Meet Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- Part 2

 Rhianydd of Rhi Lee Jones Eventing is a contestant on the Horse and Country TV series- The Blue Chip All Star Academy!  The All Star Academy is a reality Equestrian TV series that’s best described as a combination of The Apprentice meets Big Brother meets Pony Club!

Rhianydd’s sense of style and fashion has always caught my eye, so I was super excited to be able to interview her recently!

Rhianydd on foal watch last week!  

Describe the style and culture of your discipline, what’s the core of it?

It’s interesting how varied the style culture is across different disciplines. For example, polocrosse has a very Southern Hemisphere style. It has a relaxed vibe: white jeans and cowboy boots, rope reins, big spurs. I’ve found eventing, however, less rustic and a lot more polished and pristine: Hairnets, immaculate plaits, oiled hooves and spotless white saddle pads. It’s interesting how, even though the sports have progressed massively, the style culture surrounding them is very true to their roots; polocrosse which was developed in the Australian outback and Eventing which originated from the military cavalry.



Polocrosse vs Eventing
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   Define your equestrian & everyday style:


 Simple, comfortable and classic. In terms of riding, my daily uniform consists of grey johdpurs with a checked shirt, but I love smartening up myself and my horse for an event. Out of the saddle I’m a bit of a chameleon; I’m equally happy in a pair of jeans with one of my boyfriend’s sweaters and a statement necklace, as I am in a floor length ball gown. I love dressing to the occasion.


Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style

Rhi Lee Jones Eventing- My everyday style by equestrianista featuring a chiffon maxi skirt

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  Any Basics that horsewomen need?


I think little beats a beautifully fit hunting jacket.  A great source for finding a hunt coat is to go to : The Vintage Tack Room- They are an amazing resource.


  What are your go to pieces? Colors you enjoy?


I showjump in tweed, and wear my jacket with a navy stock. I love the combo.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Style
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  What are new things you’re currently obsessed with?(items, brands, etc..)


 I am utterly addicted to Eurostar Clothing at the moment. Their johdpurs have a low hipster cut which fit beautifully and give a modern twist to a classic. They also make gorgeous lightweight jackets that are just perfect for riding in spring. I have one in turquoise which is featured in the photo and it looks amazing warming up at a competition with white johdpurs or at training with grey johdpurs.

In terms of helmets, I think One K are doing something really different at the moment while still maintaining a classic style. I love their defender helmets, particularly in the matte navy and black.


Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style

Rhi Lee Jones-Eventing Riding Style by equestrianista on Polyvore

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Do you have a Rider on the Go tip?

Dry shampoo!! It completely saves me from dealing with hat hair when I’m running from the yard to meet friends!


 Travel- Best places horsey to travel?

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing horsey experiences while travelling. I once played polocrosse in Zimbabwe where we had to hold time during the game as a herd of elephants walked past the pitch!

One of my favourite travel memories was a horseback safari in the Chyulu Hills, Kenya. A wonderful company called Ride Kenya offers absolute luxury in the bush and I was lucky enough to go to help them work horses and assist the guests while travelling a couple of years ago. The wildlife offers such unexpected adventure. We would gallop with herds of zebra, and finish the day with a g&t in front of the fire. An absolutely unbeatable experience that I feel so privileged to have had.

To contact Ride Kenya, drop them a message on Facebook!  Click here-

Keep in touch & follow!

Photo Credit Jon Stroud

I am hugely active on social media and love to keep my followers updated on my equestrian journey. Whether it be dishing the goss about the All Star Academy, my training experiences, competition results, mucking out thoughts or cute pictures of my newborn foal, it’s all on there! You can follow me on facebook on, and instagram and twitter on @RLJEventing. The Blue Chip All Star Academy is a brand new television series which premieres on Sunday 12th June 9pm on Horse and Country TV. Horse & Country TV is available in the UK on Sky channel 253 and online via the H&C Play app

Now that you’ve gotten to know Rhianydd, one of the stars on the Blue Chip All Star Academy- a Horse and County TV Series that airs this Sunday, June 12th at 9pm UK Time- Be sure to follow her and watch!  Its going to be really really epic!


Serenity & Roses for 2016! I can’t be more excited for these colours

Welcome to 2016!


Pantone has announced the colour of the year and this year they have brought out 2 colours!

Serenity and Rose Quartz!  They go beautiful together and there are some great choices to be on the look out in 2016!



Get it together for 2016:

Take time this weekend and go through your closet.  The easiest thing you can do is take a bit to organize your closet.  What’s your motivation- IT WILL BE SO EASY TO GET DRESSED IN THE MORNING!


Try organizing by color this year:   Go right through the rainbow in your closet.

***But in the front, where you reach or can get to first- collect all your soft blues and soft pinks- they are your go to colours for 2016!  




When you’re out and about if you see any rose pinks or soft blues that are inexpensive, pick up a couple great trendy scarfs in 2016’s colors, nail polish, makeup, hair pieces, hats, pick some up for  the year.

Horsey Items to treat yourself with :


Australian Style:

From Buckingood Clothing- beautiful one of a kind florals- Click here to shop by colour:


 or Hitchley and Harrow from Down Under:

HV Polo in Australia has a great blue V-neck jumper with suede elbow patches for under $100!

Spooks is heading in a floral direction this year- be on the look out for awesome stuff!

Timothy Foxx ‘s Poncho is a great 3 season for most locations and comes in a beautiful blue!




There is a trend happening towards great printed floral breeches!  Check these out from EuroStar and KHM.  Spooks Riding make some great bright blues that should also be checked out!




Spooks Riding

Don’t forget amazing Bags!  


From the Dressage Collection– the Bridle Collection is this buttery amazing soft leather with beautiful handles!

Rebecca Ray Designs

Don’t forget brands like:

Joules, who always has something soft and floral!


Say Good Morning to Rose Quartz & Serenity Blue!

3 Season Jackets- Bleed Tweed & Get your most uses

There are so many wonderful choices for tweed and it’s not limited to a jacket or vest!

England is king when it comes to finding great tweed items.  Handsdown!


Check out what Timothy Foxx, a wonderful mostly tweed clothing company has been up to.   Skirts and Shorts belong in everyone’s closet!  Great Full Seat Shorts!


Bleed Tweed

 Click above to see these items
Companies I suggest to look into to find awesome, forever tweed jackets!



Top Tweeds
Click above to see items

All sorts of great accessories!  Anyone getting married?  Get a tweed garter strap!!!

Tweed Accessories
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My evaluation – Need a new coat? Which jacket could you get the most use out of?

Ok, so if you need a coat, but you can only afford one- Here’s my breakdown.
-Barbour makes a great trench that’s reversible.  It comes in a bone white, a coral color and a navy.  I would go with navy, personally. One the inside, theres a great tartan plaid that you can also wear. Stay dry and have two choices of looks!
– If you are looking for a true tweed- Timothy Foxx is my new favorite.  Incredible details, good price range and nice color choices.  As much as I love the longer “Catherine” Tweed Jacket in the Foxglove blue color, the Isla Jacket in the Duchess or Goosberry color is my pick for getting the most uses/bang for your buck.
Jackets to Live in
Click here to see details and these items
The Isla Jacket in the middle.  You can wear it truely three seasons out of the year, even on cool evenings in the summer.  You can wear the jacket as a jacket, but also in and out of work, life, etc….  wear it as a blazer, wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, slacks, etc… weat it with anything- the only struggle you will have is WHAT COLOR?
Isla Jacket in Duchess Color
Isla Jacket in Gooseberry

Will the handsome William Fox-Pitt go for the ultimate Equestrian Hat Trick?

The Rolex Grand Slam- is up for grabs again. This time it’s up to William Fox-Pitt to win it this weekend at Badminton!


As reported last year, The Rolex Grand Slam is not impossible, but sometimes it seems so.  Only Pippa Funnel has accomplished such a feat!


The biggest 4-stars in the World are Rolex 3-Day in Lexington, KY, USA & Badminton 3-day in the UK. They will be held in late April/early May – one weekend apart.   Other big events is The Landrover Burghley Horse Trials held in the fall.  These three top events are part of The Grand Slam of Eventing.


The Grand Slam of Eventing, sponsored by Rolex, consists of three of the top CCI**** eventing competitions in the world. To win the Grand Slam, a rider must consecutively win all three events, although they are permitted to ride different horses in each competition. This is especially important, since the Badminton Horse Trials is only one week after Kentucky, and the horse would not have sufficient time to recover between the two competitions, especially since he/she would have to be flown overseas in that time.

The three events that make up the Grand Slam are:

Winners receive an extra $350,000, in addition to their winnings from each event.



Pippa Funnell at Badminton winning Badminton and the Rolex Grand Slam 

William Fox-Pitt has four horses entered in the Badminton 3-Day event.  Will that be enough to be the second rider in history to win the Grand Slam?   He had the Grand Slam in his grasp last year at Rolex, but then fell short when  Andew Nicholson won, taking Williams chances away.

Does he have this in the bag?  Can he do it?    Does he have what it takes?

 You bet ya!


Traveling to Badminton?

 What to pack for Badminton this year?


Weather Report- Weds- Sun:

The Highs of 14*C and lows of 8*C- with chances of showers from day to day.

Going to Badminton

Making it look easy…..I salute you Equestrianista’s that are naturally gifted

There are some women who make it look easy.


Does the vest look familar?  Newmarket blue & white stripped by Horseware!

Whenever you see them they have something adorable on that you wish you had in your closet.  Now I know they feel just as “mis-combobulated” as we all do, but they are the ones to follow because they have been naturally trendy their whole lives.

I salute you Equestrianista’s who make it look easy!



This is a friend, hopefully she doesn’t kill me for posting this pic of her, she will remain nameless :).   I did ask her where did she find that cute scarf?

Also remember Bits are trendy right now!


Click on the scarf to go directly to Mud Pie’s website. 

So for those looking for some new affordable accessories- look no further! Check out Mud Pie! Great scarves and other items…It’s not a horsey company but it’s good to add some items from other places!


I did a search for “bit” and Mud Pie has some other really cute Bit items!

Click on the logo!

Sneak Preview: Fall Designs from Rebecca Ray Designs!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Smith of Rebecca Ray Designs, a company inspired by the sporting lifestyle.



When I asked her, “is there anything new coming out?”  I could feel her lighting up with excitement!  Her voice changed a bit over the phone and I could picture her doing a little dance in her chair behind her desk.


When a designer is excited about a new collection, I get excited about it too!!!!



Rebecca was particularly excited about mixing black and browns for a two tone collection of bags- The Bella, Liza, Dolly and Snaffle Clutch.

She’s adding some different styles in the Trapper collection which uses the Hudson Bay company blankets.  The Meghan bag, Andrea, Lucy and Barbie are from the new wool line of bags that Rebecca Ray Designs offers.  They have horsey touches trimmed in beautiful bridle leather.  Last but not least- some new color choices in accessories to put in your bag!

Start saving cause I know you will want more than just one of these new releases for Fall of 2013!!!!



What am I going to save up for?



I LOVE the Trapper Messaganger and the Trapper Kit!    The new wool collection looks warm and lovely to wear anywhere and the two tone bags are classy and classic for years of use. They will never go out of style.


You just can’t go wrong with a purchase from Rebecca Ray Designs. They are timeless classics.



Do this…Not that….

Sometimes a slight adjustment can really pull things together and bring you into the 20th Centuary…


Do This…Not That:


Do you feel the you have good pieces but you just need help sometimes putting it together?  Slight changes in your outfit can really change the look of things.

Make sure you have all the basics: For most occasions the following has you covered.

Good fitting pieces

A good pair of jeans

A pop of color

Accessories- scarf, bracelet, earrings, a great belt.

I personally try not to go overboard on the horsey stuff.  No more than 3 horsey pieces at a time. Adopting the discipline style make you look fabulous.  There are small differences depending on each equestrian discipline.  This blog will help you with that.


Eventing Style In General:

Because of the season for eventing and the outdoor cross country aspect a lot of the Eventing Style is the British countryside look.  It’s classic with beautiful materials like tweed.  The pieces tend to be weather ready.

Baseball cap or a small derby type hat.  In cold weather a cute knit cap.

Jacket – Many a time, it’s a great tweed, oilskin, trench. You could go the sporty route as well and have a great softshell jacket.

Vests are always popular in any discipline.

The shirt can be anything, but I would say a crisp button down or a polo shirt that is easily layered is most common.

Great fitting pair of jeans- That is a must for everyone, no matter what discipline.

A great belt.  I would say eventing takes on more of a traditional style.  A great brown or black leather belt with an equestrian touch to it.  You can also be expressive with your belt and go the complete opposite direction and add color or bling.

Accessories like a bracelet or two. Stud Earrings, maybe a necklace.

Always pack a scarf, you can do so much with it.

Boots:  99% of the time eventing boots are Hunter Wellie Boots or the brown leather “river” boot.  You will see the Dubarry Galway boot everywhere.  There are a couple of other choices in different price brackets.

Click here to see my comparison from last year.

Here’s an example of how you can slightly change your outfit and turn it into a completely put together look!

Photo Credit: Equus Pix Photography

The person on the right has some good key pieces but could use a little help.  Here is my suggestion to tweak this outfit.  Polish things off by wearing some equestrian pieces while strolling the aisles of Badminton, one of the biggest events in the World!

I think the jacket and bag are great and I like the boots.  I would suggest a nice crisp white button down and replace the skirt with a pair of good fitting jeans.  Take the bright yellow of the skirt and replace it with a pretty scarf.  Update the hat and finish things off with some great horsey accessories.


Do this not that


What do you think?


Equestrianista, Brandy Greenwell’s Basics, Must Haves’, & Do’s & Don’ts

There are some basic wardrobe rules that Brandy follows. She invests in good key pieces,  spends less on trendy items, and has a couple must-haves that she can’t live without!

Brandy's Basics


Brandy’s Basic Wardrobe Rules & Advice:


1.  Every woman needs a little black dress.

2. You always need a good pair of jeans. There are lots of styles, you can never go wrong with a moderate boot cut.  It seems to flatter every figure. Make sure they are the proper length.  I like – It! Jeans and Miss Me Jeans for fit.

3. It is essential to every women’s wardrobe to have a nice pair of nude pumps.  They go with everything and make your legs look longer and leaner. It’s a Win-Win!

4. Go for classic pieces.  I think I have about 6 pairs of black cashmere sweaters!  You can always dress them up with a scarf, jewelry, or belt!  

5. In the winter, I like tall boots to keep me warm. 

6. In the summer, I love a chunky heel or a wedge so I can go to outdoor horse events without sinking into the grass!

7. Every woman needs a fun pair of cowboy boots.

8. I love a coach or classic Louis Vuitton bag.  I have had my LV bag for over 20 years.  They never go out of style.

Other general rules that Brandy follows:

I tend to go for basic things that are timeless.

I invest in good quality basic pieces and buy less expensive trendy pieces and accessories.

 Black, Navy, Brown, & Gray items are my basic colors- That way I can dress up just about anything with colorful scarves and accessories.  You can always mix and match your basic pieces and get a lot of use out of them.

 *** Make sure your jeans are the proper length and are clean!  Your jeans should just show some shoe- that way your legs will look long and won’t cut you off at the ankle.  Also no coppertox on them!  Try not to mix your barn wear with your outside of the barn wear!  I am a huge fan of coveralls in the barn!  I love my big canvas brown coveralls for going out to the barn and doing work out there.  They are great for throwing on in the morning with your pj’s underneath to feed.  If I need to run out to the barn with nice clothes on, I just throw my coveralls on and I don’d have to worry about getting hay on me or anything! 

Brandy's Must Haves

Brandy’s Must Haves:

Lip Gloss

Arbonne RE9 Anti-ageing products

Salt baths for sore muscles and detoxifying

Baseball caps- * Clean and coordinated.

Brandy’s Fashion Blunders & No- Nos’-


No-No: Never ride in low rise breeches!  Whoever thought that low rise breeches goes well with a Shadbelly didn’t read this article!

Fashion blunderI have recently noticed some makeup on my stocktie! I have to work on that.

Brandy & Nick at the Middleburg Hunt Ball 2012

More tomorrow on styles, brands, and trends that Brandy follows….

Meet Marion Maggiolo, the Equestrianista – Go To Guru of Fox Hunting

Every Fox Hunting Equestrian I have spoken to recently asks, “Have you spoken to Marion?” She’s the person who knows everything about Fox Hunting Fashion, Styles, and Trends! She’s the Go To Guru of Fox Hunting…”

Picture from Horse Country Online Store

Recently, I had the pleasure of briefly chatting with Marion Maggiolo – owner of Horse Country Saddlery in Warrenton, Virginia.

She joked that she’s probably the “Go To” person about Fox Hunting Fashion because “she’s been around the longest”… I beg to differ.

Her interest in all things equestrian started on her parents’ farm in the heart of New Jersey horse country, Hunterdon County. Her parents had met through their mutual interest in horses and she recounts stories of others meeting through love of horses.  She shared with me a story of a gentleman complimenting a lady on her equestrian outfit one day.  They got to know each other and now are happily married. – Equestrianistas…you never know who you’re going to meet when wearing an equestrian inspired outfit!

In 1970, Marion’s parents opened a saddlery in Warrenton, VA.  The shop was small but soon developed into a leading store for quality show ring attire.  By 1980, the sport of fox hunting was growing and Marion recognized the need for a suitable riding kit for hunting enthusiasts.  The store began to specialize in traditional English made attire.  Today, Horse Country carries the largest and most comprehensive array of fine fox hunting attire and equipment in the world.   The store has a large eclectic variety of items for the home and stable in vintage and antique wares, rare books,   jewelry and art.

” Walking through the store, you’ll find one-of-a-kind antiques, exquisite gold and 
silver jewelry, and old Welsh blankets. From tall top hats to scarlet coats and 
shadbellys, superior hunting bridles and saddles to saddle soaps and polishes, 
English country clothing to adorable plush toys for children, Horse Country is the 
one-stop shop for many horsemen.”


Trending Report:

Good Tweeds are hot right now- every wardrobe should include several classic jackets and equestrian accessories hit the mark. – Says Marion


Other Inspirations:

When Marion is not at the store, she finds inspiration on the streets of London and Manhattan, visiting the traditional bespoke shops and antique centers, reading classic sporting books from the early 20th Century and walking Aga and Bunsen, her two Scottish Terriers, in the Fauquier County countryside.

She also finds herself rushing home on Sundays to catch the next episode of Downton Abbey!  She’s enjoying the new season which started recently!


2013 Bucketlist of places to go….


If you are looking to find authentic Fox Hunting Attire or want to emerge yourself in the Country Life Style-Take a trip this year to Marion’s store Horse Country, in Warrenton, VA. You never know what treasure you may find!


Horse Counry Life




From Far Hills Races to Fair Hill International 3-Day Event- Part 1

What an amazing October weekend for all things horsey!  I had the privilege to attend Far Hills Races in Far Hills, NJ on Saturday and then made a quick trip down to Fair Hill International 3-Day Event on Sunday Morning to watch the jog-out.

Fair Hill Races




Over 17 million dollars have been raised for the medical center throughout the year. The legendary Far Hills Race Meeting in Far Hills, NJ, is held each October at the crossroads of three of the wealthiest counties in America.  The event’s upscale demographic of over 35,000 spectators travel from throughout the New York metropolitan area, attracted by the see-and-be-seen atmosphere of fall finery, extravagant tailgating and world-class thoroughbred steeple chasing.


It was a bit muddy, so boots were a must.  Dubarry boots lined the Vip Tent as well as in the In-Field.  Great horsey bags, oil skin coats, belts, and horsey scarves were easily found.  Also a must was a pretty wool felt hat adorn with feathers.

A Best in Show- were these Equestrianista’s in the In-Field.  I had to take a picture of them, they looked great.  They had all the basic pieces that one should wear to a fall equestrian event.  These friends were wearing pretty tweeds, a fur vest- which is very in right now, great sun glasses, a nice horsey scarf and some other fun accessories.  I also loved their cow hide coozies, which they got from a little shop in Stowe, VT called Alpine Home.

There were some Show Stoppers as well.  A black thong hanging out of low rise jeans, 80’s slacks up past your belly button, a strange multi-pattern blousey poncho, and stripped stockings with short shorts were no-no’s at the races.

All and all, the races were great and everyone was looking great and having fun!





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