go to their website.

Are you a pinner on Pinterest?  They have some great pinterest boards to follow!      Click on the Pinterest logo to see their boards!  


Let’s Get Foxy on Etsy- My top picks


I found some really great affordable items on Etsy that were quite foxy!


Let’s get foxy this fall!


Get Foxy with Etsy

Click above on these fabulous items to buy from Etsy!

Which one is your favorite?  I can’t decide!

RM Williams – A Classic Australian Clothing Brand

RM Williams, one of the quintessential Australian brands of leather goods and clothing.


The history behind this famous brand:

“Reginald Murray Williams was born in 1908 on a farm in mid-north South Australia.

Since the age of 16, RM worked through more careers than there are stitches on his brand-name boots. He was a camel boy, drover, well digger, boot maker, miner, businessman, historian, author and leatherworker, just to name a few.


He was born seven years after Federation to the optimism of the words of Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton; For the first time in history we have a continent for a nation and a nation for a continent” and he lived to see the eyes of the world focused on Australia for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

RM first went bush in his teens lime burning and building in stone in Victoria and on the Western Australian goldfields. In the late 1920’s, he signed on as a camel boy with the missionary explorer William Wade in his treks across Australia’s central western deserts.

He learned valuable bush lore and survival skills from the aboriginal peoples of the area, and honed his stock handling and bushcraft skills from the stockmen of the desert fringe cattle stations.

By 1932, the onset of the Great Depression found RM camped out in the Gammon Ranges of South Australia with his young family but his luck changed when he met Dollar Mick.

A self-taught genius in leatherworking, Dollar Mick passed on his skills to the 24 year old RM who made and sold his first pair of riding boots for 20 shillings to a man from Hilltaba Station whose name he couldn’t remember.

Having worked on some of the great pastoral runs of the interior, no one knew better than RM what men who were born in the saddle wanted when it came to footwear. Other landmarks of RM’s life include founding the Australian Roughriders Association, and helping to form the Equestrian Federation of Australia in 1951 and the Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach in 1988. He was also editor of Hoofs and Horns magazine in the early 1950’s.

In 1985, RM was appointed a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) for services to the outback community. In 1992, he was named an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for service to business and community, and in 2001 he was awarded the Centenary Medal.

Reginald Murray Williams passed away on 4th November 2003 aged 95.”


The R.M.Williams Company was founded and established in 1932 by Australian legend, Reginald Murray RM Williams AO, CMG.


How the company started:



“In the early 1930’s, RM met a thin, wiry and colorful character by the name of Dollar Mick. RM was camped out in South Australia’s Gammon Ranges where he was barely making a living for his young family, sinking wells and doing odd jobs on surrounding stations. His fortunes turned when Dollar Mick arrived at his campsite, driving a dilapidated buggy drawn by two mules.

There was an age gap of almost 30 years between the two men but they built up an incredible rapport. Over the following months, Michael George Smith (Dollar Mick) passed on his vast knowledge of leather work and craft to RM, teaching him the secrets of bush saddlery and stockmen’s accessories, still prized today.


After much trial and error under the watchful eye of Dollar Mick, RM fashioned his first pair of boots which he sold to a man from Hiltaba Station.


RM later said that this defining experience with Dollar Mick marked the true beginning of his life’s work.


With boots sales to this first unknown buyer and cattle king, Sir Sidney Kidman, RM set up the beginnings of his first factory in an iron woolshed behind his father’s house at 5 Percy St, Prospect.

With no capital and little help, he built up a team of dedicated craftsmen and took out advertisements in the rural press that asked customers for cash with their orders, his mail order boot service and an iconic Australian company were born.

Over the following decades, RM developed his business, diversifying into bush saddlery and equipment and the company’s trademark moleskins, jeans and bush shirts.

Today, R.M.Williams exports to 15 countries, has more than 50 retail stores in Australia and two international stores in London and New York. In addition, R.M.Williams is available at more than 900 stockists around the globe and has retail space in numerous Myer department stores across Australia.”


A true staple that almost everyone has is an RM Williams belt.

RM Williams Belts- Classic & New



How to wear RM Williams?  Try these outfits!

RM Williams

Click above to find out clothing details and where to buy.
Rm Williams- Casual Weekend
Click above to find out clothing details and where to buy.
RM Williams - Out & About
Click above to find out clothing details and where to buy.
It’s a classic brand that makes staple items that last through the seasons and a lifetime.




A Great Jacket for all!

I know everyone is ready for spring in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Southern Hemisphere you are waiting for cooler temps!  I think I found a jacket that is for everyone right now!  A great quilted fitted jacket with sweet details that would be great for spring and fall!  You could wear this to work, on the weekends, taking a lesson or clinic, or just about anywhere else!

I found this jacket while browsing through Country Attire’s Site.  They are made by Lavenham, an English Quality Clothing Company Since 1969.  This jacket comes in different colors and the style name is Grayson. Gray, Magenta, & Navy!

Great Jacket




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