Feeling Dry…Exfoliate made in 2 mins

Around this time of year, wherever you are, your skin might be feeling a bit dry.

Some causes: Sun, Wind, Cold, Artificial & Natural Heat, Stress, not enough water consumption, low humidity, hot showers…The list goes on

I’ve found my skin in the last few weeks dry.  It’s summer here in Australia and between the sun screen, ocean, air, water, dry air, etc… moisturizer doesn’t always cut it- I need a little exfoliation and deep hydration.

Its soooooooooooo easy to make a quick sugar scrub, even minutes before you take a shower or bath. I find myself thinking, why don’t I do this more often???

Give yourself a quick treat for the shower or bath tonight!



1 cup of Sugar(white or brown)

Coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil(I prefer the first two)

Scent: Essential oils are great: Lavendar, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, citrus


Find something in your cupboard or frig or garden: Green Tea, Chamomile, Coffee grinds, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, vanilla extract, banana, strawberry, blueberry, mint, sage, fresh herbs, orange

Place sugar in a small bowl and add enough oil to coat while stirring- add scent- Consider if you want an uplifting scent like Peppermint or Coffee or Citrus or a calming scent like lavender or Chamomile or Tea Tree.

AND THATS IT!  Mix and enjoy- exfoliate your arms and legs, in-between your toes and fingers, shoulders, etc…

Rinse when done and towel dry.  Your skin will feel smooth and moisturized.  Try to do this once a week, change the combination of scents.

My favorite combos:

Chai Tea: I add 1 bag of English tea loose, ginger powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a little vanilla for a uplifting warm morning scrub.


Theres nothing like good old beautiful Lavender and sage together to relax at night with.




Demin Breeches vs Jeggins- Winter Essentials

Denim Breeches or Jeggings are essential this Winter!

At Kmart, you can find easy to fit, super cheap, soft stretchy Jeggings for $15.00AUD a pair.
Positives:  You can ride in them, they are super cheap, they come in 4 colours- dark & light demin, black and olive, they are stretchy, soft, and comfortable.  Negatives- They’re cheap- so they don’t last very long and they get snags.  Don’t’ except them to last past this winter, but for that price- pick up a few pairs!
You can Splurge on these amazing stylish denim breeches from ANKY!  They make you look 5kgs lighter, beautifully cut with great fabrics and amazing zipper details!  LOVE THEM and you can see why!
They can easily be worn with tall brown boots or black heels to go out in!
Winter Essentials

The Look for Less

Ok so this is a pretty extreme example, but there are shortcuts and options out there to get the look and feel without going for the top designer label all the time!

The key is to know what’s trending, what’s about to become popular for the next season and keep your eye out!


Look for Less

Coming soon-

What’s trending for Fall & Spring

& What is your staple “go-to-look”

DIY Summer- Attending to the Garden – Roots in Boots

Even if you are a plant killer- you can do this easily!


Do you have old worn out boots that need retiring?

DIY SUMMER PROJECT- The Cowboy Boot Planter 

Supplies needed:  

Drill, Boot of some sort, soil, and a plant to go it in.

On a Budget?

Root your own plants from friends gardens!  Its easier than you think, even a self-proclaimed plant killer can do this trick!

Rooting- (ok get your mind out of the gutter)

 Look for any geranium or rosemary plant for your first try- they are very easy, require low watering and should 99% of the time work!

You will need some honey- raw is best.  Soil,  sharp knife, and a container.

First, take a cutting about 4-5 inches from the end of a plant whether its a geranium or rosemary.  Take off most leaves at the bottom and leave some at the top.

Next, dip the end in some honey.  It’s a great natural root starter. Place in soil that’s in a pot!

Yep, it’s that easy!  That’s it.  You do need to water it once you’re done.  I highly recommend that you also take a white or clear plastic bag and cover the plant & container with it for 2-3 weeks.  Poke a couple of holes in it(3-5) . *** Remember to water it and check on it every 3-5 days.   ***  After the 2-3 weeks, if it hasn’t turned brown and died, it should have started to grow roots and become a little plant on it’s own 🙂

*You can stick the cuttings directly into the pot that you intend them to live in for a while, directly into the ground, or in a smaller pot till they establish good roots before transplanting.  That’s up to you!

Back to the Cowboy Boot Planter:

 Drill holes in the bottom of the boot.  If there is a sole lining, you might want to just remove it.

Next, fill with soil- 1/2 way.  Then place a plant of choice in it.  Fill the rest of the boot with soil & water!

Voila!  A horsey planter for your barn or home.

Bikini Tops to Fit your Top & Beach Essentials

It’s fun to mix and match tops when you actually get out of the barn and get to relax by the water.  Make sure you put the right top on for your body type:


Smaller Tops:  Look for Carnival, Bandeau, or String Cops.  They will emphasize smaller tops and broaden your shoulders.

Medium and Large Tops:  Look for Halter and Underwire to support and offer extra coverage.



Bikini Tops for your body
Click above to purchase

Dont forget Beach Essentials that you cannot leave without!

Beach essentials
Click above to purchase

Cover-Ups that go beyond the Beach- 4 Choices under $40-  Step into the gas station, grocery store and more…


Beyond the Beach
Click above to purchase

Brighten Things Up!

It can be very easy to brighten things up in your home.

Simple ideas:

Try a new coat of paint on the walls- that’s an automatic!  What color to paint?  Well, I always start with finding a special piece that I love.  Whether its a new fabric print on a pillow or a Duvet cover or a rug!  I’ve just always found it easy to figure out what color and what patterns to mix with if I start with a piece I really love.  It could be really anything.

Find a favorite pattern
Click above to be directed to find where to buy these items.
For example, I fell in love with this Duvet Cover…  I found pieces to work around it.  I took an old chipped paint door and made it into a backboard shelf for my bed, found other patterns of pillows to mix in, and put my own touches of pictures, lamps, etc… I basically kept everything less bright to let the Duvet cover really stand out.  This is an example of adding a few bright pieces and keeping everything else neutral.

Do you have a neutral room?   Even just a fresh coat of paint and replace accessories with bright items will completely change the room!

Trendy Home Decor
Click above to be directed to find where to buy these items.

Or find a new color for the walls and keep all the pieces in the room basic- mix and match woods, metals, textures with a bright wall!

Pick a favorite Color

Click above to be directed to find where to buy these items.

What about using a favorite picture as the color inspiration?

Inspiration from a Favorite Picture
Just some simple ideas to change things and spruce the house up!  Happy decorating!



Cleaning- DIY Ideas! Save $ and spend on great horsey stuff!

Mrs. Meyers Copycat Countertop Spray
{Lemon Verbena}
2 cups water
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 tsp. lemon juice
*3 drops lemon essential oil
3 drops lemongrass essential oil
Mix well in a spray bottle.
Great for windows, too.
I also use this on my laminate flooring.
I usually use a wet cloth and spray the mix on, but you could multiply the recipe and use a mop and bucket:).

Making it look easy…..I salute you Equestrianista’s that are naturally gifted

There are some women who make it look easy.


Does the vest look familar?  Newmarket blue & white stripped by Horseware!

Whenever you see them they have something adorable on that you wish you had in your closet.  Now I know they feel just as “mis-combobulated” as we all do, but they are the ones to follow because they have been naturally trendy their whole lives.

I salute you Equestrianista’s who make it look easy!



This is a friend, hopefully she doesn’t kill me for posting this pic of her, she will remain nameless :).   I did ask her where did she find that cute scarf?

Also remember Bits are trendy right now!


Click on the scarf to go directly to Mud Pie’s website. 

So for those looking for some new affordable accessories- look no further! Check out Mud Pie! Great scarves and other items…It’s not a horsey company but it’s good to add some items from other places!


I did a search for “bit” and Mud Pie has some other really cute Bit items!

Click on the logo!

Going to the Races on a budget….Tips and Ideas

The key to this all is to find pieces that go well together, you feel great in = you look great in, & that no one would ever suspect that you only spent $20 on supplies!

I was recently invited to go to the Bunbury Races, one of Western Aus leading race clubs,  to watch local races & celebrate the Melbourne Cup– the premier race in Australia!

The problem was, I just mailed back a box of dresses and other items that I didn’t expect that I needed!  Of course two weeks later, I’m invited to go to the races!  Eeeckkk!!!! The same question that most of us ask at least once a day:

What can I wear and still look great?

So basic pieces that are needed:  A dress, great shoes, horsey accessories, and a great hat or fascinator. 

Here are my suggestions when you are on a budget & time restraint, but still want to go have fun and look great!

Thankfully I kept one dress with me.  A colorful simple dress that can be dressed up.

I put on my bit belt and some good equestrian bracelets- my Spur bracelet and a leather bracelet made out of my old eventing clincher browband that JLR Leathers made for me.

Click on the picture to shop for your own spur bracelet!

Click on the picture to check out all of JLR Leather items.

Then I borrowed really great heels from a friend- they were silk tie-died with some oranges, tans, greens and yellows. Unfortunately they were ever so slightly too big, so I had to resort to simple thin black flip flops.   I had thought of putting heel stuffers in them, but decided they still wouldn’t fit right and in the grass, I might twist an ankle trying to manage!

On to something for my head!  I had a corn blue sun hat, but I thought there was just too much color with the dress.  So I went to the local florist to look for a great flower to make into a fascinator!  I found this great big off-white peony silk flower!  My friend had some peacock feathers that I added.  I took a hair clip and some super super glue and arranged the flower and feathers.

I put my hair up since it was going to be a bit windy that day.  Just simple twists on the sides coming together in an off center bun with some added bobby pins to keep my hair down.  I placed the fasciniator off center above the bun.

Of course I my ride came early, so I will admit it- I put my makeup in the car using my camera on my phone!  Glad I‘m an efficient horse girl!

My total that I spent was $20 on a big silk flower peony.  Just goes to show you, you can put an outfit together, look great and not have to spend a lot of time or money on it!

To all of you from all of my interviews of top riders that are equestrianista’s

You can never go wrong with: Good basic pieces & fun horsey accessories

You be the judge, How do I look?

Horsey Finds at Marshalls

You just never know where you will find Horsey items…My two finds at Marshalls

For those of you unfamiliar with Marshalls, it is a store of designer brands but at a discount.


Full Cheek Bit Bag




  Horsey Statues


Remember to keep your eyes open at all times!

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